A/N: This Epilogue focuses on the Major Players of the Mandalorian Wars and their fates afterwards. Some regrettably were not able to be featured in this fic however, due to writing constraints. Thank you to all who read my fanfic and reviewed, I enjoyed writing it very much.


Seja Kimura, the former Mandalorian Slayer, wouldn't resurface on the galactic scene until the last year of the Jedi Civil War. His freighter would be ambushed by Sith Fighters, yet his journey wouldn't end there. He would become part of the crew of the Ebon Hawk, and contribute in stopping his old friend, Darth Malak, from taking over the galaxy. During that journey, he would fall in love with the Cathar Jedi, Juhani, who would return his feelings. He would also complete his training in the Super Shien Style with Master Okih Jiro on Manaan, where he would be able to access the power of life that he gained on Malachor V at will once more. Finally he would leave with Jon Seward, the mind-wiped Revan, on a journey to stop the Old Sith Empire from reemerging. He would later return, to face his past once more.

Asaku pushed his diseased body to fight the Mandalorians in every battle of Malachor V as one of Revan's leading generals. Like a god of war, the Rodian leads the Republic Army to victory in many engagements. He would return to the Republic with Roland Wann to inform the Senate, and the public of Mandalore's defeat, and two years later, he would die from his disease. His last words were, "The Mandalorians…they weren't so bad…"

Serphants would leave the Mandalorian Clans after Mandalore's defeat. He would later marry a human woman, Takega, on Coruscant, and he took the name of Marc Sunders and began to work under the very Republic he swore to destroy. Unlike Seja, his killing blade would never go away, and he kept his skill in tip top shape, keeping Mandalore's Honor Code, "Swift death to Evil, Honor in Combat." He would engage Kimura again on Manaan, to test how much the Slayer's skills had fallen in his five year journey.

As he left Malachor, Seja recalled the last battle he participated in…the Battle of Shogunate…

"The Mandalorian Army is retreating!" a Republic Soldier cheered as he slammed the Republic's flag onto the battlefield.

"All right, we won!" another soldier shouted, "The war will soon be over!"

'…at last…' Seja thought, wiping off the soot off his forehead, 'I can finally…'

"Jedi Kimura, come here! The fourth Mandalore Honor Guard is still fighting strong in Mashima!" A Republic Officer ordered, and Seja turned to join the other soldiers.

"Right…" Seja started, then his eyes widened, and he turned around sharply to see a boy, with pure white hair, and a dark, glaring expression on his face, "Shawnou!"

"…what's the matter?" The Republic Officer asked, as the boy disappeared in the sea of freed Mandalorian Slaves.

'…Shawnou…' Seja thought somberly, his expression softening sadly, 'Pure white hair…is that from your pain…?'

Shawnou Ordo would become apprenticed to Darth Corruptus in the years following the Mandalorian Wars. He would gain the title of Darth Sufference, blending his goal of suffering and vengeance onto Seja Kimura. His hate would make him one of the most powerful foes Seja faces, and his lightsaber fencing techniques would focus on defeating the Super Shien Style. To his own sick pleasure, and comfort, he would think that it was Callista urging him to kill Seja, and anyone he came across who was an ally of Kimura. In reality, Shawnou would be in the control of Corruptus, sending him false, Dark Side images of his sister smiling at him whenever he struck down an enemy.

Canderous Ordo would learn of his cousin's death, one of protecting a Jedi, and enemy of the Mandalorians, yet he wouldn't hate her. Instead, he would honor her memory by saying she died a warrior's death, worthy of any Mandalorian.

Artrus Ordo, the father of Callista and Shawnou, would survive the Mandalorian Wars, although he fought little. When he learned of his daughter's death, and his son's disappearance, he started his own journey, not of vengeance, or hate, which were not the ways of Mandalore, but of discovery. He would resurface years later to council his son in law, Seja Kimura, who had suffered a mental breakdown.

Saul Karath would join the newly proclaimed Darth Revan in the search for the Star Forge, and would be one of Revan's most trusted Admirals in the New Sith Fleet. To prove his loyalty to Malak however, he would bombard the civilian target of Telos IV to the ground, the home planet of his former trainee and friend, Carth Onasi.

Carth Onasi, another survivor of Malachor V, would stay with the Republic, part of the Fleet that returned to Coruscant with Admiral Roland Wann. The Star fighter pilot thought this would be his last campaign, and he would be promoted to Fleet Captain, despite protests from his wife Morgana. He would be given command of the Republic Medium Cruiser, the Endar Spire, and in the bombardment of Telos, he would hold his dying wife in his arms, screaming for medics. He would remarry after the Jedi Civil War to a Republic Medic, and after he found his son again.

Padawan Bandon would stay with the Republic Fleet that left Malachor with Revan, and he would succumb to the Dark Side. The kind healer would turn into a malicious torturer, completely consumed by the Dark Side. When he faces the mind-wiped Revan, he'll be defeated, questioning why Revan led him down this path.

