This is a new story that will involves Pokemon Coloseum, and Ash along with another character from manga.

Orre and Celebi

After our hero Ash won second place in the Hoenn league. Our hero took a break back at pallet town wondering where he will have his next adventure. He was at Professor Oak's lab with all of his pokemon. As he sat near a tree watching his herd of Tauros run around, he kept on thinking about what he was going to do. Next to him was his best friend and partner Pikachu.

"Well Pikachu," Ash said. "We must start our adventure some where. But where?" He looked at the map of the world. It took him a while before he noticed something. It was a big area that was the color violet. "Where is this?"

"Pika?" Pikachu asked.

"It looks very interesting," Ash said. "The Orre region. I've never been there before."

Ash heard some one walk behind him. He turned and saw professor Oak, the scientist whom gave him Pikachu. "Hello Ash," he started. "Are you planning out your next adventure?"

"You bet Professor," Ash started. "I may have found where to go next."

"That's great," the Professor said. "By the way, your mother asked me to tell you that you are to be expected home. She is having me and Tracy over at your house for dinner."

"A dinner party?" Ash asked. "Well, OK, I'll be able to ask everyone about the place I'm thinking about going."

As Ash got ready to leave, three crooks were spying from the bushes. It was none other then Team Rocket. There was Jessie, a woman that tends to be the boss. James, a rich boy whom left his family for another life, and their talking Meowth, whom joined Team Rocket to escape his complex pass.

"So," Jessie said. "The twerp is setting off to a new place."

"And every where he goes," James said sneakily.

"We go," Meowth finished.

"Wobba," Jessie's annoying Wobbuffet popped up.

"For the last time," Jessie started taking out its poke ball, "Stay in your poke ball till I say so." She recalled the pokemon back.

"By the way Jess," James said. "Where is the region they are going to this time?"

"I think he said it was Orre or something," Meowth said.

"That sounds familiar," James said. "Wait one minute, I'll check the book." He looked at his pamphlet he always carries around. He looked in… and his entire body went completely white.

He fell back, sighing and fainted. Meowth took the pamphlet and looked in. He turned white too. "Not… that place." Meowth fell back just like James.

"You babies," Jessie said. "How bad could it be?" She looked in, and gave a small shriek. She had a very terrified look on her face. But she braved up and started to wake up her fallen comrades. "Get up you two. This is no time to take a nap. Get up!"

After she had woken them up, Meowth started to speak. "Please don't tell me the twerp is thinking about going to THAT Orre." He begged.

"He must be," Jessie said. "And it's like you two said, where he goes, we go."

"FORGET IT!" James yelled. "I'm willing to try to take Pikachu from all over the world. I want to get it as much as you. But Orre is where I draw the line."

"Yeah," Meowth agreed. "I'd sooner eat the fur off my body then go to that region!"

The two started to march off. "Wait a minute you two," Jessie yelled running after them, "Get back here now!"

It was night time. Ash, Ms. Ketchum, Tracy, and Professor Oak had finished a great meal. Ms. Ketchum was washing dishes, and Tracy, Oak, and Ash were talking.

"I think I'll be going on my next adventure soon." Ash said. "It will be in a region I've never been before."

"It will," Oak asked. "That will be interesting. Where will you be going?"

"It will be in a place called," Ash hesitated as he thought for a moment. "Orre."

Professor Oak and Tracy gasped when they heard this. Ms. Ketchum dropped a dish when she heard it and turned around. Everyone stared at Ash. Ash sweat dropped wondering what's going on.

"Is something wrong?" Ash wondered.

"Don't you know?" Tracy asked.

"What?" Ash asked.

"If you know what's good for you Ash," Professor Oak said seriously. "You'd stay far away from that region."

"Is there something I'm missing?" Ash asked.

Everyone was silent for a few seconds, and then Professor Oak explained. "That is the region, of Shadow Pokemon."

"Shadow Pokemon?" Ash asked worried. Pikachu's ears twitched when he heard this.

"They are very dangerous pokemon," Oak said. "That is all you need to know. Five years ago, there was a great tragedy. A group called Cipher took over that region using these pokemon."

"Are…" Ash started. "Are they like Team Rocket?"

"They are worst," Tracy said. "They did things to regular pokemon turning them to Shadow Pokemon. From what I understand, they took over the whole Orre Region by force five years ago by turning those pokemon into fighting machines."

