Lust and Infatuation


A/N: THIS STORY IS BEING REVISED! 8/20/2007. Credit for title of this fic goes to DaisyMoon1691, thank you!

Head note: Initial pairing is Kagome/Hiten. Bankotsu will be introduced to the story shortly. Story takes place in the real world, so that means there is no Feudal era. My warnings contain the use of drugs, alcohol, vulgar language, and violence. This fic is DARK, and rated M.

Summery: Kagome lives in a dangerous town prone for street racing. The past few years, she's had nothing but heartbreak and problems with murderous people. When Kagome gives up on ever being happy, can one man change her mind? Would he even risk his own life for her? Bankotsu x Kagome.

Disclaimer: InuYasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. I DO, however, own this story and its plot. No stealing.

Most girls want a man with the bling-bling
Got my own thing, got the ching-ching
I just want real love
Most girls want a man with the mean green
Don't wanna dance if he can't be
Everything that I dream up
A man that understands real love

Chapter 01: Prologue


Chocolate brown eyes chased after the speeding yellow Ferrari. Everybody cheered around Kagome as it raced past the white, spray painted finish line. The car swerved around in a circle and skidded to a stop, while its red street car opponent slowed to a halt after it lost the race.

People flooded around the two cars, whose engines were steaming underneath their hoods. The rain continued to pour.

Kagome strolled behind the mob of people, letting herself be pushed around in their blind madness to congratulate the winner and make bets with each other. The door of the Ferrari opened, and a man with ebony coloured hair tied in a long braid hopped out. He was grinning hugely, but his crimson eyes looked over everyone else until they locked on the slender figure of Kagome.

One man handed the braided haired boy a thick bundle of dollar bills that the he and the other racer had bet, and then shook his hand. Kagome's less than excited eyes met the gaze of the man emerging out of the red car, but she quickly looked away. The man had long white hair, and piecing golden eyes.

The winner of the race motioned Kagome over with a jerk of his head, and the girl reluctantly made her way through the crowd to her boyfriend. Then, somebody announced with a microphone,

"And InuYasha looses to Hiten, AGAIN!"

As Kagome walked, she could here InuYasha cussing and kicking the wheel of his car. When she approached Hiten, he swung his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in tight. Then, he leaned his head down so he could whisper in her ear.

"Sweet race, wasn't it, babe?"

Kagome cringed away, but Hiten's grip tightened. "Why don't we go get a few drinks to celebrate my victory?" He kissed her cheek roughly. The girl pulled away from him, but instead of listening to her gut feeling and running away, she pushed passed a few people and sat herself down in the passenger's seat in the bright yellow Ferrari.

Hiten sat himself down in the beige leather seat next to his girlfriend. After he sent a smirk to her, he took hold of the wheel and started up the engine. With a loud roar, the car was off, leaving the cheering people with the echo of the destroyed muffler.

After the Ferrari had turned a corner and left the racing stretch, the sound of people yelling faded out of ear shot. Kagome, clad in a brown coat with white fur lining and black track pants, said nothing during the ride, and kept her gaze averted out the window.

Hiten, who was wearing a loose black t-shirt with a single white lightening bolt on the front and faded blue jeans with a tear in one knee, parked his flashy car outside a building and hoisted himself out into the crisp night air, Kagome following his example and taking her place by his side. A sign on the building read 'Shaded from the Light,' but Kagome knew it as a bar where people with a lot of money came to get drunk. She wasn't exactly wealthy, but the grinning man beside her had cash to spare, even though he won it all illegally.

Kagome hated the smell of the atmosphere, but most of all, she detested her insane, murderous boyfriend when he decided to get wasted. He was bad enough to begin with; though there was a reason for everything.

The bartender looked up from laughing with one of his customers, and greeted the pair

immediately. "Oi, Hiten! How did the race go this evening?" He inquired. The man was short and chubby with his cropped curly black hair tied behind his head in a little pony tail and sported a mustache that framed his lips. He paid absolutely no attention to Kagome, nor did anyone else who greeted Hiten; but that was how she liked it.

