Funny Hair

By Leishe

No one had really stated it explicitly, but when Uchiha Sasuke had married Haruno Sakura that warm spring morning, everyone had expected the soon-to-come heir to the Uchiha clan to take after his father, no questions asked.

Maybe Sasuke had expected it too and also Sakura. And during their trips to the doctor's office a few months later, when the woman had said that it was going to be a boy, their minds already saw what the child was going to look like. Raven hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. The marked appearance of a true Uchiha male.

But it was not so.

The baby cried loudly, flailing its chubby legs in the air, while the assistant nurse took the infant in her arms. Sakura smiled at her son, and Sasuke watched anxiously, as they wrapped the child in soft white cloth, and cleaned the blood of its small, fragile body.

A few years later, Sasuke was sitting in a chair, by the window of his house, while his wife cooked something delicious in the background. He was watching Kisho –for that was what they had named him- play around in his small sandbox, with the sunlight catching in his hair.

The Uchiha survivor could not ignore that queasy, unsettling feeling at the pit of his stomach whenever he looked at his son's hair. Sakura hummed in the background.

It was pink.