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Hiten sent her a threatening look, promising punishment, but visibly calmed, and tugged his arm out of her hands. Turning away from the brothers and seemingly forgetting about the reason of the fight, he asked Kagome if she had found out what she wanted.

Kagome nodded and picked up the abandoned peach, short, silk nightgown and its matching panties, but not before looking over her shoulder at the dark haired man with such startling azure blue eyes, who was now gently leading the other man out of the store. To her astonishment and embarrassment, he was looking back as well, and for a moment, they held each other's eyes. Then, the man (whom she had not had a chance to learn his name) cocked and eyebrow and sent her a smirk, and turned away, exciting the store.

Hiten was still muttering angrily as he paid for Kagome's outfit and as they left the store together. She felt a feeling of dread wash over her –something told her this was the end of his good mood.


Chapter 06

As Jakotsu rode in the passenger seat of his brother's new blue, white-striped Viper, he glanced at Bankotsu cautiously out of the corner of his eye. Both of his hands were jerkily steering the wheel, while he sat rigid in his seat and stared stonily out the front windshield. Enju trailed behind them in her own car.

"Aniki?" Jakotsu began slowly.

Bankotsu made no move to signal he had heard.

Growing aggravated, Jakotsu let out a frustrated breath of air and sank back into his seat and crossed his arms moodily. "I said I was sorry," He grumbled.

"You know how I feel about that," Bankotsu answered evenly, giving away no emotion.

Jakotsu leered defiantly out the window for a moment, but finally he spoke, "I know. But just because Dad had a row with everyone that looked his way doesn't mean anything."

"It means everything!" Bankotsu exclaimed, turning to face his brother for the first time. "Dad died in a stupid street fight. The way you're going, you could too."

Jakotsu scowled. "Yes, but I wasn't on the street. I was at the mall, in a women's lingerie shop."

Bankotsu shook his head and returned his gaze to the road and said nothing more.

Jakotsu knew from first-hand experience that Dad's death was a touchy subject. He furrowed his brow in concentration. As he had wondered many times before, why did he care so much? Especially since Bankotsu hardly ever spoke to Dad.

He decided to voice his question.

Bankotsu sighed. He looked as if he was contemplating whether he should answer or not. Then, "I guess I just don't want to loose anyone else."

Jakotsu looked out his window of the passing buildings and people and cars, feeling slightly guilty. "You won't loose me," He said quietly.

"Yeah," The raven haired man agreed. "I know. Now hand me those directions."

Smiling, Jakotsu passed his brother the directions to their new apartment, which were etched messily across a scrap piece of paper. Bankotsu frowned in confusion, his eyes narrowing.

"Who wrote these?" He demanded skeptically.


"Oh," Bankotsu discarded the directions carelessly. "What were you planning to do with that little article of clothing if you had managed to buy it?" He asked, raising a brow.

Jakotsu knew exactly what he was talking about. The chain-y outfit in the lingerie shop- the whole purpose of the fight with the man called "Hiten."

The feminine man gave a silly grin. "Oh, that old thing? It was for Enju."

"Enju?" Bankotsu repeated, and Jakotsu could tell that he didn't believe a word of it.

"Yes. But while we're on the topic of women," He made a face at the last word. "What about Hiten's wench?"

"Her?" Bankotsu wondered aloud. "What about her?"

"Yes, her," Jakotsu said, eyeing his brother carefully. "Ka-go-me, or whatever her name is."


Jakotsu examined his finger nails casually. "Well, she was kind of cute."

Bankotsu screwed up his face, but there was definitely amusement playing in his light azure eyes. "What are you talking about? You don't like girls."

"I don't," Jakotsu looked up now. "But you do."

"Oh, I see," Bankotsu said, raising his eyebrows at his brother. "Come on, man, I don't even know her."

"Since when has that mattered?" Jakotsu asked suggestively.

Bankotsu laughed his annoyingly charming laugh. "You're such a jackass, Ja," He said, then punched him playfully in the shoulder.


Kagome winced slightly as her boyfriend's grip around her wrist tightened as he dragged her roughly down the crowded sidewalk. She muttered an apology as she was forced between a talking couple.

"Ugh…Hiten, wait up!" She cried.

But Hiten didn't respond.

Kagome frowned as she struggled to keep her footing- she had nearly tripped on one of the many shopping bags she held.

"Where are we going?" She demanded, feeling a wave of panic wash over her. After the little spat in the lingerie shop, Hiten's good mood seemed to have evaporated. He was scaring her now.

"We're nearly there. Keep up," He said darkly, while giving her wrist another gruff tug.

It wasn't long before Kagome knew exactly where they were going. Hiten was leading her down Peterson road, and just around the corner would be the Water Lily apartment building in which she lived. But why?

She tried to stop in her tracks, but Hiten was too strong, and he continued to pull her along like she was a feather on a leash.

"What are we doing here?" Kagome asked defiantly, trying to sound as brave and unfazed as she could. Hiten's pace had slowed considerably now as they reached the front steps to her apartment, and she was able to walk beside him easily.

As they trotted up the steps, Hiten didn't offer much of an answer, "I just thought you could drop off you things, and then we could mess around a bit."

"Mess around?" Kagome echoed slowly, as the answer dawned on her.

Hiten stopped so suddenly that she was nearly yanked backwards. They were still on the stairs. He made sure no one was there, and then backed Kagome forcefully into the hand railings, pressing her back into it.

