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Where I stand

"Hello," Kira simply said to the staring boys, breaking the silence. They just kept staring at him.

Athrun finally spoke up after about a minute of intense glares, "Hi...Kira," Dearka and Yzak seemed kind of shocked at hearing Athrun speak to him. They watched in bewilderment as Athrun walked over to the bed and looked down at the boy. He smiled.

"How are you feeling? Any better?" Kira even seemed shocked at Athruns questions.

"I'm fine Athrun...who are your friends?" Kira eyed the boys behind Athrun.

"Oh, that's Dearka Elthman and this is Yzak Joule," he said pointing to them. Athrun bowed his head and gulped before he said the words, "The X103 Buster and X102 Duel that order," he was expecting Kira to try to inch away as he did in the cockpit earlier, but his reaction stunned both the boys and Athrun.

"I see," he smiled. "It's very nice to meet you, uum, Dearka and Yzak...I'm Kira Yamato, the X105 Strike's pilot. It seems we've been through a lot together, huh?" he let out a small laugh under his breath. Dearka and Yzak narrowed their brows at this. How could he think this was funny?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess, you guys are just like me...and the people onboard the Archangel-"

"How are we anything like you people!" Yzak took a step forward.

"You people? You people, huh...we're different? Sorry, I must have missed that part..." Kira narrowed his brows. "Yes, you are like "Us people". You don't want to fight, do you?" Kira eyed them warily. "I didn't think so. And if we did, wouldn't we come looking for a fight? TELL ME! HAVE YOU EVER ONCE SEEN US COME AFTER YOU?" Kira tried to sit up as he spoke but he cringed and layed back down.

"Aaah, rrr..." he let out small growls of pain. "What the hell," he mumbled. Suddenly his head snapped up. "Oh yeah! And who changed me into this...this thing?" Athrun pointed to Dearka and Yzak. "Are you serious?" Kira felt his head heat up.

Dearka and Yzak shrugged uncomfortably. "Well, someone had to. And sorry, but none of the doctors wanted to touch an earth forces soldier, we dressed your wounds, jeez, you took one hell of a friggin' beating," Dearka said nervously, scratching his head.

"An earth forces soldier? Where the hell did you guys get that idea from? I am no soldier! I was dragged into this war by force! I'm only trying to protect my friend-"

"They're using you Kira! DON'T YOU GET ANYTHING! You're so naive, it makes me wonder howyou've survived in this war forso flong!" Kira just stared at him.

A tear slid down his cheek. Everyone noticed but tried to act as if they didn't. "That's not fair Athrun. They are my friends and I will protect them..." he said quietly. "They're as important to me as you are, I just want to protect them so that we don't fall apart likeyou and Idid!" more tears flooded his eyes.

"There's only one difference..." Kira looked up with question. "You will fall apart. They're only using you for your skills and you are a coordinator, they are all worthless, pathetic, naturals!"

"I'd kill you right now if I could stand," Kira's non-emotional words hit Athrun hard. "You know absalutly nothing about my friends. They didn't even know I was a coordinator until recently, and when they found out, all they did was stick up for me. The earth forces soldiers confined me for a while. But one of my friends...Toll..." his mind went blank.

The boys noticed Kira's wide eyes and harsh breathing. "T-tol-le?" he turned to Athrun. "WHAT HAPPENED TO TOLLE!" his breathing, still in pants and heavy sighs. He seemed so scared. They all looked at him sympathetically, knowing the name he called out when the skygrasper was destroyed. Kira grasped his sheet and cryed. He looked up at them with malice in his eyes. "Who killed Tolle..." Dearka froze in his spot. "I see, it was you then..." Kira more stated than asked, looking over to a nervous Dearka.

"I well, y-yes. Yes I did." Kira looked down. The boys saw him in deep thought, and dismissed it as a good thing. What's the point of getting mad at the guy now, it's not like it'll change anything...Kira decided to change the subject completely. He didn't want to talk about war, but what else was there to talk about when you were in one?

"So you're uniforms..." the boys looked up and Kira saw a couple of quirked eyebrows. "I meen, well, what's up with the red? Do a lot of people wear the red one? And how is it different than the green ones i sometimes see through the screens in bi numbered GINN battles?" the boys laughed under their breathe at Kira's trying-to-be-nice personallity. It was odd.

