The Hitchhikers Guide to the Alphabet

By Katie

Dedicated to Douglas Noel Adams

Disclaimer: By the way I don't own any of these people, I'm just borrowing them for a little bit. :)

A is for Arthur, rescued from Earth.

B is for Beeblebrox, crazy since birth.

C is for Computer, a wild one named Eddie.

D is for Disaster Area, a band loud and unsteady.

E is for Earth, which the Vogons destroyed.

F is for Ford, a strange alien who's rarely annoyed.

G is for Gag Halfrunt, a psychotherapist who said Zaphod's just this guy.

H is for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, its read far and wide.

I is for Infinite Improbability Drive, it's faster than hyperspace.

J is for Jatrovartid, a fifty armed alien race.

K is for Kakrafoon, who hosts concerts by Disaster Area.

L is for Life, something Marvin can't bear.

M is for Marvin, with a mood blacker than tar.

N is Ninety-eight million, a distance that's far.

O is for Oolon, who writes books doubting God.

P is Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, a drink quite toxic and odd.

Q is for Quordlepleen, emcee at Milliways.

R is for Ravenous, the way Bug Blatter Beasts are each day.

S is for Startibartfast, a man who builds worlds.

T is for Trillian, Arthur Dent's dream girl.

U is for Ultimate Question, the answer's 42.

V is for Vogons, they make everything hard to do.

W is for Whale, the ground wasn't its friend.

X is not in the Guide, so let's jump to the end.

Y is for Yooden Franx, a wily editor of the Guide.

Z is for Zarniwoop, that's the end of the ride.