There was no need to keep quiet about the street racing that went on just a few blocks away from the bar. Most of the people were involved in it, and Kagome even recognized a few people from the crowd just a few minutes ago back at the racing stretch. Even the bartender, Hiroshi, spent his spare time down at the track, either timing the races or making bets like everyone else.

Hiten sat down in one of the many tall stools that lined the counter, and Kagome quietly and obediently sat beside him. She took a quick glance around her; there were a few tables with cushioned chairs scattered around the room, but the majority of the customers all sat at the long counter that reached from one side of the room to the other. Reaching from the orange-red carpeted floor to the ceiling, two giant lava lamps stood on either side of the entrance door, illuminating most of the space. On the dark plum coloured walls hung posters of beer and martini advertisements and portraits of posing women. Behind the counter was a black clock with a moon painted onto the face; it read one forty five am.

Hiten took a big swig of his beer and looped his arm around her back so that his hand was resting on her hip, his thumb hooked in the waist of her pants. "Wanna crash at my place tonight?" He whispered into her ear, exhaling a large amount of warm breath onto her neck, his moist lips brushing up against her skin, sending a chill down her spine.

Kagome tried to pull away, for she hated the smell of his beer breath, but he only tightened his grip and pulled her closer, sliding the hand that was once on her hip up her side, underneath her shirt.

With her free hand, Kagome grabbed Hiten's wrist and pulled his exploring hand out from underneath her shirt.

"Hiten, stop!"

"Baby, your no fun." He muttered and rested his hand on her hip once again. He was acting drunk already and he had only just finished his first beer. Kagome knew he must have smoked a joint before the race. The man beside her didn't even care about her answer from the question he had just asked, for he already knew the answer. The girl would go wherever he told her to.

Hiten waved a hand at the bartender, and the bulky man set a pink martini in front of Kagome.

"Drink up." Hiten commanded. Kagome was never one to drink anything alcoholic, but she had been forced to as of late. It made her sick. She picked up the glass and took a tiny sip sheepishly.

The clocked ticked on and on, as Kagome sat on the stool like an invisible soul, being pulled every which way by Hiten's arm that was still around her waist as he leaned back and forth to talk to different people. Everyone laughed at things that weren't really funny, and there had been a few contests to see who could down the most shooters and so on and so on. Hiten met an old acquaintance, and the two chatted for quite a while, and then Hiten took him out to see his ride, dragging Kagome along by his side like a pretty pet.

It took everything for Kagome not to fall asleep on the counter. She thought Hiten would never take her home! When he did, he led her out of the bar and opened the door to his Ferrari for her. During the ride, Hiten continued in his chatty attitude.

"Next time we go out, I want you to wear something skimpy." Hiten stated, licking his lips of access beer, and whatever else he may have drank.

"Why?" Kagome asked quietly, staring out the front windshield.

Hiten chuckled. "You got a figure, why not show it off?" He turned to face her, looking her up and down with hungry eyes. "Plus, everyone else's girlfriends dress…lightly."

"Keep your eyes on the road." Kagome mumbled.

Soon, Hiten pulled up in front of a hotel. It surely wasn't a dump or a trashy looking place, but it wasn't new. At the front door, Hiten used his card key to unlock the door and together the couple trudged up the stairs to Hiten's room. He had a place here with good rent, yet he kept talking about getting a house of his own one day.

The room was one of the few deluxe ones, and it looked just like a regular suite with perhaps a few more luxuries. Nothing gave away that Hiten was a street racer. There were a few posters and pictures of flashy cars on the walls, but that only hinted an obsession and nothing more.

After Hiten locked the deadbolt on his door, he tossed his car keys on the round wooden table and helped Kagome's coat off her shoulders like a gentleman and then draped it over a chair.

