Seja Kimura: From Assassin Jedi to Wandering Jedi

A Tale of the Mandalorian Wars

This fic is connected to Alice the Raven's fanfic, A Fire of the Galaxy Aflame. Note that her fic, Fortune favors the Bold, links to her original series, due to a female Revan being used. Now, to begin our story…

It is an era of strife for the Old Republic. The warmongering Mandalorian Clans had been united under one banner, the one of Mandalore the Ultimate. They had conquered many worlds on the Outer Rim, but were careful not to attack worlds that had joined the Republic.

The Mandalorians steadily became bolder and bolder, trying to goad the Republic into a direct war. It worked, and they began invading the Republic planets on the Outer Rim, and were decimating the Republic Fleet's and armies with ease. Dark powers also seemed to be at work, so the Republic petitioned the Jedi Order for help. The Jedi Council preached patience, so they could discover the true threat, yet there were some who couldn't stand the suffering of those under the Mandalorian's heel.

So, the Jedi Knights, Revan Skywalker and Malak went to action against the orders of their Masters and the Order itself. Taking many Jedi with them, mostly Padawans, yet a number of Jedi Knights, even a few disgruntled Jedi Masters joined their Cause. With these new allies, the Republic started a new, devastating offensive against the Mandalorians based on Onderon and Dxun. Now we begin on Onderon, with one Assassination Jedi stalking his prey…

Chapter 1: The Mandalorian Slayer's

Night had fallen on the city of Iziz, capital of Onderon. For a year, the entire planet had been under Mandalorian control, and Republic aid had finally come. But, it wasn't fast enough, and Mandalorian patrols and official patrolled the streets nightly. Onderon had a small resistance, but it is in dire need of help.

The Mandalorians, although in battle they were fierce warriors who didn't give a damn about the life of a sentient warrior, actually treated the people of Iziz and Onderon pretty well. But still, the Onderonians hated being under the heel of such savages, and wanted the Queen Talia restored to the throne. Republic aid was coming, but most people didn't know about it.

"It is getting late, and I hear Republic assassins may be out…" an elderly Mandalorian thought out loud, walking next to his body guard, and he looked to see the younger body guard walking forward at a quicker pace than the elder, "Vako, slow down boy, we'll get to the palace soon."

"Sorry, but I am just a little excited Master Grunto," Vako, a young Mandalorian warrior replied, looking forward with his nightstick, which had a lantern on it.

"Excited for battle, boy?" Jaunto, Grunto's other bodyguard asked with a grunt.

"The boy's just been promised to wed the most attractive woman in his clan, Jaunto, so he has a right to be excited," Grunto chuckled, walking near his body guards threw the merchant quarter of Iziz, not noticing someone was stalking them in the shadows.

"I just can't wait to start my life with her. Under the empire that Mandalore is forming, we'll be heads of our clan in no time," Vako joked, taking a quick look behind them, looking at the alleys for a second, thinking he saw something.

"At the palace, we'll have some juma to celebrate the occasion. Your engagement, the many victories over the Republic, all will be celebrated," Jaunto told the younger Mandalorian, "I even heard she has arrived on Iziz just to visit you. You are a lucky man Vako."

Suddenly, the tapping of boots was heard from behind them. The group of Mandalorians turned around to see a short man, with long brown hair, wearing strange clothes, and he had a cylinder on his belt.

"Stop right there, you warmongers," the man ordered, his hand slowly going for the cylinder, "Governor Jaunto, I presume."

"Yes, who wants to know," Jaunto asked suspiciously, noticing the cylinder, "Men, it's a Jedi!"

"A Jedi? Here? They haven't even joined the war yet!" Grunto yelled, seizing his vibrosword.

"I've come to end your oppression on these people," the man said calmly, stepping further out of the shadows.

"That's the Mandalorian Slayer!" Jaunto yelled, noticing that Grunto wasn't ready to abandon the fight.

"I don't care who the hell he is, he isn't touching you Elder Jaunto!" Grunto yelled, as he began his charge at the Slayer.

