The night was chilly as they camped again like they did two years ago. Each was lost in their own thoughts as they remembered the past. It was the story of the summoner and her guardians as they defeated Sin and lived to tell the tale of it. She was the summoner, who by passed taboos of falling in love, and chained old traditions in dungeons when she defeated Sin. She had made everything impossible, possible. She created the new road in which they walked on. She was history in the making.

"Put the sticks into the fire ya," Wakka instructed angrily.

Rikku gave him a small glare and stuck her tongue out when he turned around. "Of course I'll put them in the fire," she mumbled quietly. "Where else would it go?" she rolled her eyes.

Tidus sat beside Yuna on a log that he and Wakka had placed near the fire earlier. They had set the whole camp up the way they had done it back in Besaid. With three logs surrounding it so that people could sit by the fire. Their tents surrounded at either side, a meter away from the logs.

"Do I really have to share a tent with Paine?" Rikku grumbled disgustingly as she sat down on the log opposite them.

"There's plenty of dirt to sleep on out here," Paine answered dryly.

The young Al Bhed groaned angrily and muttered, "Big meanie," under her breath.

Tidus couldn't help but smirk at those two. Paine was simply someone you wouldn't want to mess with. He had made a pack, not to talk to her unless certain circumstances insist him to. Otherwise, he'll just stick to talking to Yuna or Rikku. Even Lulu wasn't as cold and bleak as Paine. Most probably Vidinia was the result in the older woman's personality. Lulu seemed happier, almost contented. For the first time, he actually saw a smile on her lips. Not to mention Wakka who too, had changed a lot in size too.

He chuckled quietly to himself about the thought. He didn't really take into much consideration of changes since he was last here. He had been too busy, and occupied with Yuna. He was too caught up with Yuna. She was after all pregnant now. His laughter edged away as he smiled warmly. They were going to be parents.

He turned his head to watch her; she was leaning against him and picking hungrily at her food. It was hard to imagine that the last time they were here; she had been always shyly sitting on the other side of the fire and always too nervous to strike up a conversation with him. Now they were here, together, and to-be-parents.

"Warm enough?" he asked her.

She smiled at his genuine emotion and nodded. "With you, yeah," she answered.

He smiled and subconsciously rubbed the shoulder in which his hand hung over comfortably. "Okay."

"We've got a long day tomorrow," she reminded him.

"Yeah, a long walk to the Thunder Plains," he chuckled lightly. "Luckily we're meeting Buddy and Brother at the entrance. I bet Rikku wouldn't want to walk through the Thunder Plains," he laughed again.

Yuna laughed too, "Yeah, I bet Rikku wouldn't like that much."

"But if you get tired," he began, "I'm carrying you, okay?"

"Me? Carry me?" her brows arched. "I'm a bit heavy now you know," she added.

He rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Nah.." he smiled. "You're as light as a feather."

"Rikku, go get some more sticks," Lulu said as she unpacked the pan from her bag.

"Why is it always me?" Rikku asked, "Why not ask Paine to go get the sticks? Or Tidus? I mean it's not like he's doing anything."

Lulu drifted an eye over to the lazy couple and smiled warmly, "He's protecting her."

"From what?" Rikku asked in disbelief.

"The dirt might hurt Yuna, Rikku," Tidus scolded. "How could you not think of the dirt?" he muttered sarcastically.

Yuna stiffened a giggle, and swatted his arm playfully. "Go help Rikku," she pointed a finger at him.

"Ah okay," he stood up and showered her with a kiss before running off with Rikku.

'Hmm..' Lulu hummed as she sat down beside the younger woman. "I was trying to give you and Tidus some alone time you know," she began.

"Yeah," Yuna answered. "I know, I just.. well Rikku always gets stuck with doing all the work now a days. I'm sure Tidus could help some time right?"

"You need him more than you can imagine Yuna," she answered.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't wait until you've lost it, only to want it back again."

Their conversation ended there. Lulu had stood up and walked away, so fast that it only left her with her mouth agape.

She sighed.

Of course she wanted Tidus to stay at her side at all times. But that wasn't live was it. She couldn't have him there all the time. Even though she loved him and never wanted to let him go, there would come a time where she would have to let go. Hopefully the Fayth won't take him away, then again, they did things that were beyond what she imagined.

She watched as Lulu sliced some bread that she had packed away in the pack. Lulu was always strong, always the quiet but deadly one in the group. If looks could kill, everyone around her would be dead.

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