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Ages: Kira-16 Athrun-16 Dearka-17 Yzak-16 Sai-16 Miriallia-15

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Kira leaned up against the wall of the hanger in complete shock. I killed him. I did it. It was all me. I slaughtered Athruns comerad. A sweet voice pulled Kira out of his daze.

"Kira," she stared at him sympathetically. "Are you alright? I saw everything from the bridge. I knew you'd be hurt and-"

"Leave me alone!" he snapped, tears now falling freely from his eyes. "I...am nothing, but a murderer."

"You're not."

"I AM! I am Mir! I am, I am, I am," Kira's voice crackled. He slid down the wall and sat with his knees to his chest. He released his clenched fists in an attempt to calm himself. "I heard him." Miriallia looked up with worry. "I heard Athrun call his name when I...when I...k-killed him. He was, Nicol." Miriallia sighed and walked over to Kira. She crouched down beside him. "It hurts more, It always does. It hurts if you know the name...because you know you killed someone, not just a soldier!" he cried.

Miriallia immediatly grasped his shoulders and pulled him into an embrace. "Oh, Kira. I wish you could stop crying."

"Yeah," his eyes sealed tight, letting more tears fall. "Me too."


Zaft Warship, locker room (Altered from original locker room scene)

"Damn it!...Damn it, damn it, damn it!" Yzak punched his locker, making numerous dents. He only got more infuriated seeing how calm his Red Elitte teammates were. He quikly turned to Athrun with complete malice lacing his once pure blue eyes.

"I'll kill him Athrun! I'll kill that demented bastard!" Athrun finished tieing back into his uniform, and turned to lean his back to his locker. Yzak cringed. He turned quikly and punched a hole in Athruns locker, nearly skimming his cheek with his bare fist.

Athrun didn't flinch, not the slightest. He was about to go for his jaw when he was brutaly thrashed from behind and thrwn to the floor.

"Yzak! Don't be a dick!" Dearka's brows were narrowed. "He's not the one who killed Nicol!"

"Yeah, I know! His friend is!" he turned to Athrun again. "And the next time we meet in battle...I'm takin' the Strike down myself!"Yzak turned toward Dearka, quirking a brow. "We clearly don't have a reliable teammate...all he does is sulk 'cause he has to fight his 'best friend'. Who's a best friend when they betray you andbecome a coordinator fighting for the earth alliance? Bull shit! Last time I checked...woos's aren't axactly men, let alone Zaft Elitte pilots. There's no room for a sentimental on a kick assteam full of people who deserve to be there!"

"Shut the hell up, Yzak!" Athrun pulled the boy up from the floor by his collar. "You don't know anything about me!" he crunched his one soft fingers into a deadly fist, striking Yzak square across the face. Yzak let out a groan as he was forced into a locker behind him, and slid to the ground...which he had become quite use to in the last five or so minutes.

"Athrun..." Dearka didn't think they were insane enough to act this way. He had no idea they hated each other this much. He saw Athrun proceed to Yzak. Taking quik action, he armlocked the raven-haired boy from behind.

"Let me go, Dearka!"

"Not on your life!" You have to calm down," Athrun grunted as he turned his head, but his eyes slowly softened turning his gaze to the bleeding mess he's made on the floor. Yzak was slowly trying to wipe away the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand.

"At least you have a friend that sticks up for you and gets you out of trouble. All I have is a dead one and a traitor..." Athrun headed for the door. It swished open and he turned his head slightly to the side without turning enough to actually look at them, like he was talking to the wall. "You're not going to kill him Yzak, I won't let you," Yzak grunted at the words, though Athruns next ones shocked his features. "I will, I won't let him get away with this...not this time. He's...he's gone too, far," the solemn looking boy exited the room with a swish of the door. Dearka looked at Yzaks distrot face.

"You know...we can monitor him," an evil smirk slipping its way right to Dearka's face. "Come wth me!" he pulled the boy up from the floor not considering his pain.

He yanked him down the hallways and stopped at a room labeled, 'STORAGE'. Dearka smiled as the identification blinked green as he slipped his personel data to the slot. We'll just put this in...a quirk for being a Zaft Red Ellite! Pimp it! Dearka smiled at his own idiotic behaviour in his jumbled up, sarcastic brain. He was the funny one...he thought so.

"Come on," there were some stashed monitors lying on the floor, mostly because they were broken or are just extras, but all appeared to be damaged and unrepairable to Yzak. Dearka picked up the one that seemed to be in the best shape and condition.

After some intense hooking up by the Pimp Masta', Dearka Elthman...

"There! I got it running! Ha, broken my ass!" Yzak chuckled lightly at his best, (and only) friends behaviour.