The Slayer took his lightsaber off his belt telepathically, and a snap-hiss was heard. Then, before the lead Mandalorian body guard could react, the Slayer moved at such a blinding speed everything was a blur. His head was instantly cut in half, making blood gush out of the wound, despite the cauterization. Grunto collapsed, and Jaunto pushed Vako out of the way.

"Elder!" Vako yelled as the Slayer turned his attention Jaunto.

"You have something to live for, Vako! Live for her!" Jaunto told him, but before he could even pull out his vibroblade, the Slayer had disappeared, "Where the hell is he?"

Jaunto received his answer, with the Slayer's lightsaber plunging down on the top of his forehead. The Slayer the kicked the dying man to the wall, making even more blood stream out of the Elder Mandalorian's wound.

The Slayer then turned to Vako, whose body had began to tremble. Lifting his lightsaber up vertically, the Slayer looked at the young Mandalorian with a wild, killer's eyes, which were golden in tint.

"Run now, and I'll let you live," the Slayer told Vako, and he shook his head.

"No! I can't run now! I haven't proved myself in battle!" Vako retorted, swiftly taking out his vibrosword, and he attacked the Slayer.

His attack was nothing, and the smaller man pushed him against the nearby wall. The sound of the lightsaber making contact with the vibrosword echoed threw the walls and alleys of Iziz. Using the last amount of his strength, Vako threw the Slayer back, yet the Jedi countered by slashing him threw the shoulder.

"AH!" Vako screamed as the burning blade cut threw his armor, and the lightsaber was pulled back by his enemy. Clutching his arm in pain, the young Mandalorian began to weep blood.

"Give up, you have no chance of winning," the Slayer warned the Mandalorian, who growled at such an order.

"Me, give up? I have too much to lose to give up!" Vako roared, charging his far more superior opponent.

The Slayer did the same, and with their blades both held high, they brought them down when the path crossed. It was like lightning had hit the area, and the two warriors stumbled forward for a second. Suddenly, blood erupted from Vako's other shoulder, and he fell to the ground. But then, on the Slayer's left cheek, blood came spewing out from a scratch he received from Vako's blade. The Slayer placed his hand on his cheek, and rubbed the blood from the scratch, and he looked at it to confirm it was his blood. He then looked over to see Vako, clinging onto life.

"Please…please…I don't want to die…I have too much to live for…" Vako mumbled, the blood of his wounds pooling under his body, and he reached out for a flower that had just fallen from a nearby tree, "Please…I don't want to die…for…Callista…"

As an image of the beautiful Callista appeared to him, holding a flower arrangement, he smiled, not noticing that the Slayer had walked to his body, and was pointing his Lightsaber down at Vako's neck.

"Callista…I…love you…" Vako murmured, almost reaching the flower before the blue colored lightsaber was jammed onto the back of his throat.

The Slayer twisted his blade, silencing everything that would come out of the Mandalorians throat. He turned it off, and looked to see two Republic Soldiers, as well as an Onderonian resistance fighter run towards him.

"We appreciate your help, Mr. Kimura, Iziz will owe you a debt of gratitude once Onderon is freed," the Onderonian resistance fighter congratulated him for his kills of the Mandalorian official, "With their governor gone, the Mandalorians here will be thrown into chaos."

One of the Republic Soldiers approached him, "Sir, you're injured. Let's take you back to base for treatment."

"It's nothing, just a scratch," the Slayer uttered, starting to walk away from the group, "Make sure you clean the bodyguards up. The governor's body is the only thing we'll need to leave."

"Yes, of course," the Republic Soldier trembled at the statement from the Mandalorian Slayer, and he looked down at the body of Vako, "This Mandalorian must have been quite skilled, to injure a Jedi as great as you, Seja Kimura."

"Not skilled, just stubborn," Seja Kimura, the Mandalorian Slayer commented, as he walked away, "He had a stubborn desire to continue to live and fight, no Mandalorian I've faced had been so determined…" as he walked further away, his eyes changed and he looked back at the Republic Soldiers, "…give them a good burial. I hope they find peace in the next life."

