Title: Melly and CrazyKid: The VA's two youngest patients/horrors
Author: Murdock's Crazylady and Retard Mel
Rated: G for now..

Archive: Yes, with a comment card

Summary: Two 4 and 5-year-old patients terrorize the VA with pranks and other mischief

Warning: Torment to all patients, including the real team, whom is running this VA, and to all clones (but mostly Face and Hannibal, hehe)
Disclaimer: I don't own the team. Not that I wouldn't mind having Dwight for a big brother though, I do own CrazyKid and Melly, they are my true child side, and Melly is a true friend of mine. He knows about this story, and is helping me write it.
Copyright: 2001 Murdock's CrazyLady (MCL) and Retard Mel (RM)
Author's notes : PLEASE send comments. This is my first story of this nature. I know there isn't a real childrens ward at the VA, but in my version, there is. Please bare in mind that this is a fun story and that I am in no way normal..er, I mean well...just read it!! (please?!)

CrazyKid gets hacked, and the havoc begins

The mere baby in from of the glowing screen was more than she looked to the human naked eye. She was a 4-year-old to most, but she had a reason for living in the psyco path ward of the VA hospital. She was a briliant hacker, and she had been able to type without looking at the keyboard since before she was even potty trained. Age 2 for her meant reading anything on her own and typing just as fast. She never liked to do anything except type and be in front of her computer. She dreaded the nightly rounds, when either Worf or B.A. would come by and see that she was in her bed. She never was. And that's where we started this adventure. In front of the Computer, at 8pm rounds.

A knock at the door of room of Templeton 'Faceman' Peck, HM 'Howlin mad' Murdock and Melisa 'CrazyKid' Murdock was a nightly routine. It was 8pm, lights out, and the child in front of the PC refused to listen to reason. No one was going to make her do anyhing. Nope. She had her own ideas. Tearing her eyes away from the screen a minute, she turned to the person standing in the doorway, and crossed her arms in front of her. Her look told him all he needed to know. "Must we go through this every night?" He asked. He didn't get an answer. He sighed. He should have known better than to ask. "I want you off of that computer and into your bed in five minutes. Understand?" He said, and CrazyKid refused to answer. He gave her an I-mean-it look and left the room, knowing he'd have to come back and use threats to get her off of that computer. It always went thatta way.

CrazyKid turned back to her computer and went back into typing a code, her fingers gliding over the keys as her memory told her where to land them. They floated over the keys, showing them no mercy as she pushed them in an amazing speed. The five minutes Worf had said she had had long passed, and she was in no way ready to listen to BA when he knocked on the door ten minutes after Worf had been there. When he came in and tapped her on the shoulder, she ignored him, and kept her feroius typing up, without missing a letter. He watched her over her shoulder and broke her consentration, and she finally looked up at him, a scowl of irritation over her face. She hated it when someone watched her over her shoulder, and he knew it.

"Whatta you want now, BA?" CrazyKid finally found her voice and demanded. BA gave her a set of rolled eyes. "You know why I'm here, CrazyKid, and you know very well that lights out is at 8 hundred hours. You have been here long enough now to know that." BA replied, and he had been right. Crazykid and her big brother, HM had been here for almost 9 months now. She didn't have any excuse good enough to cover up her actions.

"I ain't saleepy an I am beary bizzy." CrazyKid replied, almost in tune with a mad scientist. BA crossed his arms and gave her one of those looks. She glared right back. CrazyKid was known for her extreme stubborness, and she never gave into anything without a serious fight.

"CrazyKid Murdock, If I come back in here at 10 hundred and you are still on that computer, I am going to have to take action. You can't stay up all night on the world wide web. It's dangrous and it's my job to see to it that you are getting you're correct amount of sleep. Now turn it off, go to the bathroom and get into bed. I mean it, Now listen." Ba said as he turned and left. She knew she had too much work to do, and she couldn't afford to go to sleep now. Besides, her eyes didn't even hurt yet, and she was as wide awake as the World Wide Web. She went right back to work, not caring what the 2 top men of security told her. 2 hours passed, and soon that same sound was heard, the door of w-47 opening and in coming a gold ridden black man, giving the sigh he did every single solitary night. CrazyKid wasn't about to pay him any moind when he turned her chair around and she sat there, snarling at him for making her mess up.

"Bed Now." He said, pointing to her Power Puff Girls clothed bed. Crazykid shook her head no. "I too bizzy to go to saleepy land." CrazyKid replied, not loosing her clingon like snarl. BA looked over at the pink and purple bed and then looked to the one next to it. A figure was sitting up, looking at them sleepily. "Wha? CrazyKid, you up again? Go to bed, before Worf and BA catch you. I can't sleep with all that light from that monitor, C'mon, spare everyone the hassle of forcing you into bed, just tonight, for me, PLEASE?" HM sitting there, sleepily yawning, begged. CrazyKid refused. "NO BED!" She yelled at her brother, and he gave up, plopped back down on his pillow and pulled it over his head. He was getting so used to this. Why had they let her bring the dumb computer anyways? he asked himself as he drifted off into his sleep again.

BA by now, knw the only thing he could do was use the ultimate threat. He'd never used this one, so he thought it might work. "If you don't get offa that computer right now, I am going to wake up Hannibal and I'll take that monitor of yours for a month." BA said, only succeeding in making the dirty blonde child in front of him even more stubborn. "NO!" She yelled, not believing a word of what he had said. *He'd never really do anything to me..* She told herself. CrazyKid didn't know if he'd really wake Hannibal or not, but she told herself he probably wouldn't, not considering the problems with Hannibal when he was woken up. Ohhh, it would be worse than another world war. The thought of it gave CrazyKid goosebumps, but she was stubborn, and she refused to believe he would REALLY do it.