"I'm gonna take a shower." He told her, and took off in the direction of the bathroom after Kagome gave a nod of understanding.

Kagome walked silently into the bedroom area, and then opened Hiten's top dresser drawer and started sorting through articles of clothes. When she found something suitable, she laid them down on the big bed and stripped off her own clothes, then dressed herself in a pair of Hiten's navy blue, old plaid boxers and a big baggy black t-shirt. She had gotten used to wearing men's clothing for she spent the night at his house many times on short notice. Usually she would spend the night with him, watching him race and then getting a drink afterwards, and then afterwards coming to his house and sleeping until one o'clock in the afternoon. Then, he would drop her off at her apartment.

Sometimes she stayed the night because she was forced. Sometimes she just said, 'sure, why not,' and other times she stayed out of pity. Yes, pity-

There was a knocking on the door. Kagome hurried over to the door, and stood on her tip toes to see out the tiny peep hole at the top of the door. She recognized the apartment owner, dressed in his housecoat, looking nicely annoyed.

"Hi, Totosai." She called through the door, trying to sound a little bit happy.

"Kagome?" He grumbled. "Is that you?"

"Yes sir."

"Open the door, please." He demanded.

"I can't, Hiten has the door locked. He's in the shower right now." Kagome apologized, feeling stupid that she had been locked in her boyfriend's room, and then having to tell someone about it.

Kagome saw Totosai roll his eyes. "Tell Hiten that I'm getting pissed off that he keeps coming in so late, revving up his car and waking up all my tenants up so early in the morning!"

Kagome bowed her head, even though Totosai couldn't see her. "I'll tell him, don't worry."

Of course she wouldn't. Hiten would probably kill Totosai, too.

The last thing she saw before she flopped down on Hiten's bed was the old man stalking down the hall to his room. Kagome sighed, and decided she better get some sleep- she would be tired at work tomorrow…just like every other day.


Meet Kagome Higurashi, sixteen going on seventeen. She currently works as a waitress in the café 'Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves.' She lives in the big and over whelming city Iowan, prone for illegal street racing, perverts, murderers, guns, and drugs. She has a family living across the border line; a mother, grandfather, and little brother, who all think she is in this town for an exhilarated school program. She is very smart and talented, but the truth under all the shameful lies is that she was forced to drop out of her classes after she met Hiten. She even had a nice, respectful boyfriend before he came along; named Houjo.

Kagome met Hiten one summer day after school. He had come to the café she worked at, and she waited on him. He was talkative, and friendly, and soon the two found out that they had a lot in common. And not all of it was lies back then.

Her three best friends Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi noticed Kagome acting different for the next few months. She had met Hiten for lunch a few times, and she had even come to school with a rose held tightly in her hands. She was drawing farther and farther away from the confused and hurt Houjo.

Those people were completely out of her life now.

Kagome started hearing stories from Hiten now, of his past, and she soon became familiar with his horrible memories. Meet Hiten Raigekijin, eighteen. Beaten mercilessly by his family as an infant until child services were forced to take him to a foster home. It was all truth; he had shown Kagome his scars. Adopted by a new family, this one sold him as a child slave for money. Hiten confined his deepest secrets within Kagome, unaware of anyone else's pain save for his. 'Raped until I couldn't stand anymore,' he had told her. As a result, after he had rebelled and escaped what seemed to be his fate, he grew tougher and used drugs and alcohol to take away the rest of the pain and bought a car that he could race.

Later, after Kagome and Hiten had spent so much time together, Kagome told Hiten of Houjo. The braided haired teen was furious. Kagome recoiled from Hiten, then, because he was becoming more aggressive and demanding with her every time they saw each other. But then Hiten wouldn't go away, and he knew so much of Kagome now that it was impossible to escape him; he knew where she worked, where she went to school, where she lived, and where her family lived.

One day he shot Houjo, right in front of Kagome.