Then, Seja was gone, leaving the Republic Soldiers and Onderonian resistance fighter speechless.

"To go threw such a battle without losing his calmness, he surely is a Jedi," as the Onderonian soldier dropped a Republic symbol, with the galactic basic words 'For the Force', etched underneath it, "They are truly great warriors."

"Since Revan and Malak came into War, things have started looking up for the Republic, with the Jedi actually helping us; we'll be able to the beat the Mandalorians in no time."

The Republic Soldiers and Onderonian resistance fighter watched as the young man, Seja Kimura, the Mandalorian Slayer, disappeared into the shadows of the night.

Iziz, Merchant Quarter, two months later

In the alleys of the Merchant Quarter, the Mandalorian Slayer was washing his face. He was near the Onderonian Resistance hideout, far from the prying eyes of the occupying Mandalorians. He began thinking of what has passed over the past two months.

He was on Dxun, carrying out an assignment to further destabilize the Mandalorians there, which had been being hammered by Republic guns and troops. He watched his fellow Jedi being cut down by heavy blaster fire, and seeing the troops quiver in fear at their enemy. He could feel the fear in the air, but it wouldn't affect him, fear leads to the dark side, or so he had been told by his many Jedi Masters. He then felt a presence behind hit, it was a cloaked Mandalorian. The Mandalorian raised his heavy blaster to take down the Jedi, who just vanished before his eyes. The Mandalorian came out of his cloak, and was suddenly cut down by Seja, who had no emotion in his eyes.

He placed his hands into the water again, looking at himself in the mirror. There were towels placed for his convenience, yet he didn't take one just yet. The smell of blood was still on his Jedi Robes, which he found hard getting out. He stared into the mirror again, focusing on the scar that was still present on his face. Another flashback hit his mind…

He was on Seracco, fighting the Mandalorians there from the shadows. Five Mandalorian swordsmen stood in his way of his target, and before they could even react, their heads or torsos had gaping slash wounds. They cried in pain, blood flying up into the air as Seja continued to walk to his target, an important Mandalorian general. When he reached the room, the blood had soaked into his brown robes, and he faced the General. This Mandalorian was different from the rest, he was more skilled, but like all the others, his blade never even touched Seja. The Slayer vanished, and the Mandalorian general looked around, and was able to block Seja's horizontal slash, yet his blade broke due to the strain and he was beheaded. The general's body shook violently, before falling to the ground. The arteries in his neck pumped more blood up threw the cauterized neck, spraying more blood onto Seja's body.

He sighed; the war was far from over. The Republic had gone into it ill-prepared; all of their tactics and battle plans were dependent on the bureaucracy that plagued the Senate. They weren't prepared for the fight on the fly tactics of the Mandalorians, nor were the prepared for the tenacity of the warriors they faced. Revan reformed all that, throwing the bureaucracy out of the battle plans, making sound tactics, yet they were still fighting an uphill battle. However, men like Revan, and his friend Malak, gave the Republic hope for victory. Suddenly, he began thinking of the assassination he performed a few days ago…

He was back on Dxun, this time, he had allies assisting him. A man named Atton Rand and another man name Seiko, the leader of the Echani Advanced Corps. The stalked there way threw the jungle, avoiding Mandalorian traps and the beasts that lived there. It was obvious that Atton didn't want to be here, even though Seja mysteriously couldn't read his thoughts, instead he read the man's body movements and life force, which was completely separate from the Force. They reached their target, and Atton began suppressing blaster fire. Both Seja and Seiko leapt into the fray, cutting down the Mandalorian swordsmen and gunners as they charged for the compound. Blood splattered onto his face as his lightsaber pierced the durasteel doors. There stood one of Mandalore's most trusted generals, who were commanding the army on this section of the moon. Seja squared off with the general, using the Force to throw him back violently threw the heavy rock walls of the compound. He charges forth, bringing his lightsaber down on his enemy. Instantly, the fight was over, and the Mandalorian General's head rolled through the compound, and Seja came walking forward, his body covered in blood again, looking at Atton and Seiko, who were destroying the com-system of the compound.

