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Ponyboy's POV:

It was Friday evening and I stomped in the house. I had taken a long walk after school and having felt no better grudgingly came home. "This is bullshit," I muttered to myself loudly, not caring if anyone heard. Naturally, Soda and Steve were at the table playing cards. Soda looked up at me in surprise. Usually I never used that kind of language.

"Ponyboy…" Darry's voice boomed into the living room. He came out frowning.

"I got a C," I flung my bio paper at him, not caring if I got yelled at. He looked surprised at this admission and took the paper hesitantly as if I had laced it with poison.

"Aw, a little C never hurt anybody." Soda offered me help.

I shrugged not caring, slinging my bag on the sofa. After the deaths, my sickness and the trial I had become a little more irritable, a little less pensive. I knew it was because I didn't want to deal with the mess of two months ago. I felt impulsive and acted on it. My confusion and depression had bred into anger.

At school I wasn't doing too hot either. I had actually gotten into a fight with some soc who had said, "At least one good thing came of Bob's death: two, filthy greasers were killed." I popped that kid so hard in the mouth that he was ashamed to squeal on me. It might have hurt his rep. Steve saw it but I knew he wouldn't say anything. He didn't want Soda worried about me.

I could see Darry debating even to argue with me. Heh. It's not fun to fight with someone who doesn't care if he gets yelled at, is it? While smirking at this thought, Darry noticed.

"You think this is funny?" His voice rose as he waved the paper in the air.

"Well, if I was gonna major in bio, I could see the point…" I said icily. I knew I was testing the waters but I couldn't help myself.

"He gets lippier and lippier doesn't he?" Steve piped up rudely.

"Shut up Steve. You're not my father!" I snapped. I couldn't help it. I was sick of him.

"You little…" Steve started up.

"Don't man." Soda said softly, looking at me astonished. Until, too late I didn't realize the enormity of what I had just said. 1) Rudely reminding Darry and Soda that our parents were dead and 2) Bitching out Steve.

The room was quiet for a second until I caught a glimmer of a smile pass on Darry's face. "You better pull your grade up, you hear?" Darry threw the paper back at me and flopped in his recliner.

This time I was softer. "Yah, Dar, don't worry." His face relaxed and he shook his paper open.

I felt guilty then. I knew I was too reckless these days, too rude. I just couldn't seem to deal. Everyone else seemed fine while I was boiling over. My nightmares now included Dallas and Johnny. Nights were spent alone. I could no longer sleep with Soda's arm around me. Darryl and Soda or Steve and Two-Bit would find me crumpled on the couch most mornings. I had taken to leaving my homework and schoolbooks strewn around me, making them think I had been up late studying. Besides, Soda could use the sleep without me thrashing around.

"You want a coke?" I offered him before walking into the kitchen. "Sure Pony thanks." Ah, a peace offering.

I grabbed two cokes while Steve scowled and shielded his cards from me as if I was going to cheat him just like Soda. I plopped on the couch watching Steve and Soda battle it out for two-card stud when Two-Bit clambered in the door.

"Tally-ho!" he shrieked grabbing Darry's paper from his hands. Darry eyed him exasperatedly from the recliner. Two-Bit lazily let the paper drift back down on Darry's face, covering his pissed off expression.

"What's going on?" I didn't give Darry a chance to lecture Two-Bit about the appropriate noise level of the house.

"A little of this, little of that," Two-Bit said casually moseying by the kitchen table. "My friend's friend is having a party tonight across town. Care to join?" He said this with a slight bow and an exaggerated hand movement. Then noticing Steve's beer, Two-Bit reached over and grabbed it.

"Dirty bastard," Steve grumbled at Two-Bit, his eyes still on Soda's cards as Soda made his move.

"I'll go with you Two-Bit." I said, hoping to make my face innocent so that Darry wouldn't remember that cursed 'c'. Two-Bit was my escape. I needed an excuse to get out so I could go to a party that Curly Shepard invited me to.

Darry's POV:

I saw Pony's eyes beam at the mention of the party. I was torn between letting him go so he could have some fun or forcing him to study. I had to admit even I wouldn't want to stay home on a Friday night studying bio.

Again, Soda piped up, "C'mon Darry, let him go…" Shuffling the cards he flicked them into Steve's forehead.

I felt a twitch of annoyance. I knew Soda just wanted him to have fun but something gnawed at me inside.

Steve gestured to finger at Pony. "Take your choice Darry. Sit here and watch him mope all night or let him tag-along with Two-Bit."

Pony glared at Steve's choice of "tag-along". I was secretly pleased that Pony had barked at Steve. Sometimes he was too cocky for his own good. Besides, maybe if they had it out they could get along…

Soda quickly shot Steve a reproving look then smiled wildly at Ponyboy as way of an apology for his smartass best friend.

Waiting for my answer Two-Bit sucked at his beer until I gave in. "Alright. But be home by one…"

Embellishing his surprise, Two-Bit spewed his beer out of his mouth. Drenching the carpet. "Ah, Tasty."

"Laying it on there a little thick, aren'tcha Two-Bit?" Steve hooted.

Shit head.

"You hear me? If Two-Bit is with you I'll let you stay out that late." I continued, ignoring Two-Bit and the beer that dripped down his chin onto his shoes. I pointed my finger at Pony to drive the time and point home.

"Definitely." He said this seriously, nodding his head in affirmation, eyes wide.

Pony jumped off the couch and grabbed his jacket making a big show of remembering it for once.

"Make sure you don't get stopped by any cops!" Soda cried to Two-Bit, laughing. "You're a walking DUI!"

Ponyboy yelled me his thanks before being prodded out the door by Two-Bit. The door closed shutting them out in the dark night, my stomach turning anxiously inside me.

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