"I had no idea you were so good with tech..." Yzak blurted, a little bewildered.

"You'd be suprised, Yzak Joule," Dearka slyly hooked up some headphones and went into some computer progams to upgrade the system. "Good, now all I need is..." he looked around the room in search, his lips quirked to one side, as if he was in deep thought. "Perfect!" he smiled, picking up a wire and cord. Yzak watched dumbfounded as Dearka some how managed to cut the plastic of the cord, hooking the wire to the cord and the other end to a completely different machine thatDearka had set up in his preparation with the computer. He then hooked the whole cord to the computer, and to the wall, which had already been occupied with many other things Dearka had stuffed in there, when an image of the controll room popped onto the once blank screen.Yzak was clueless. Dearka clicked a couple times withthe mouse that he had recently installed, and each time he did, a new image would appear of somewhere else, monitoring the room.

"Woah..."Yzak plastered hos face to the screen.

"You think that's cool...watch this..." Dearka turned on a switch on the side of the computer and intalled a program. It took about 2 1/2 minutes to completely update it 100. When it did, an image of a corridor came into view. "See this...? Dearka quirked an eyebrow.

"Uuum, uh-huh,"

Dearka smirked. "We can get any corridor we want...that includes Zala's..."


Athrun's Quarters

Athrun walked into his room, completely unaware of the blinking red light on the camera in the corner, watching his every, single, move...(I wonder who's watchin him...lol, seriously, if you don't know, you're retarded...) Athrun was breathing heavily, his heaves becoming louder and louder. He collapsed to the floor. On his knees, the boy bent over clutching his stomach letting out silent crys. Tears came from his eyes and dropped to the floor before they could reach the end of his nose.

"I...can't," he told himself between harsh breathing. He slowly tried to get up. When he finally stood, the tears stopped dropping to the ground and started falling straight down his face. He inched over to his deadroommates bed and pulled up the covers. There, right infront of him, layed the work. The work of all Nicols piano. The notes that he was told not to bring into the ship were hidden right here under his sheets. He kneeled by the bed. "N-Nic-ol," his eyes sealed tight, the tears, non stopping as if ignoring Athruns requests for them to stop. "You...you. You were my, my friend." his eyes narrowed at a smallbooklet hidden beneeth the notes.

"A diary?" Athrun peered into the book and his eyes fell to sadness and longing.

Dear Diary Nicol Amarfie August 19

I'm having a wonderful day at home so far. I got to do a concert infront of Athrun, but I really wish I could do a real one someday, a bigger one. I told Athrun so, he was there, but I think he drifted off! I do have to go to war again tomorrow morning. I'll have to say good bye to my Mother and Father. I told her that I'll be fine, but she won't believe me! ;D My Dad encorages me to fight, even though I don't want to, but it's for my country. I'll be with Athrun, Dearka and Yzak, I'll be just fine!

Dear Diary Nicol Amarfie August 20

It is true! Here I am. I'm on a ship called the Versalius...or something like that. I paired up with Athrun as a roommate. He's a great friend and I've heard some news about him. His friend is someone on the other side, fighting for the naturals. He is a coordinator. Athrun seems frustrated, and I don't like to see him that way. I can tell he loves this friend of his, and I feel so bad. Dearka and Yzak just make it worse! I'm going to be heading into battle soon, along side my Red Ellite friends. I'll be fighting agaist the Strike pilot, Athruns long lost 'buddy'. I wish Athrun and I didn't have to fight him. That's all for today I guess, Athruns coming:D

Dear Diary Nicol Amarfie Oct 2

The day before he died...I thought solemnly as I read on.

Sorry that I haven't been able to write for a long time...It's been hectic for the last few days...Guess what. We snuck into ORB, the four of us. I saw Athrun with a bird, a mechanical one. He handed it to a boy behind a fence. I'm not sure, but I think he was Athruns friend. They engaged deep conversation...well, kinda. Strangers wouldn't talk like that. And I just found something in Athruns closet. Blueprints to the exact mechanical bird. The paper was worn and out of date, very old, most likely from about five or six years ago. I didn't want to say anything or act intruding. I didn't say anything, even if it ment the mission. I couldn't tell anyone. Athrun is too great of a friend. We both just entered the war because of our fathers, and we both just want to protect our home. If I were to die in this cruel war, my last wish would be for Athrun to see his friend again...

Athrun closed the book slowly, thinking about Nicols last wish. He couldn't move, couldn't talk. He couldn't even sob as his tears were freely flowing like a waterfall from his eyes. He netled his head in his folded arms on the dead boys bed. He just sat there...crying.


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