A/N: After visiting theavatar100 livejournal community, I got inspired to do some drabble, coz drabble is fun and easy enough (for me) to write. Since I don't have a livejournal, this drabble won't be submitted to the community; I'm just doing it of my own free will to post on ffnet and not for a contest in theavatar100. I am in no way, shape, or form associated with theavatar100 or the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender and do not do this for financial or personal profit, only to entertain other Avatards out there who love drabble. :)

Title: Righteousness
Author: Red Hawk K'sani
Word Count: 192
Warning: Very mild and implied violence, Mild mental trauma
Challenge: 22, Latin
Pairings: Slight AxK hints
He looks at her and wonders. Is it right?

She calls to him softly, tells him to go before it is too late.

But his legs won't move, his muscles won't work. He can't leave her. It isn't right.

Her brother speaks to him, tells him to take his leave. To go free the world.

But it isn't right.

He can't leave either of them, for it wouldn't be right.

The scarred one grabs his shoulder, hissing in his ear to go, Avatar! To leave them and do what is right.

But it isn't right.

She whispers for him to come closer to her. He does, looking at her through blurred eyes. Go, she tells him, do what you are destined to do. Go do what is right. Go save the world.

But I can't, he responds.

She looks at him, her face pained, her breathing shallow beneath her bloodied dress. I will be with you, she tells him, now go follow your destiny.

He nods, still unsure, and leaves with the scarred one, to go save the world and do what is right.

Because destiny will always take him to the end.

Ad fundum—to the end