Hiten swore if she told anyone, or didn't do as he said, he would go after her family. That's where she is now: no longer in school, going to bars, not in touch with her family, and even deceiving Houjo's poor family, who to date thinks their son was killed trying to save a helpless child in the subway.


Quiet footsteps coming in her direction snapped Kagome out of her reverie. Hiten stopped and stood before her while she sat on his bed. He was dressed similar to her. The air was thick with tension you could cut with a knife.

Then Kagome noticed his gleaming crimson eyes red and puffy, his tears falling freely, mingled with the water dripping from his jet black bangs that hung messily in his face.

"Hiten?" Kagome whispered softly.

Hiten sat down on the bed in front of his girlfriend, legs crossed. "I can't forget the memories." He whimpered, voice breaking. "The voices, and the screaming."

Kagome didn't know exactly which memory he was talking about, but she had a fairly accurate guess. Reluctantly, she wrapped her arms around Hiten's neck and pulled him down so that his forehead rested on her chest. She ran her fingers through his untied hair, arranging it so that it water falled down his back gracefully, reaching past his back and laying in a black, silky pool on the bed sheet.

"It's going to be ok…" She mumbled into his hair. It was amazing how fast his mood could change. She knew the drugs had caught up to him now. But deep in her heart, she knew nothing was going to be ok for her. Her life was so messed up now.

After succumbing and being engulfed in the comforting embrace, Hiten raised his hand and placed it on Kagome's shoulder, and then pushed her back down so that her head lay on a pillow. Then he moved off the bed and tucked her under the blankets and lay down next to her.

He fell into a deep slumber in only a few, short moments. Kagome, however, lay awake, staring at the ceiling. 'Was I destined not to get what I want?' She thought angrily to herself. 'What did I do to deserve this? The punishment of being unable to be with a guy that really loves me?'

- - -

The next morning Hiten dropped Kagome off at her apartment, which was not too far away from his- just a few blocks away approximately. She unlocked her door, and proceeded to get changed for her two thirty work shift in a hurried mess. Seeing as sleep evaded her last night, she had slept in, leaving her an hour and a half to wash her face, brush her teeth, apply new make-up, do her hair, get dressed, and then get to work, and she soon found herself in a bad mood.

When she was finally set, Kagome dashed down the hall and commenced to run down the stairs as the elevator had been occupied, just in time to be stopped by the apartment owner, Kaede.

"Kagome, may I have a word with ye?" She asked politely from the front desk.

Kagome's apartment was a lot older than Hiten's, and not in as great of shape. But it served its purpose, and besides, it was all she could afford. Kagome walked up to the old woman, and answered, "Yes, but I'm afraid I'm going to be late for work."

Away from Hiten, Kagome had a reputation for being the good girl. She was always one to do favours for anyone in need, pick up litter that wasn't hers, and feed the birds her hard earned left over meal. Lately, though, her mood has grown more and more unpleasant for a reason unknown.

"That's ok." Kaede replied. "I just wanted to let ye know that yer warrant has expired, and ye need to fill out some more papers if ye wish to reside here. Ye can do it when ye come home."

Kagome bobbed her head and took off out the front door, waving to Kaede. Luckily the café she worked at was close enough to her apartment that she could walk. Today she ran for fear she would be late. One never knew what Kikyou, her boss, would yell at her for today.

Running was no big deal- she had been one of the star long-distance runners at her school. She had been on the track team. A chilling voice that called her name made Kagome stop in her tracks and whip around to see who was behind her.

"Hey, Kagome. Where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"Work," Kagome prompted, hoping he would get the point. InuYasha only moved closer.

"I saw you at the race last night." He said, his cold, amber eyes studying her.

Kagome shifted feet uneasily. "What race?" She asked innocently. She wanted nothing to do with more men like Hiten, and InuYasha wasn't giving off too much of a good vibe at the moment. He was wearing tight black jeans with chains hanging out of the pockets, and a white shirt with the sleeves ripped off that just barley hung off his body, giving Kagome a good look at his well built frame.

