Sweet Dreams

Written by S J Smith

All copyrights revert to previous and ongoing owners, including those of Marshmallow Peeps and Cadbury Eggs. No disrespect is meant, nor is any profit made on this story.

Rating: Can be read by anyone.

"You're late." Buffy pouted adorably. "I was starting to get worried."

Xander wrapped an arm around her, kissing her forehead. "I was fine. Just had to take care of a vampire or two, walking back from the store."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, Xander, you're not hurt, are you?"

"Of course not." He squeezed her close. "But I got you a surprise."

"Really?" Buffy lit up like a little kid at the idea. "What?"

Making a show of pulling the candy from the bag, Xander said, "Peeps. The pink ones. I know you like those best."

"Oh, Xander!" Buffy stretched up to kiss him, her expression wicked. "Maybe you could eat them off of me later - "

"You're late."

"Gah!" Xander nearly dropped the sacks at Buffy's sharp tone, his train of fantasy completely derailed.

"We were starting to get worried," Willow added. "We thought maybe you'd run into a vampire."

"Or two," Giles added, barely looking up from Tobin's Spirit Guide.

"No, I," Xander raised one of the bags clutched in his hands, "got doughnuts. What's a monster research party without doughnuts?"

Giles' head came up sharply at the mention of doughnuts. "Any jellies?"

"What's in the other bag?" Buffy asked, giving Giles the 'I dare you to take my jelly doughnut' glare.

Xander shuffled, trying to grab the bag back from Willow. "Uh, I got you - us! - all of us! - some Marshmallow Peeps."

"Ooh, Peeps!" Willow upended the bag and Buffy ripped open the celophane like a master. "I love Peeps."

"Who doesn't?" Buffy asked, popping one of the bunnies into her mouth.

Giles' whole face wrinkled. "What are they?"

Around a mouthful of pink chick, Willow said, "Dyed marshmallows covered and sugar."

"Sounds," the creases in the librarian's face got deeper, "repulsive."

Buffy smiled in triumph. "That leaves more for us, then." Her expression turned thoughtful. "I wonder if Angel likes Peeps."

Xander just sighed.