You all asked for it. Now it's happening. Two years after I finished this story, now I am making a sequel. Here is a trailer/teaser featuring the main team of my sequel. Until I begin work, I will give you a taste of what is to be expected.

Pokemon XD Battle Trailer

Coming Soon…

It is a calm day in a green forest. The grass was green, the birds were singing, and the flowers were blooming. The day started like any other quiet day in a quiet forest.

The tranquility however was broken by the sound of a moped driving through the forest. On the moped was a boy around the age of ten with a machine of some sort on his left arm. On his lap was a small brown dog like creature. Behind him slinging to his back was a younger girl with blue hair and a pair of tightly wrapped buns in her head.

Riding behind the scooter was a boy in green. He had a green gem on his forehead and a crescent moon shaped blond hairstyle. He rode on the back of a white pony with a flaming mane.

Above that kid riding the fiery pony flew a boy with black hair and a small yellow mouse like creature. He was riding on the back of a large metallic bird.

"Can we really do this?" The young man with red hair whispered to himself. The small creature in his lap looked up at him with deep black eyes. The young man glanced down focusing on both the road and the creature.

"Eevee," the small dog like animal barked. It smiled and licked his face.

The boy grinned and looked forward. "You're right." He agreed seemingly understanding what the creature was saying. "I can't back down now. Everyone's counting on me." He glances over his shoulder at his companions. "Counting on us." He corrected turning his attention back to the road. "Come on everyone! We're going to stop Cipher, for good!"

"Right," the black hair kid agreed. "Let's go!" The small yellow mouse called a 'Pikachu' agreeing with the boy.

"Skaaaar," the metallic bird called.

"Ya," the girl called.

The kid smirked obviously ready for anything. "Bring'em on," he said in a rough British accent like accent. This prompted a big nay from his pony.

The team was off down the road, ready to face their enemy. They were preparing for the battle that decides their future, and the future of their world. As they continued, they all had a lot on their minds. One thing that was on everyone's mind however was one mysterious word… XD001.

Coming July 1st, 2009… Pokemon XD Battle

I hope you enjoyed this trailer. On July first, expect the story to begin. The reason why I'm waiting so long to start this story is because I have other stories I wish to do, and this story is still in the planning stage. Until July, I'll see you soon. Request for teams accepted.