InuYasha got the hint that the girl was nervous, and he backed down a little- for now. He would definitely be seeing her later on though. He flashed a Kagome a smirk.

"Have a nice day, Kagome. See you around." He chuckled in a care-free way, and then dismissed himself with a little wave of his arm in Kagome's direction. Kagome watched him climb into his red sports car and speed away down the road before she continued on her way.

She glanced at her watch. It read two thirty five. "Oh no…" Kagome cursed under her breath. "I'm late."

She soon arrived at Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves, pushing through the door and hurrying to the back of the counter, praying to Kami that she would not be seen by Kikyou.

Ah yes, Kikyou. She stood behind the counter, hands on hips, glaring through narrowed eyes. Kagome sighed.

"Look, I'm really sorry. I was held up by my apartment owner, it won't happen-"

But Kagome was cut off by her boss, who moved her hand to her forehead and pushed her bangs out of her face. "Save the excuses. If you're late one more time, Kagome Higurashi, you're gone."

Kagome gasped, but then nodded in submission. "Yes, Kikyou," she muttered, and got to work, getting one of the girls to help her tie her apron behind her back.

"That was really harsh of Kikyou," Sango breathed, tying Kagome's hair up in a high pony tail in a motherly fashion. She was Kagome's one real friend that actually seemed to care about her.

"It's ok," Kagome said sadly, staring at the ground. "If I were Kikyou, I wouldn't want an unreliable employee either."

Sango turned Kagome around to face her. "Don't talk like that. You can't always bring yourself down like that. You know you're not unreliable," she said sternly.

Kagome smiled warmly at Sango. "Thanks."

That day Kagome brewed mug of tea after mug of tea, made pot of coffee after pot of coffee, and served donut and muffin after donut and muffin. She was getting to the point where she was beyond exhaustion from lack of sleep. When she felt like she should be getting off work, she left for her twenty minute lunch break instead.

She shuffled sleepily to the staff room when it suddenly dawned on her- she had forgotten her lunch kit at home! She groaned audibly in frustration.

"What's the matter, Kagome?" Sango asked with concern. She was sitting at the table, eating a sandwich, two other employees sitting on either side of her that Kagome knew as Ayame and Yura.

"I forgot my lunch at home," Kagome grumbled. "I'll have to go buy something down the road."

Sango nodded her understanding. "Want me to come with you?" She offered cheerfully.

Kagome shook her head. "I'll be ok, be back in a minute."

Kagome grabbed her coat and set off down the road. She didn't have any money on her, so she figured she'd have to make a quick pit stop at the bank for a couple of dollars. When she was there, she dug into her pocket, searching for her bank card. When she found it, she put it into the ATM machine and then punched in her pin number. After a moment, the screen asked her how much money she would like to withdraw; she touched the arrow button pointing to twenty dollars.

The machine coughed up her money, back card, and a thin piece of paper. Kagome stuffed her card and money back into her pocket, and glanced at her receipt as she walked to the closest restaurant where she would pick up her favourite salad. The ebony haired girl's eyes widened as she read her bank balance.

'I have no money!' Her mind screamed in panic. 'And I owe the bank…I have to be more careful, I nearly lost my job today.'

After Kagome had hesitantly gave away her precious money for her lunch, she headed back to Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves, eating her salad as she walked as fast as she could without spilling or just looking plain awkward.

The rest of her work shift dragged on far too long and Kagome caught herself yawning far too often. When she was finally allowed to go home, she stripped off her work uniform and enjoyed a long, hot bath.

- - -

Kagome was awakened by the ringing of her telephone. She rubbed her eyes sleepily, and dropped them; they landed in water. She leaned forward to discover that she had fallen asleep in the bathtub. She stretched her now sore back, and reached out and snatched up her cordless phone that was luckily sitting on the sink for just incase. She pushed the 'talk' button and put the phone up to her ear.