"Yeah," He whispered lustfully into her ear, brushing her hair with his hand. "Mess around. Sounds good to me."

Immediately Kagome tried to sidestep out from under him, but he followed her, their bodies flush against each other. She saw one of Hiten's hands drop- the next second she felt it rubbing the inside of her thigh against her jeans.

Kagome gave a frightened gasp at the touch, and tried fruitlessly to wriggle away, but stopped instantly at the shock of feeling Hiten's hard erection pressing against her leg.

She barely stopped herself from screaming at him, instead placing both hands on his chest and pushing him roughly away. "Hiten!" She hissed in a shaky, terrified voice. "We're on the steps of a public apartment! Someone could see us!"

"Then maybe we should go inside?" He remarked offhandedly.

"No!" Kagome cried.

But Hiten's hand shot out like a snake and seized her forearm, digging his nails into her skin. He jerked her against him, so he could put his mouth to her ear.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice," He said dryly. He flicked something in his pocket, making a clicking noise, and drawing Kagome's eyes to a small shotgun. She could only stand stock still in terror.

"If you want to ever see your dearest family again," Hiten continued, then, as an afterthought, "Alive, then I suggest you cooperate."

Kagome nodded numbly. What else could she do? She knew he was serious…Houjo.

And then she felt the end of the gun being pressed into her lower back. Hiten grinned. "March," He ordered happily.

As they ascended the stairs and entered the apartment lobby, Hiten wisely put the gun back into his pocket, but remained a sturdy grip on Kagome's arm. Kaede, the apartment owner, was sitting behind her big wooden desk as usual, and upon their arrival, looked up and smiled.

"Act normal," Hiten warned Kagome quietly.

"Good afternoon, Kagome," Kaede greeted. Kagome smiled back and nodded slightly, but said nothing. She did not trust her voice. She feared if she opened her mouth, she would break out in tears.

Hiten subtly forced her into one of the vacant elevators and pressed the button "three," for third floor.

As the elevator slowly climbed each floor, Kagome was only vaguely aware of Hiten's wandering hand, which was now resting lightly on her bottom. Her mind was reeling. Hiten was about to force her into something she sorely did not want to do. She had to think of a way out. Still, her mind pulled a blank each time.

Her virginity was something she had always told herself would be saved for someone special. For someone who she loved, and for someone who loved her. This was not how she had planned it.

As the elevator pinged and opened up, and as Hiten shoved her out, she looked around desperately for something or someone to help her. To her horror, the third floor was completely deserted. Kagome felt her heart sink- there was nothing here to save her.

"Time is money," Hiten intoned rather cheerfully. His voice only sent Kagome deeper into despair. He ushered her down the long corridor and halted infront of a beige door, labeled "twenty four." Then he rummaged into his other pocket and retrieved a ring of keys.

After sending Kagome a mischievous wink, Hiten quickly spotted the key (which Kagome had been forced to give him) that would open Kagome's door and drove it into the key hole. He gave it a turn and the door clicked open.


Piercing amber eyes blinked open slowly. Blackness threatened to consume him once more, but he fought it off. His whole body ached and his headache was killing him.

InuYasha tried to sit up against the fluffy white pillows, but a strange woman forced him to lay down again, just as a searing pain erupted at his ribcage. He winced, but only slightly. How had he gotten here?

Miroku was sitting down beside his bed, grinning down at him. "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty."

InuYasha scowled. "Where am I?" He demanded.

The woman from earlier spoke now, "You're in the hospital. A young girl dropped you off here after you had gotten into a bit of a rumble, it seems. You suffered a fractured rib cage and just a few minor scrapes and cuts, but you've healed up quite nicely."

InuYasha blinked in confusion. Looking down at himself, he was surprised to see his whole torso wrapped up in bandages. He reached his hand up to touch the bandages wrapped around his forehead.

Then memory flooded back to him. The race with Hiten.

He had lost.

He remembered crashing his own car into the bastard's, then having a fight. Oh. He had lost that, too.

"A…A girl brought me?"

Miroku looked delighted, "Yeah. Kagome Higurashi. She was so worried about you."

InuYasha did a double-take, "Kagome? She was worried about me?"

"Yup, definitely," Miroku said, exaggerating. "Man, I think you got her in the bag."


"Turn here, Aniki," Jakotsu pointed stupidly to the right.

Bankotsu steered the car in the direction of his brother's finger, Enju right behind them.

Jakotsu was squinting at the directions, trying to read his own messy scrawl. "Now, we go straight along this road…" He mumbled to himself. "And now we turn down Peterson road, which is-"

He lifted his gaze to look for a sign. "Hmm…Oh! There it is," He declared, pointing, and the car turned onto Peterson road.

"Ok, where to next?" Bankotsu inquired.

"We should be there as soon as we turn this corner," Jakotsu mused. "This is kind of exciting, isn't it, Oo-Aniki?"

Bankotsu nodded. "Yeah. Wait till I start racin' though. Ah, we're here."

He parked the car skillfully in the parking lot and Enju did the same. They all climbed out, sizing up the building silently. Nobody said anything until,

"Well, guys, this is it," Bankotsu announced. He smiled at his two friends, "The Water Lily…apartment…thing."


Why did it have to be such a terribly girly name?


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