Fade to Black

S J Smith

Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish I was Chris Carter or associated with him. But I'm not. Darn the luck.

Rating: K+

Written for Mjules, who wanted Mulder's reaction to Scully giving William up for adoption. (Bits in italics taken from the screenplay.)

"Our son, Mulder…I gave him up."

My heart tugs to see Scully like this; for so long, I thought I'd never see her again. But the words tumble over in my mind and I feel pain for a different reason. I'd never get a chance to teach William to play baseball. Never get to swing him in a park. Never get to change his diaper.

Maybe I wouldn't miss the diaper part.

But to miss seeing our son grow up, not be able to witness his first laugh, his first word, his first tooth…I hug Scully tight to me, feeling her body shake with her tears. How could she do it? How frightened was she, to make that decision, probably the one that would save our son's life?

I whisper into her hair the words she needs, that I need to say. "I know you had no choice."