"Well..." Yzak spoke, this was one thing he was proud of. "You see...In the academy, you either graduate with a red colour uniform or a green. The green is a normal soldier rank. Thereis also orange rankswho go to the soldiers that are best at reception. You know...not exactly in the war, sometimes they get to sign people up though..." Yzak chuckled and continued. "Anyways, as I said, the green sybolizes a normal rank, they usually get the GINNs or they're just stationized as the crewmembers that work the bridge. And...well, the red, it symblizes Ellite...And no, there aren't many, infact...there were only five red Ellites who were chosen out of thetwo friggin' thousand at the academy..." Yzak scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Wow, so you guys"

"Basically, compared to everyone else in this damn millitary..." Yzak rolled his eyes.

"I see..." he looked at the three for a moment. It was too quiet. "This must be as wierd for you guys as it is for me, huh?" Kira saw them look up at him.

Athrun nodded his head slowly after a few seconds. "Well...well it's just that we've been fighting you all this time, Kira...And now we're trying to talk in a perfectly civilized conversation. I meen, you did kill Nicol," Kira, Yzak and Dearka looked up at Athrun in shock that he would bring the particular subject. "He was one of my best friends, and you destroyed him right infront of my eyes," Dearka and Yzak watched him sympathetically. "It's not like he deserved it, he only wanted to protect. I meen, the boy was as calm and kind as they come. He loved the piano and he would always be talking about his work and how he wanted to do a great big concert that everyone could enjoy. At fifteen and he'd already become one of the greatest pianists I've ever...heard," Athrun's voice started to crackle.

"I don't see how I had a choice," Kira mumbled quietly. Although,the coordinators all seemed tohear...because...they're coordinators.

"Shut up, Kira! You had a choice in the begining to come back with us or not! NONE of this would have happened! You wouldn't have killed Miguel and Nicol! With your help, maybe Rusty might have survived the raid! I can't see why you're so naive, and why you're so protective over these naturals! PCH! Friends? You think they're your friends? All they want to do is live...because they're pathetic and greedy as hell! They're using you like waste, and they-"

"You don't know the first thing about my friends! Don't even think you do! You've never even met them!" he started to tear. "And Tolle, you killed him. He was the most stubborn guy you could ever have as a friend. He stood up for me when the earth forces found out I was a coordinator. He trained with the grasper simulator only because he wanted to protect along side me and make sure I wasn't hurt, not because he was forced! He wanted to be by my side! He was a great person, kind and humerous!You've made a lot of people cry for killing him!-"

"Oh yeah! Like who, Kira?"


"Who's Mir?"


"His what!"


"Aaw, the naturals have girlfriends and boyfriends? That's sweet...well, I guess she'll have to find a new one...if she survives the war that is," Kira's eyes widened as he threw the words like garbage.

"Don't talk as if it was just some guy Mir picked out of a croud and now it's broken so she has to go buy a new toy! Don't you dare talk about them that way. My friends are the most important people I have left in my lif-"

"Birdie!" Athrun's expression went from anger to calm and he looked up at the door.

"Oh no, I forgot! I left Birdie in the cockpit...did he fly out..." He spoke to himself, but the others heard just fine.

"Who the hell is Birdie?" Yzak quirked an eyebrow as Athrun walked toward the door slowly. Before he reached the door, a small, mechanical green bird flew from out behind the corner and pirched on Athrun's head, causing him to be startled. He fell to the floor with a thud.


"Birdie!" Birdie looked down at Athrun from the top of his head. Athrun looked up, crosseyed, staring at the odd looking thing.

"Heya Birdie, long time no see, huh?"


"Hey Birdie!" Kira called from the bed. The mechanical bird then flew to him at the sound of his voice. It pounced on the boy and then hopped up onto his head, disheveling his neat hair. "Hey! Cut it out, Birdie!" he laughed.

"Sorry to interupt the Kodak moment we're havin' here. But did I just here you say, 'Long time no see"? Did I hear that correctly or do I just happen to be going utterly insane?"

Athrun chuckled. "No Dearka, you're right. I made this for Kira when we were about 11 or 12, I think...or was it 10-"

"Whoa whoa whoa...hold on a minute, you made that thing?" Yzak almost busted a lung.

"It's true, he did," Kira spoke up as Birdie hopped into his hands from his head. He held the bird to his chest. "It was a parting gift, that Athrun gave to me. And he told me never to forget. He also told me that the PLANTs and the Earth would see eye to eye, and that there would be no war. I suppose we didn't have a choice in the end though," they all paused.