"Hello?" She greeted.

"Kagome," Hiten's voice rang in her ear, "Race tonight." He exclaimed happily.

"Oh," Kagome's heart sunk. "Are we going to watch or are you the one who's racing?" She asked, trying not to let her disappointment seep into her voice.

"Nah, InuYasha and Kouga picked another fight. They're takin' it to the streets."

Kagome shivered at the thought of InuYasha. He was such a creeper. She stepped out of the bath tub, and, having put the phone between her head and shoulder, she wrapped a towel around herself. Taking hold of the phone again, Kagome spoke, "sounds good."

She could almost see Hiten smirking. "I'll pick you up in half an hour," he stated, and then hung up. Kagome shrugged it off, and silently wondered why he was coming so early. She walked through her room, and she just happened to glance at the clock:

"Nine o'clock!" Kagome shrieked her surprise. "I slept the day away." She managed to laugh at herself. She blow dried her hair and brushed it out until it was tangle free and it shone like water. Then she dressed in a big black zip up hoodie and a pair of tight, dark blue jeans, despite Hiten's wishes for a skimpier outfit. It looked like it was going to be cold out tonight.

There was a honking outside of her window. Kagome winced; she didn't want Kaede to be upset because she was too noisy. She knew it was Hiten; every time he picked her up he would just honk. She hurried down the stairs and out into the night air, as the bright yellow Ferrari of Hiten's pulled up beside her. Kagome opened the door and hopped in.

"I thought I told you to wear something more revealing," Hiten complained.

"Yeah, well," Kagome was spared the job of explaining herself because of the radio that Hiten turned on. He drove his car too fast towards the block in which InuYasha and Kouga had picked to host their party, bobbing his head to the music that was now on full volume. The Ferrari swerved a corner and halting abruptly in the spray painted parking lot; they had arrived. Hiten hoisted himself out of his car and walked into the crowd, grinning madly with not a glance back at his girlfriend, knowing that she would follow him like the loyal dog she was. She wouldn't try to escape him. She knew he meant business when he said he would hunt down her family, taking his time to kill them one by one, and along with anybody else that stood in his way.

With Kagome at his side, Hiten pulled out a cigarette from his jacket pocket and lit it behind his cupped hand and then held it between his front teeth. Since when had he started smoking? Kagome supposed it helped him take his mind off the pain, even if it was only for a little while.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Kagome glance up at him with that unsure look on her face that he hated so much. But he would ignore it for now. He pushed past a huge group of spectators, Kagome following in the trail that he left. In the center of the commotion, InuYasha and Kouga stood in defensive stance, shooting insults at each other and giving the bystander's time to place their bets.

Kouga and InuYasha were the biggest rivals around, and they usually got a big turnout for one of their races. It seemed that the people enjoyed a good rivalry, but Kagome couldn't see why. It would probably just end up in more death.

InuYasha was wearing the same tight fitted tee and black pants as he was when Kagome met him the other day, and Kouga was wearing a brown leather jacket and dark jeans, his long raven coloured hair tied up into a high pony tail, with a furry brown headband keeping his bangs in check.

"You can still turn back, ya mangy wolf. Everyone knows you can't keep up with me," InuYasha snarled through gritted teeth.

"You mutt, I'll do more than just that," Kouga shot back, his icy blue orbs narrowed in anger.

If one were watching them quarrel for the first time, one would wonder why the two men were referring to each other as animals, but Kagome knew that InuYasha's trademark symbol was a dog half demon, and Kouga's was a wolf demon.

Beside her, Hiten threw his hand up in the air and yelled, "I bet a thousand on Kouga!"

Kagome gasped. With that kind of money, she could be half way finished paying off her financial debt. Kagome observed as Kouga dipped his head towards Hiten in thanks, but as Hiten had drawn attention to himself, and to Kagome who was standing right beside him, InuYasha turned to stare at her, and even Kouga's eyes lingered on her form momentarily.