'The scent of blood…it soaks threw everything…' Seja thought to himself, as he plunged a bucket into the sink, lifted it over his head, and he dropped the soothing cool water onto his body.

Seja then heard, more like felt a familiar presence at the door of the washroom. He turned over to see a man with long hair, a thin mustache, and a Republic Uniform on his body.

"Mr. Brutus…" Seja said, looking at the man before him.

"Nice to see you again Slayer, Commander Wann wants to speak to you," Ergot Brutus told Seja, who nodded, "So come on, he is getting impatient."

Seja sighed, and nodded. The young Jedi grabbed his lightsaber, and walked out threw the door. He followed Ergot threw the alleys, being cautious that no one was following them. They arrived at a modest looking building, and they walked threw the opened door that was present there. As it closed, Ergot began to breathe easily.

"Damn, why do you choose that wash house? There is one in the hideout," Ergot asked, looking at the smaller man.

"For the privacy, it is a good place to center my thoughts, Ergot," Seja replied plainly, and they walked threw the back door.

There was a beautiful garden there, with a modest size pond in the middle of it. There, Commander Roland Wann and resistance leader General Vaklu, cousin to the rightful ruler of Onderon, Queen Talia, were present, talking battle strategies. Roland bent down to feed the exotic fish in the pond, and then looked up to see Seja and Ergot there.

"Thank you for coming, Slayer, how have you been doing?" Roland asked, rising to his feet. He was about 15 years older than Seja, yet he still had a youthful appearance. On his waist were both a blaster pistol and an Echani vibroblade. His Republic uniform was also neatly pressed.

"I have been 'doing' well, Mr. Wann," Seja replied unemotionally, receiving a horrified gasp from Ergot.

"Hey, hey, he is your commanding officer after all," Ergot whispered, and looked to see Roland chuckling.

"Have you any business for me? Any assassinations that need to be done?" Seja asked his voice as unemotional as ever.

"No assassinations this time Kimura," Roland replied, then he walked toward the young man, "I actually need you to come with General Vaklu and I for a meeting with Admiral Revan, it'll be at the military base's restaurant."

"So you want me to be your body guard?" Seja asked, needing clarification.

"No, I want you to attend the meeting," Roland replied, putting his hand on the young man's shoulder, "As I understand it, you are good friends with Revan and Malak. It'll be good for you to see them again."

"Wow, what an honor!" Ergot exclaimed, looking down at his younger friend, "Your names will be recorded in Republic H-!"

"I decline," Seja said plainly, making Ergot's hopes crash down out of the sky, "I'm a Jedi, and also an Assassin. I have no interest in being recorded in the annuls of history…an assassin is best left for the shadows."

Seja immediately shrugged Roland's hand off his shoulder, turned around, and walked out of the garden.

"Little snot-nose punk," Vaklu grumbled, walking towards one of the flower bushes, 'Jedi, so arrogant, as well as the Republic they serve. Onderon should remain independent, but those damn Mandalorians forced us into this alliance, that will undoubtedly make use join their corrupt, bureaucratic system.'

"He has changed, the kid I knew who first joined us would never pass up an opportunity like this," Ergot mentioned, walking to Roland, "He has definitely matured, probably from all the killing he has to do."

Roland nodded, remembering the day he met Seja…

It was a summer day on Dantooine. A Rodian named Asaku had summoned him to look at the fighters he had gathered. They were training in the field, far away from the Jedi Enclave.

" How do they look, Mr. Wann, I heard the Republic was looking for fighters to match the Mandalorians, well I have them, " Asaku asked the Republic commander, " Any of these men or women I gathered could fight a full grown Mandalorian to a standstill, or better. "

Roland nodded, and looked down to the group. There were humans, Twi'leks, Gammoreons, Wookies, and a few races that Roland didn't know about. His eyes then focused on a young man who was carrying a sheathed vibrosword, but had a cylinder on his waist.

"You have children here as well?" Roland asked, noticing the young man stepping forward.

