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Summary: Emma is a queit girl on her way to LA on flight 815, but her flight crashed on a island filled with strangers, and weird creatures, so will any of them survive?

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Everything's different, I thought they needed a little girl on that island.

Emma sat on one of the back row seats, she looked around at all of the people on board the plane, wondering why they were on. She looked down at her hands, she squeezed them tightly, she hated being with strangers, why had her mom made her fly all by herself? She was only eleven after all, she looked across from her, there was a lady sitting next to a man, she was wearing handcuffs, now Emma was wondering what she had done.

Just then the plane started to shake, and some weird looking mask came down from the roof, she pushed it aside and watched as everyone put his or hers on, what was going on? The plane started shaking even more now, a suitcase's started to fall, she covered her head so she wouldn't get hit, a minute later there was a big crash sound, and the plane hit the ground, people were screaming, some were crying. Emma quickly unbuckled her seat belt and walked out of the plane, people were everywhere, some were dead, some were hurt, she went back into the plane and grabbed her backpack, then walked out of the plane, she didn't want to be with people she didn't know, she wanted to go away from a while.

She looked at the jungle in front of her and smiled, she quickly ran into it, it didn't seem like a normal jungle. She had been walking for over three hours before her legs gave out and she couldn't take another step, she dropped her backpack, and leaned against a tree, why had she wondered away from the group of strangers? Her mom had always told her to think before doing anything, and now she didn't have a clue where she was, or how to get back to the group of people, the bushes in front of her moved, she sat up straight, no, maybe they didn't move, maybe she was just day dreaming.

All of the sudden a big animal ran towards her, her eyes grew big with fear she grabbed her backpack and ran, she looked behind her, the animal was gone. What kind of animal was that anyways? She wondered, she looked up at the tree she was standing next to, it looked like a nice climbing tree, it would at least keep her away from that strange animal. She put her backpack on her back and began to climb up the tree, a couple minutes later she was at the top, with only a couple scrapes and bruises. She smiled and took her backpack off, she was so glad that she had packed a lunch and a couple snacks, and that her mother had made her bring a couple water bottles. She put her backpack on a branch and rested her head on a branch.


Jack and Kate had been walked for over two hours trying to find something.

"What exactly are we looking for?" Kate asked as she tossed her long brown hair behind her shoulders.

"I don't know" Jack said. 'Just something"

"Ok" Kate said. "What do you think happened to the plane?"

"I don't know" Jack replied.

"What's that?" Kate asked as she looked at a figure that laid on the ground about twenty feet from them, Kate jogged to the girls side. "She's alive!"

Jack rushed next to her. "I think she fell to the tree" Jack said as he started feeling around for any broken bones. "Her wrist is broken" he said as he gently lifted her up.

"I saw her on the plane" Kate said. "She was alone" she said as she picked up the backpack.

"Hmm" Jack said as he adjusted his grip on the girl, and headed back to the beach.


Emma opened her eyes, where was she? She looked around there were people walked past her. I must have fallen asleep…She thought as she sat up, she reached over to pick up her backpack when she noticed a ace bandage on her wrist, she looked at her hand, it didn't hurt, she shook it. "Oww!" she muttered, as she put her hand down, her head hurt, what had happened?

"Hey" Jack said as he walked up behind her, "How are you feeling?"

Emma stared at him, he reminded her a little of her father she was going to go live with.

Jack looked around the island. "Are you ok?"

Emma looked at Kate who started walking towards her.

"Hi" Kate said as she kneeled down beside Emma. "What's your name?"

Emma looked down at the ground and picked up a stick, she wrote EMMA on the sand.

"Emma?" Kate asked. "Can you talk?"

Emma shook her head.

Jack glanced at Kate, "I'm going to go check on a few more people" he said then hurried off.

Emma took her backpack with her other hand and pulled out a water bottle and took a drink.

"How are you feeling?" Kate asked.

Emma shrugged, she watched a boy wondering around the beach with some kind of comic book.

"Well, I have to go help some people, you going to be ok?"

Emma nodded slightly.

"Ok, well, see ya later!" Kate said, then she hurried off.


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