Title: Genie of The Puzzle
Part: 6?
Author: DaakuKitsune
Warnings: AU-ish, Jap names, perverted!weird!Jii-chan, possessive!Yami, wheee Floof and innuendo!
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Humor
Pairings: YxY, possibly some others.
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Nope, I still dun own it.

Description: Yuugi was a normal boy. Well, as normal as whoever spends 8 years working on a single puzzle. But, anyway, he finally finishes the puzzle and meets Yami Atemu. Genie of the Puzzle. Yami's used to getting what he wants, and he wants Yuugi. How can Yuugi resist him when Yami can give him whatever he wants?

--Yami's Personal Thoughts--
-Yuugi's Personal Thoughts-
((-Yami to Yuugi via mindlink-))
(-Yuugi to Yami via mindlink-)
-x-x-Line Break-x-x-

Jii-chan - Grampa

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Chapter 6
Mutual Attraction

An hour later, Yuugi was bored stiff. He was reclining on the floor, his hands under his head and his shirt riding up a bit to show off his lean stomach.

Yami was sitting across Yuugi, his back resting against the couch as he enjoyed the view.


"Yes my master?"

Yuugi sat up on his elbows. "I'm bored."

Yami chuckled. "You could wish for something to do precious one."

Yami enjoyed the new blush Yuugi had. "But, aren't you tired of me always wishing for something? I mean you were a King and now..."

"Precious one," Yami said softly, crawling over to Yuugi so that he could straddle him. "I told you, you are the only one I find worthy. I enjoy granting you wishes."

--And seeing you blush.--

And blush Yuugi did.

-Though I do like having him on top of--WOAH! Bad Yuugi! Where did that come from?-

Yami smiled warmly at Yuugi, gently making Yuugi lay back down so that he could fully lie on Yuugi. Yuugi was blushing hotly, but very much enjoying the closeness between them.

Yami softly kissed Yuugi's forehead, then rested his own against his little one's.

Yuugi was still blushing, but only slightly now. -It just feels so... right, being close to him.-

Yami's thoughts were similar. --Puzzle be damned... I have to kiss him again, if only for a second...--

Slowly, Yami moved his lips to Yuugi's.


Springing apart with looks similar to a deer-in-the-headlight, both boys looked to the source of the sudden yelling.

There stood Sugoroku. Grinning evilly.

"J-Jii-chan!" Yuugi's blush came back in full force.

Yami glared at the old man. Sugoroku changed tactics, going for innocent now.

"Who is your friend Yuugi? And why does he look like an older-tanned version of you?" Sugoroku asked 'innocently.'

Yuugi was looking at his grandfather oddly. -Did he take the wrong medicine again?-

"Yuuuuugiiii! Introduce me to your boyfriend." Sugoroku mock chided.

((-Master... is your grandfather well?-))

(-I think he took the wrong medication again... that or he didn't take any at all.-)

Feeling the exasperation of his little one, Yami send soothing emotions through their link. Yuugi smiled appreciatively at Yami.

"Jii-chan, this is Yami Atemu. Yami this is my jii-chan, Sugoroku Mutou."

"A pleasure to meet you, jii-chan of my master."

"Ho ho! And a pleasure to meet you, boyfriend of my grandson!"

Yuugi blushed. Yami smirked.

"Ahhh... Yuugi, I would have preferred you told me you had a boyfriend, instead of leaving me to walk in on you two making out!" Sugoroku mock admonished his grandson.

Yuugi felt his face burn. "W-we weren't! That's n-not!"

Yami chuckled and wrapped his arms around his master's waist. "It seems we've been discovered my precious one."

Yuugi could feel Yami's amusement dancing across the link.


Yuugi groaned, burying his face in his hands. Both Sugoroku and Yami laughed.

Yuugi pouted. "You're both mean."

That just got more laughter.

Sugoroku sighed, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye. "Ho ho! I just came in to tell you that the shop is closed for the day and I was about to make dinner. Any requests?"

Yuugi shook his head, his blush dieing down. Though he was still glaring slightly at his grandpa, and Yami still had his arms around his waist.

"No thanks Jii-chan, Yami and I just ate a little while ago."

"Alright then!" Yuugi didn't like the gleam that suddenly appeared in Sugoroku's eyes. "I'll make extra and if you get hungry later you can warm it up... if you're not too full from eating each other." With a maniacal giggle Sugoroku all but jogged out of the room, leaving a sputtering Yuugi behind.

"Ugh..." Yuugi buried his burning face in his hands again, Yami simply tightened his hold on Yuugi's waist. (-He's not normally like that.-)

Yami could sense how embarrassed his little one was and he couldn't help but smile. He nuzzled Yuugi affectionately. ((-There, there my precious master.-))

Yuugi sighed and smiled slightly at Yami, his heart fluttering as Yami smiled in return. (-You know, you don't have to call master...-)

Yuugi felt Yami's mirth across the link. ((-I realize that, but I enjoy giving you that title.-)) Yami kissed Yuugi on the cheek, knowing the puzzle couldn't do anything to him for that. Yuugi blushed, but only slightly. ((-Though, now that you mention it, I would prefer to just call you my little one.-))

Yuugi giggled, suddenly feeling giddy. -Yami is so wonderful...-

((-Are you still bored my precious one?-))

-I think by now I have a permanent blush...- (-Kinda, do you have any ideas?-)

Yami's eyes darkened as a predatory smirk lit up his face. ((-Oh yes, I have many ideas for... games we could play. Perhaps your room would be the best place to start?-)) Yami was just about to start fondling his Yuugi when Yuugi jumped away, a smile lighting up his features.

"That's it! I can't believe I didn't think of it before! I've got tons of board games in my room. I'll go get some!" And with that Yuugi happily bounded to his room, unaware of the sexually frustrated genie he had left behind.

Yami growled in annoyance as he watched Yuugi run to his room. --His ass does look good when he runs.-- Yami had to force down the grin (not to mention the drool) that wanted to make itself known when Yami thought of everything he could do to that ass.

Then Yami had another not nearly as pleasant thought. What if other people enjoyed staring at his Yuugi's butt? --Yuugi's ass belongs to me!--

((-He's mine!-))

Just as Yami had this though, Yuugi walked back into the room with several boxes. "Who's yours?"

Yami blinked, confusion showing on his face before it was replaced by comprehension. --I accidentally used the mindlink.--

Taking most of the boxes from Yuugi (Yami didn't want his little one to strain himself), Yami smiled winningly at the shorter teen.

Yuugi looked at Yami curiously as said genie put the boxes on the coffee table. "Yami? Who's yours?"

Yami looked back at his master and smirked as he leered at the boy. As he had hoped, Yuugi blushed at the scrutiny. Shaking his head slightly, Yami's leer was replaced by a soft smile as he walked back over to his master, stroking the boy's cheek.

Yami was happy that Yuugi's blush didn't intensify (though it didn't leave), as that meant Yuugi was getting used to Yami's touches.

Yami had to fight to keep his mind from going down the gutter and thinking about all the other ways Yami could touch the teen.


"You'll see soon, precious one."

Yuugi just smiled, not understanding what Yami meant, but to far gone into Yami-lala-land to care.


On the outskirts of Domino City, a cloaked figure smirked.

"So, it has finally happened. The Farrow has finally found his chosen one."

Two more cloaked figures appeared behind the first, both kneeling. The first figure turned to face the two newcomers.

"We have long awaited this day; you know what it is you must do."

The two melted into the shadows.

"Soon Farrow we will meet. Let us see how well you can protect your chosen." Laughing, the cloaked figure followed the others into the shadows.



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