Visas Marr would stay on Katarr, never forgetting how Seja and Callista touched her life and her family's lives while they lived in the Bruloune Province. A year after the Jedi Civil War however, her happiness would be shattered when Katarr, and everyone on it, were killed by Darth Nihilus, and she was the only survivor. Nihilus would forcibly make her his apprentice, and most of her kindness and understanding would be purged from her soul, only to be reawakened in an act of kindness and mercy. This act of mercy would reawaken who she once was, and would also save her, the galaxy, and a certain Zabrak…

Yusanis would return to the Republic a hero, and he would make true on his plan of becoming a senator. Politics weren't his strong suit, yet he kept the Echani Sector together, while raising Brianna, his and Arren's daughter. During the opening years of the Jedi Civil War, a fellow Echani Government Official was killed by Revan, the newly proclaimed Dark Lord. He faced Darth Revan in single combat, and through amazing displays of skill, Revan defeated the combat master, and Yusanis would go to join Arren in the higher plane.

Atton 'Jag' Rand would join the Republic Fleet that left with Revan into the Unknown Regions. When it was discovered that he could easily kill Jedi, he was put into an elite assassin force under Revan himself. He faced a Jedi Woman, who he beat into submission mercilessly, yet she wouldn't succumb to the Dark Side. Instead, she showed Atton his own hidden Force Abilities, trying to convince him to turn away from this path, or else he would return to Malachor again to be broken. Due to this, he killed her, in his own words "I killed her because I loved her…". While traveling with the Exile, a certain red head would catch his eye…

The Zabrak Tech, Bao-dur would return to the Republic in the Jedi General, Talo Ramis' fleet. When the Mass Shadow Generator was activated, his right arm was crushed when an Ion Engine fell on it. He would construct a new arm, the most advanced piece of technology of almost all of history. He would resurface ten years after the Mandalorian Wars on Telos, and aid his old General in saving the galaxy again. He would also fall in love with a certain Miraluka and become a Jedi…

Commander Seiko of the Echani Advanced Corps., an elite battle company, would be executed by the Republic on Dxun, as well as the entire corps. The EAC would be one of the scapegoats of the Republic after the war to explain to the worlds that joined the Republic why the Tax Cuts couldn't be enforced. The only survivor of the EAC massacre was a fifteen year old private named Sano Driller.

Talo Ramis would activate the Mass Shadow Generator on Malachor V, but due to everyone he bonded with, both Jedi and Republic Soldier, he would cut himself off from the Force to survive the pain from all those links being cut off. He would return to the Republic, and face trial from the Jedi Council, who would cast him out of the Order, making him an Exile. He would resurface 10 years later after the Mandalorian Wars, and his 'wound' would start to heal from the love that Brianna Kae would give him.

Mira, the former Mandalorian Slave, would become one of the best Bounty Hunters, if not the best, in the Galaxy, outclassing even the great Calo Nord. After meeting the Exile, being pursued by Hanharr, a crazed, evil Wookie, she would become a Jedi on Nar Shaada to try to calm all the voices in her mind. The pilot on this journey would become sort of a love interest to her…

Malak would be consumed by strength as he fell further into the clutches of the Dark Side. He would become Revan's apprentice, and turn on him half-way through the Civil War, bombarding Revan's Flagship with the Leviathan's turbolaser, and he assumed the title of Dark Lord of the Sith after Revan's assumed Death.

Roland Wann would be promoted to Republic Ambassador to Manaan. During the final year of the Jedi Civil War, he would be killed by Darth Sion's apprentice, Kayla, after a meeting with Seja Kimura. He would leave a wife, and a son behind when he departed to the next world.

Naolon Trya would be betrayed by the Republic when it was found out that he had fallen to the Dark Side. He was slashed, beaten, shot, and jettisoned from the Harbinger, only to fall onto the now lifeless Malachor V. Over a period of five years, he would master this new found pain, wrapping himself in bandages to give him a more menacing appearance. His Sith Title would be Darth Sion, the Lord of Pain.

Revan, the leader of the Jedi during the war, would fall to the Dark Side on Malachor V. He would rage war against the Republic, with an infinite fleet produced from the Rakatan Super Weapon, the Star Forge. Half-way through the war, he would be betrayed by his apprentice, Darth Malak, and through the combined might of both the Coruscant and Dantooine Jedi Councils, would reprogram Revan's broken mind with a fallen Republic Black Ops officer, Jon Seward, who was killed half-way through the Jedi Civil War by one of Revan's assassins. Revan, as Jon Seward, would go to destroy the Star Forge, fall in love with fellow Jedi Bastila Shan, and would be forced to leave her when a terrible memory of an Old Sith Empire gaining strength broke through.

The End