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I saw my friend the other day, and I don't know, exactly just what he became…

Sam shuffled along the sidewalk, staring down at her reflection in the wet pavement. As the rain blew harder through the wind, she pulled her black jacket around her, brushing her soaked hair out of her eyes. It's like the last day Danny and I were together… Sam thought wearily as she twisted down the winding road on her own, her vision distorted by the haze. Everything seemed to blend in to the white gray of the sky, making it impossible to tell one building from the next, ground from the gray dome above her. Occasionally a car or two would pass her by, leaving behind only a spray of white water and a hiss on the asphalt. Looking hard, she could just make out a few details of her old high school as she passed it. The windows were bashed in, the doors set ajar. The flag from the middle of the courtyard had obviously been taken down. All that remained was litter and playground apparatus, the sign that anyone had tried to use the property in the last twenty years gone by. It had been a long twenty years. Sam pressed against the chain link fence, watching the gate swing back and forth violently, restrained only by a long chain with a lock on it. All she could think was "Why did I come here? There's nothing left, probably not even Danny." Sam thought about her old best friend often, though they hadn't done so much as sent each other an e-mail in the last eleven years. They'd kept in touch for a while after graduating Casper High, even when Sam had gone to an out of state college. Danny had even taken a year of classes at Amity University with Tucker, trying to make his life more than it was planned out to be. Last she heard Danny was working part-time as a cashier at Smith's, trying to earn some more money to stay in college. What she didn't understand was that she and Tuck were still in touch, though the last time she'd called Danny he hadn't called back. Was the message still on the answering machine, flashing the red light meaning it hadn't been heard? What scared her most was that Tucker didn't know where he'd gone to. "Just go back to Amity Park and look for him. I can't imagine he's left-as long as there are still ghosts to fight. He wanted to be the hero."

"Tucker, what if that killed him? What if he's one of them now?" she yelled. She knew she sounded whiny but she couldn't help it. "Samantha" Tucker said seriously "He was fine. He always fought them off. And with his parent's ghost stuff, why wouldn't he?"

"That's when we were helping him. That's before he had to earn his own money and the ghosts- they just got stronger as time progressed." There was a long pause before Tuck spoke again. "Hey Sam, I'm really sorry but I've got to go. The computer lab needs me to fix something on their Word program. I'll get back to you, I'm sorry if I'm not helping much."

"It's okay Tuck…so…bye…" Sam barely whispered this last before clicking off the phone, and dropping it to her side. The plastic hitting tile was the only sound behind her gasping, as Sam looked in fear at the window by the side of the door again. She had sworn she'd seen a blue-faced, red-eyed, white-haired man standing there. He was gone now, leaving a total and eerie silence wafting through the halls of Sam's apartment. Sam decided she knew now what she had to do…


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