InuYasha, better known as 'The Hanyou,' smirked devilishly. "I've got a crazy idea," He howled over the noise of the people around him, "Winner of this race gets that woman for his own!" He thrust a finger towards Kagome.

Kouga, or 'The Wolf Prince,' seemed to grin even wider, his two fangs appearing out of his lips as he considered this deal. Kagome's jaw dropped; she was so startled that she could find nothing to say in her own defense.

Luckily, or maybe not, Hiten stood up for her. "Go find your own bitch!" He barked furiously. "And while you're at it, get yourself a life, InuTrasha!"

The whole crowd save for Hiten and Kagome (who was now hiding behind her boyfriend) began to laugh at InuYasha, especially Kouga who made his extra loud and obnoxious.

"I don't think little Kagome likes you very much, Hiten," InuYasha purred slyly. "I'm pretty sure I could doher a lot better than you could."

The crowd switched their laughing to an "ooooooo." They were purposely putting wood on the fire.

Kagome couldn't believe what she was hearing. She wanted nothing more than to march right up to that InuYasha and slap him right across the face as hard as she could. But she knew better than to make a scene in this kind of place.

"What did you say?" Hiten broke out, leaving Kagome behind as he pushed through a few more people to get face to face with The Hanyou. InuYasha was taller than Hiten by an inch or two at the most, so they practically were touching their foreheads together as they glared amber at crimson, crimson right back at amber.

Just then, a man came running past Kagome and up to the two men. By shoving his arms between them and pushing them both back, he broke them up.

"We don't want any fights here. Solve it on the blacktop." The man motioned to the racing stretch.

Hiten looked back at InuYasha. "What do you say, pussy face?" He challenged.

InuYasha smirked. "You're on."

Kouga was taken aback. "What the hell are you doing, dog face? What about our race?" He shouted in outrage.

InuYasha turned back to Kouga for a second as he spoke. "Don't worry Kouga, I'll be back to kick you're furry ass once I finish off this idiot."

InuYasha hoped through the window of his red sports car. Kagome noticed that there had been new work done to it. On the driver's side, there was a white dog demon with glowing red eyes and big fangs, with the words 'The Hanyou' written beside it.

Then, Hiten was in front of her. He took her head in his hands and kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. Kagome kissed back for her family's sake, but she hated it.

Hiten pulled away and started running towards where his car was parked in the lot. "I'll be quick," he called to her.

Everyone waited for the race to start; InuYasha pulled his car to starting line that was just being drawn, and the crowd reformed on either sides of the race track. Soon enough, Hiten's yellow Ferrari came hurling down the road to stop right beside InuYasha's car. They both wound down their windows.

"I'm gonna wipe the road with you for what you said!" Hiten promised.

InuYasha flapped a hand in the air casually, pretending he couldn't hear Hiten. "Yeah, whatever, just keep you're tongue inside the window."

Hiten's fist balled unconsciously, but he turned away from InuYasha and rested both hands on his leather steering wheel. He revved the engine and did a huge burn out, showing off to the crowd. A huge smoke cloud engulfed the area along with the smell of burning rubber.

From the sidelines, Kagome hid her nose in her shirt. Why were guys always starting fights like that? It was so immature. She closed her eyes and prayed to god that she would be free of Hiten one day so that she could live the rest of her better than she had the past few years.

The same man that had broken up InuYasha and Hiten's fight stood between the two cars that were waiting impatiently to get the race started. With a wave of his green flag, the two cars were off with a great screeching noise that drown out the man's "GO!"

The wind from the cars whipped her air around her face. She watched as the two cars that were InuYasha and Hiten disappeared into the distance. Everyone screamed joyfully around her.

- - -

Hiten Raigekijin: I used Raigekijin as his last name because in the anime, that is his weapon's name.

The art on InuYasha's car looks similar to Sesshoumaru when he's transformed.

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