"He's right," Oak said. "What I heard, they can not be told apart, but they have an invisible aura that only one girl could see. Five years ago, two heroes stood up to Cipher. But sadly, they were finally beaten by the boss. Now, Cipher rules over that land. The only thing keeping them from going any further is the fact there was still not enough pokemon in order for them to do that. Orre is really a desert region, so not that many wild pokemon live there."

Ash was silent for a moment. "Why hasn't anything done any thing?"

"A peace treaty," Tracy said. "The other regions agreed that Cipher is too strong to fight, so they agreed to leave them alone if Cipher dose not do anything to the other regions."

Ash was still silent. He got up and slowly walked out the door silently with Pikachu on his shoulder.

Everyone was in their places silent. "This must be quite a shock to that boy." Oak said.

"Yeah," Tracy agreed. "To hear that pokemon are getting abused like that in one part of the world.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket watched from afar. "Thank goodness," Jessie relieved. "After hearing that the twerp will not be going there any time soon."

"That means we won't be going," Meowth said.

"I was actually worried for a moment." James said.

"A moment?" Jessie asked. "You were practically wining and crying I don't want to go."

"Well you weren't exactly cool either." Meowth said

"I became brave after a while," Jessie said calmly. "Besides, you were acting like a complete scardy cat. A bigger one then me."

"What did you say?" Meowth asked.

"You herd me!" Jessie yelled.

"Wobbuffet," Wobbuffet popped out again.

The team started to argue again. They kept on arguing until they were interrupted by someone. "Hello team mates,"

The four turned and saw him. A young brown haired, 16 year old boy in a Team Rocket uniform. It was the Team Rocket Messenger boy Mondo.

(If I could have a moment of your time. He is a real character. He was only in the CD Drama a White Tomorrow. But his Japanese name was Mondo; his American name I heard was Billy. If you prefer one name, tell me.)

"Mondo!" They said.

"Hello there friends," He saluted his idols. "It has been a while."

They ran over to him shaking his hand and patting him on the back. "How are things down at the head quarters?" Jessie asked.

"Great," Mondo said. "By the way, can I have your guys autographs again? Some of the other Rocket trainees tore my old ones up."

"Sure," Jessie said. "You can never have too many of my autographs." She said happily as she started to sign a book.

"By the way," James said. "Are the other members saying some things about us?"

"Yeah," Mondo said. "But they are being jerks. They say you are the laughing stalks of the Team. An embarrassment to Team Rocket Members every where. Some have even gone and started the new word. Now when a rocket member messes up, they say I Jessied, or I Jamsed, or even you are a real Meowth."

"I see we are as popular as ever," James said turning his back in a scrouching position sulking.

"What do they know?" Jessie asked angrily. "By the way, how's Ditto?"

"It's doing great," he said. "Come out Ditto," he said throwing a ball in the air letting out his pink blob ditto.

"Ditto," the pokemon said.

"Why hello there Ditto," Jessie said in a cutsty voice. "It is good to see you again."

"Ditto," Ditto replied happily.

"Why don't you just trade me again?" Meowth asked sarcastically. (Radio drama)

"At this point it is beginning to be a good idea." Jessie said irritated.

"But any way," Mondo said. "I came here to tell you about a Celebi."

"A Celebi?" the three asked.

"Wobba?" Wobbuffet asked.

"Yes," Mondo said. "Giovanni is offering a really great reward for anyone who brings him a Celebi. There was a report there is one near Viridian City, so he will reward the Rocket team who brings it to him handsomely."

"That's it," Meowth said. "Forget Pikachu, we can get that Celebi instead. Just imagine,"

Flashes to one of Meowth's cheesy impress the boss fantasias…

"The boss in his office, thinking about a Celebi. He wants that Celebi, and he's willing to give anything for it. Thinking about his good for nothing employees failing all the time, he knows that he will never get what he wants… but then, we come strolling in with a Celebi, with his face lit up with joy, he says… "Meowth, you and your friends are the best employees a boss could have. You have given me what I wanted so badly and for this, I will give you anything your hearts desires.""

Fantasy ends…

"Promotions, Cash, and Easy Street all the way!" The three yelled.

"Wobbuffet!" The blue blob agreed.