But would he wake Hannibal for real? What if he did? She didn't want to think about it, but she wasn't about to give in. "Nope. I ain't beliefin you. nope. NO BED." She answered, sure of herself. BA sighed. "Okay, you haven't given me any other choice." BA said as he left and closed the room's door, leaving CrazyKid to wait and see if he really would wake up the silver haired monster, or decide to use the run and hide option. Seconds later, She took the run and hide option, and hid in one of her bazillion hiding spots around the VA. It was a room she'd found inside one of the old store rooms, a dumb waiter. It took her up to the attic and there, she'd built herself a neat and cozy little room inside the wall.

BA went down the hall and found Hannibal's room, and seconds later, the roaring bear was up, and threating to break anyone in half that dared get in his path of destruction. Murdock was out cold in bed snoring when Hannibal stalked in and yelled, "Murdock, Get your butt outta that bed and go find your sister!!" Murdock, hearing this, sat straight up in bed and rubbed his eyes as he watched Face get the same treatment. "Ah, Hannibal, why do I gotta go an help Murdock find her?" Face whined. Hannibal was in an enraged mood and he didn't want to hear his leuteniant's whining,

"That is a direct order, leuteniant! And if you choose not to obey it, you will pay the consequences. NOW GO!" Hannibal yelled, and Face followed Murdock sleepily out into the hall. "Is CrazyKid nuts? well, I mean, er- Is she? I mean, waking Hannibal? God, why's it always me? Why can't it be BA or Worf to do this?" Face whined to Murdock. Murdock Just shuffled on, yawning. "Aww, c'mon Face, you think I like this? I don't wanna see my kid sister get in trouble, but this time she did it to herself. She won't even listen to me when I tell her to go to bed. This is the consequences, and she's gotta learn to take the bad with the good, know what I mean?" Murdock said, yawning again. Face was quiet. Murdock had just scared him. Murdock never whined. Murdock noticed Face's scared look and smiled. He knew that'd work.

"I think I know where she is, I am gettin good at feeling out her hiding spots. You can wait here, I'll go in and get her." Murdock said as Face followed him into the store room and Face nodded. Murdock found the dumb waiter and climbed in, and pulled the rope to take himself up. He pulled the rope as hard as he could, and used the frustration of being woke up so suddenly to yank his way up to the attic. A few minutes later, He popped up and saw his kid sister sitting in the far side of the room, looking at him. She looked so small in her little footy pajamas, and he couldn't help but feel sorry for her a little.

"You have to come on, CrazyKid. Hannibal isn't in a very sweet mood, but I don't think it'll be as bad as you think." Murdock said, and She shook her head no. "I ain't goin back with Hannibal mad at me, He'll hurt me." CrazyKid replied, not moving from the spot where she'd been since he'd popped up. The room was too small or he would have climbed in the whole way. "He ain't gonna hurt ya..not really, you know better than to make anyone wake him, and there's no way he's gonna let you get away with this one. I'd come now if I were you, before this gets any worse than it already is." Murdock said, knowing every word he said was true, by experiance.

He'd woken Hannibal arguing BA about Billy a few times and the yelling Hannibal did still rang in his ears. That had been after Murdock had fled with Melisa from their parents, they were nuts, and they were making the both of them just as nuts, if not worse. He and Melisa had been with Hannibal and the team ever since, and that's why Hannibal now was like this. He knew CrazyKid knew the rules. CrazyKid sighed, realizing he was probably right. The only difference was, she'd never been in this kind of trouble with Hannibal before. He'd made her wear her straight jacket and taken her pc away, but never what she knew was going to happen this time, He'd had it with her, and she knew it. It wasn't just getting woke up, it was her still being up. Her never wanting to listen to anyone. As he stood out in the hallway by w-47, he told himself that if this is what it took to break me of these habits I've had since he took over the head of the VA, then so be it.

Crazykid gave in and followed Murdock out of the room and down in the dumb waiter. Once they were down, Murdock woke a sleeping Face and they walked back to w-47. CrazyKid swallowed in dismay when she saw both Hannibal and BA standing in the doorway, and her insides rumbled. She couldn't help it. Her stubborness had left her, and only Murdock or Face knew why. She was in trouble and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Murdock stopped at the door and Face leaned against the wall, sliding down it until he was sitting on the floor. He was too tired to care what happened, but Murdock was wide awake now, and it took everything he had inside of him not to physically stop Hannibal from what even he knew was going to follow.

Once inside w-47, a quick trip over Hannibal's knee and 6 swats kater, Hannibal left, leaving the 4 year old under her comforter. He didn't say a word, he just left and went back to bed. BA went on with his rounds, although shaking his head. Face opened the door and threw himself at his bed, snoring seconds later. The only one worried about the little crying kid under the Power Puff girls comforter was Murdock. As he listened to her cry, he thought silently, *sorry, kid, I couldn't do anything about it this time, You had it coming.* Murdock tried to ignore her until her crying had stopped and he was scared, until he jumped up and pulled back her comforter and saw that she had merely cried herself out. Murdock kissed her sweaty forhead and covered her back up. He climbed into bed and went to sleep, knowing the havoc was only beginning. After all, his baby sister was a Murdock.