" This kid is no ordinary child, nor should he be classified as a child. He is 16, a lot older than he looks. Plus, he is a Jedi, who didn't go with Revan and Malak into war a year ago, " Asaku replied, as the boy walked passed a Wookie and some Gammoreans.

"(A Boy with a blade, thinks he is a warrior,)" the Wookie warbled, mocking the teenager.

": Hey boy! If you can chop that tree in half with that sword, I'll give you 2,000 credits:" A Gammorean squealed, holding his mighty war axe up and pointing at a nearby tree.

The boy nodded, and walked forward towards the thick tree. He placed the vibroblade on his left hip, and put the center of his weight on his right. Grasping the hilt, he closed his eyes and let the Force flow threw his body. In one fluid movement, he pulled the vibroblade out of its sheath, so fast, no one could see it. All they could see is the handiwork, a thin line appeared on the tree, the vibroblade had cut threw it entirely. But he wasn't done, and he took the sheath off his waist and slammed it hard into the tree. Instantly, the tree fell, leaving everyone speechless.

"Goruk'ulto, you owe me 2000 credits," the boy said as he looked over at the Gammoreon, who snorted and reached into his pocket.

'This boy could be even better than Revan himself…' Roland thought, looking at the teenager.

" So, Mr. Wann, what do you think? " Asaku asked, looking at the human.

"That young man, he needs to join the Republic Army, we need people like him," Roland replied, and Asaku nodded.

A little later, they met in Asaku's house. It was a modest little farm, who Asaku shared with is wife, Nori, a fellow Rodian. As Roland and the boy talked, the Rodian mercenary played a few tunes on his guitar like instrument.

Sipping a glass of Juma Juice, Roland looked up at the youth. As he put down the cup, he cleared his throat.

"I understand you are a Jedi, Seja Kimura," Roland started, looking at the boy eating rice out of his bowl, "Or should I say were?"

"I am still a Jedi, Mr. Wann," Seja, the teenager replied, dropping his fork and rubbing his brown hair out of his field of vision, "The Masters didn't cast me out of the Order, I left on my own."

"May I ask, why didn't you leave with Revan and Malak?" Roland asked, watching the teen drink some tea that Nori had brought out for him, "I am sure they left with plenty of your friends."

"They were my friends, Mr. Wann. But I was unsure at the time. I had just completed my trials for becoming a Jedi Knight, and had my Padawan braid severed," Seja replied simply, "But after watching the holos of the Republic citizens continuing to suffer under the Mandalorians, I began to have my doubts."

"I see, so you left recently then?" Roland asked once more, and Seja nodded, "One final question, have you ever killed anyone with those skills of yours?"

"No," Seja replied simply, eating some noodles on another plate.

"Well can you?" Roland berated this time and Seja looked at him silently for a second.

"Well yes, that is if I can put my saber down at the end of the wars after I end the innocent peoples suffering," Seja replied, and Roland nodded.

" Seja, please go upstairs for a moment. Roland and I have some things to discuss, " Asaku told the young Jedi, who nodded and slid out of his chair and walked towards the stairs, " …so you really want him for your army, correct? "

"That is true, he would be a valuable warrior against the Mandalorians, and with his skill with the Force, he'd be a skilled assassin as well," Roland replied, and then sighed, "But, I really don't feel like I can rob him of his innocence like that."

" It is a hard decision, but I know you will make the right choice, " Asaku said, strumming a few strings on his instrument, " I know Revan and the Republic need assassins to help against the Republic, but why won't you do it? I heard you had trained in stealth and is very skilled in the blade. "

"I am important military commander now, and my stealth skills have dulled, but I've kept up with my sword training," Roland replied, "I now have a different area of expertise now as well."

" I see, well, you can have the boy, on one condition. You can never kill another person again, " Asaku told him, and the human looked over at him, " I won't trade that boy's innocence so easily, you see."

"Very well. My blade and my blaster will never be used again against another sentient being," Roland replied, securing his blade onto his waist, and he looked down at it one last time.

To be continued…