V The Morning After V

Florin Falconhand and Rouric Balderk had spent all night searching the Spiderhaunt Woods for Bowie. Many spiders, bugbears, and a few unlucky Zhent soldiers fell to their weapons as they had ventured through the woods.

They did find him eventually, wearing a clean white silk shirt and clean pants. He was nestled under of a large smooth grey rock.

The surly dwarf was ready to strangle the halfling once he saw Bowie begin to stir underneath the large rock

"I can't believe you Bowie, ya make us walk out here all night looking for ya," Rouric screamed, causing Bowie to wake up, and Florin to laugh. The dwarf stopped his yelling when he saw the small amulet around Bowie's neck. "Where did ya get this?" he asked, lowering his voice.

Bowie turned to face his friend, and quietly answered," I will tell you on the way back. Its a quite a tale." The halfling looked over at Florin, who wore a big grin on his face. "Hello Florin," he said softly, then asked," what's so funny?"

Sitting at the inside of the Old Skull Inn, Bowie sat alone at a table, sipping his ale with his left hand as right hand softly clutched the amulet around his neck.

"A copper for your thoughts," a familiar voice said from behind him. The halfling turned to see Dove Falconhand, who now dressed in a green cotton shirt, and leather breeches. For a moment, Bowie thought of Hannah.

"Good morning Dove," he greeted her softly, sipping his ale once more.

Dove nodded, and looked at the amulet the halfling was playing with in his hands. She noticed the slight smile on his face and spoke," Florin told me of the tale about your lady Hannah. It sounded like quite a journey." She stopped for a moment, then asked in a soft voice," You're not mad at me for sending you away from the battle last night are you? I didn't want to tell Storm that one of her students had died in a skirmish with weak Zhentarim soldiers."

The halfling looked up at Dove, and shook his head. "Aside from hearing Rouric talk about his glorious kills with his axe, not at all. Actually, I'm glad you had sent me away." He stopped for a moment, gazing at the amulet. "It all seemed like such a dream. The mountains, the dragon, the dancing. All of it. Yet, this amulet is proof that none of it was a dream."

"She gave you that little trinket there," Dove said," Did you give her anything?"

"I think I gave her a son or two," he answered in a merry tone. Dove giggled softly, then patted Bowie on the top of his head.

"I often wondered why Storm decided to take you under her wing, and now I know why," Dove commented, then walked away, humming to herself.

As he sipped his ale, Bowie could swear the tune Dove was humming, was the song he had written about Sylune. The song he and Hannah had sang to the dragon the night before.