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Fall was upon the many people who resided in Jump City. The elderly, the youthful, the reckless, and the brave ones were all out in the park for the annual Fall Festival; all except for a few select teen super-heroes…


"Titans go!" Robin cried as he drew his bo-staff from his belt and charged at Red X. The rest of the Titans flew towards the thief and began to attack. Cyborg took aim with his Sonic Cannon and fired upon the villain. X deftly preformed a back flip and threw an X at the robot. Just as the red, blob-like figure was about to make contact with Cyborg, it was engulfed in a black aura and thrown aside. X's eyes widened slightly as he watched. 'Since when has she been able to do that?' He thought just as he avoided a would-be fatal blow from Robin. X stepped to the side of the pole, took hold of it, and ripped it from the hands of its owner. Robin stumbled forward and tried desperately to regain his balance as he came crashing down onto the warehouse floor; passing out cold upon impact.

X made a sort of snickering sound as he threw the stick aside and dodged an attack from Starfire and Beastboy. "This is too easy Titans! C'mon, give me a real challenge!" X proclaimed as he incapacitated the duo and ran towards Cyborg to finish the job.


X grinned as he tower over the unconscious robot. "I just don't see how Slade had such a hard time defeating you." X said as he began to walk out with the stolen loot. Just as he was about to leave the warehouse, a black claw shot out of the shadows and made an attempt to snatch the thief. X ducked under the claw and cast a sticky X towards the owner. The goop made contact and imprisoned the sorceress on the wall. "Come now Raven, surely you didn't think that a sneak attack would banish me did you?" Red X pondered as he walked up to the dark Titan.

Raven struggled against the X while replying, "Actually, that was only supposed to distract you." She grunted as she continued to fight. When she knew she wasn't going to be freeing herself anytime soon, she scoffed and glared at the criminal.

X chuckled and stood before the Titan. He gingerly cupped her chin in his hand and smiled. "You know…you look cute when you're angry. It's a real shame that you're a Titan, 'cause if you weren't… we would definitely be hooking up." X complemented as he smirked. Raven's glare intensified and she threw her head to the side, removing her head from his hand to focus her gaze upon the docks. Red X laughed once more and cut her loose. Raven landed on her feet and stood, looking upon the fellow teen with utter bewilderment. "Why did you set me free?" She probed. He shrugged and said, "Dunno. Maybe I just felt like it." Raven defiantly crossed her arms over her chest and figured that she could get some information from him about his hideout if she interrogated him long enough.