But James then began to sulk again. "But how can we catch a legendary pokemon like Celebi? We couldn't even take a Pikachu from the twerp."

"Easy," Jessie said. "If three of us can't cut it, then…"

They looked at Mondo. "Me?" he asked.

Meanwhile, Ash was watching the moon on a hill. Pikachu sat next to him. He could not stop thinking about the Shadow pokemon. He heard something behind him. He turned and saw his grass Pokemon Grovyle.

"Grow," it said putting one end of his twig in his mouth.

"Hey Grovyle," Ash greeted his pokemon. "I was just thinking why would people turn Pokemon into fighting machines?"

"Grow?" Grovyle asked.

"There is this bad region called Orre," Ash started.

Meanwhile, at route 1, a kid with yellow hair, a straw hat, and a yellow sleeveless shirt, with a black long sleeve under it. The bottom part went down to the knees where the kid wore black pants and purple boots. The kid rode on a Doduo, with a pikachu with a pink bow on the kid's lap. The kid looked around eight years old. The kid rode the Doduo south towards pallet town.

"We're almost there Chu." The mystery kid said with a country accent. "Keep going Doduo,"

"Do," The two headed ostrich replied. But then it stopped.

"What's up Doduo?" the kid asked the pokemon.

"Pika," the pikachu called jumping off the bird's back.

"Chu," The kid replied. "Why are you acting so jumpy?" The kid got off and ran over to where the pikachu stopped. "Oh my stars." The kid saw a hurt Celebi in a tree. It was unconscious and beaten badly. "Don't worry little fella, we'll get you healed."

The kid picked up the pokemon and hopped back on the Doduo with the pikachu doing the same. "We got an emergency Doduo, go runnin double time." The Doduo was off in great speed.

5 years earlier…

In a big building, there were a lot of men wearing red uniforms working on some things. They were an organization bent on evil, Team Snagem. They were doing their business, when all of the sudden, there was an explosion.

The alarm set off immediately, while it did so, a seventeen year old boy walked threw a hole in the wall that gotten blown up. Following him was an Umbreon, Eevee's dark evolution. He looked around till he eventually saw a machine that looks like it could fit on his arm.

"Bingo," the boy said.

He took the machine of the stand that was holding it. Then he looked at the Umbreon. "Let's go partner." He commanded.

"Umbreon," the pokemon replied. The two ran out of the building. They kept on running till they eventually ran to a big motor bike that had an Espeon in the passenger's carriage.

Some Snagems were running after them. "Espeon, Confusion!" The boy commanded. The Espeon made a psychic attack that levitated the Snagems and threw them back into a wall. The boy hopped on the bike, the Umbreon hopped on next to the Espeon. The boy started the engine of the bike and they drove off.

"Now," The boy said. "Time for some fire works." He pushed a button on a detonator. Back at the building, there was an even greater explosion. It blew up a lot of parts of the building. The boy stopped his motor bike at a safe distance and looked back.

Back at the building, when the explosion settled, a muscular man looked out to the boy's direction. He growled for a moment and yelled out to the boy. "Wes, you TRATOR!"

He sneered as he heard this from the safe distance. "You know guys," he said to his pokemon, they say time flies when you're having fun, well I just had a blast." He and his pokemon laughed out loud. "To bad, they were the only family we had. They even gave me you two when you guys were Eevees… It may take a while to get over what I did." Then he looked at the machine. He grinned "OK, I'm over it." He put the machine on. "Ha, how do I look? Bark one if good, twice if great, three times if I am the best pokemon thief in the world."

"Umb, umb, umb." Umbreon barked.

"Esp, esp, esp." Espeon barked.

"I thought so." Wes said. He started the bike again. He was about to leave, but he looked up, and on the cliff next to him, was a Skarmory, a metal vulture pokemon. He grinned since he recognized it. "Tell Gonzap I quit." He drove off into the desert.

The Skarmory perched on the cliff watching him leave. The eyes of it appeared to have a purple aura in them. It flew off back to the ruins. "SKARRR!"

To be continued…

I bet you pretty much know what is happening. If not, then you don't know what Celebi is famous for. And if you don't know who the kid is, i'll tell you that. In manga version, there is a kid called Yellow. That is that kid, only I will name the kid Terry. The kid dose look like a Terry, right?