The happy sound of a buzzer came through the room, breaking the dull, dead silence. "Dearka, Athrun. Come meet me in the bridge. Yzak, you can come join us after you've delivered Mr. Yamato to his sleeping quarters."

"Sir!" they all saluted simultaniously.

"It was nice to meet you, I guess..." Dearka then walked toward the door, but then looked back as to tell Athrun to hurry.

"Well, Kira..." Athrun outsretched his palm. Kira hesitantly took it. He didn't like how it felt so wrong...with his long lost best friend.


Archangel...(Milly moment...)

Sai was watching the pod being lowered slowly to the pavement of the hanger. Miriallia stood at the back of the croud, crossing her arms unexidedly. "Yippee," it was almost like her mind was trying to bore her to death.

A man stepped out and started screaming at La Fllaga.

"I didn't want to be rescued! I'm not supposed to be rescued!" the man had an indian accent to his voice.

"TOO BAD! We can't have you wandering a battle field..."

"I can fly this pod just fine, I won't get myself into any sort of trouble with the war!"

"Tell me, are you from earth?"

"Of course I am from earth! Where else do you find naturals these day, Heliopolus? Didn't think so!"

"Then I suggest you pipe down...SIR! We're the ones protecting your earth, so I suggest you pipe down unless you want to be destroyed along with it!" the man started to quiet down.

Miriallia eyed the man. He looked to be about fifty-five to sixty-five years old. He had brown skin and black hair that was in a braid to about his collar bone. He wore white draped clothing and white cloth over his head. It was the type of white outfit you'd see someone wear in the desert.

The man noticed his hair slightly disheveled, so he took off the white cloth and put his braid back up and wrapped it around the bun he'd made. He spoke quiter this time. "I was merely trying to do my job sir, I'm here on a task. I'm sorry to have inconvenienced your ship in any way," he bowed.

"That's alright, sir. Please, tell me, what do you do for a living that made you come all the way out here in a pod?"

"Well, I am a war photographer you see. We needed to find some way to get to space and take pictures. There was really no other way to update the bpublic on the events..." the man fidgeteed nervously.

"Oh, I see then. Well, would you like some food? A room perhaps?"

"Uuum, no sir. Thank you for your kind offer. But this pod was ment for many days. I would appreciate no disturbance if that is possible,"

"No problem," La Fllaga said as he turned around, rolled his eyes and went back to work on the zero.

Miriallia heard the conversation and a small smirk appeared on her once frowning face as she saw Sai start to move out of the hanger.

"Hold it right there Sai Argyle!" Sai turned at the sound of his name. Oh crap, it's Hyper-Woman to the save the day...

"Hey Sai...I love you..."

"What do you want?" The 'I love you' line was alwaysthe starting of adeadly question that usually scarred him for the one when they were kids...


"Hey Sai, you know I love you, right?"

"Wow, thanks Miriallia!"

"Well, could I borrow thatbaseball with the initials .S.A. on it? I'll give it right back, I promise!"

"Okay, no problem, since you were really nice to me! Here!" he handed Millyball and turned his back for about a minute, when he heard the sound of a window smash and a...


End of flashback...

It wasn't me, it wasn't me, it wasn't me, it wasn't me. Just 'cause it had MY initials. I DIDN'T THROW THE DAMN-

"SAI! Are you even listening to me!"

"Sorry, what?"

"I said...Do you want to see Kira?"

Sai looked down. "I do Mir but...he IS MIA, you know that right..."

"True but...why would the Zaft pilots take him back if he was dead? Wouldn't they capture him? Besides, I saw Ramius trying to get a com. to the Versalius...That enemy Zaft warship! She asked if she could talk to Kira...but the line went dead. They apparently can't get a fix on the ship, or they're just cutting them off before they can even get through because they're stuck up coordinators... anywho, Kira's on that ship," Miriallia smiled.

"That's great! I'm really glad he's alive, even if he did get captured..." he looked down.

"So I ask you again, do you want to see him?"

"Of course I do, but even if there was a way, it'd be way too dangerous!" Sai flailed his arms in the air. Miriallia just gave out a small laugh. She pointed over to the pod.

"See that?" Sai gulped.

"We're gonna go see Kira..."


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