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Chapter Two: Normal guys don't wear panties. (Really)

When we last left our story a—few—months ago, Yurri was confronted about a pink thong that wasn't his, and Wolfram peed in a bush, got stressed out, and somehow wound up naked in Yurri's bathtub. Oh, and we discovered that Gunter likes to read in the bathroom and Gwendal is cruel.

Back to reality. Sort of. Of course it is a BREAK from reality, sooo..


Yurri stood there with his mouth open for a few moments, mind trying to comprehend the situation. Somehow, Wolfram was just—there—and—naked! His mind just seemed to keep drifting back to the 'naked' part. But then again, he was..

Really naked.

And you know, when you're naked, your—thingy shows. And, although he HAD been in close proximity to a naked Wolfram before, Wolfram was always..under the sheets. And you couldn't see his thingy.


"Oh for God's sake Yurri!" Wolfram cried, standing up and snatching the towel from the countertop. "Stop staring at my crotch! I swear, you are such a pervert!"

A very indignant Wolfram wrapped the towel around himself and stalked into Yurri's bedroom, where he then remembered he had nowhere to go.

Yurri used his hands to forcibly close his mouth, then turned around, still feeling rather flustered. Wolfram was stalking around his room, looking quite peeved. He was also throwing open Yuuri's drawers and dumping them out on the floor, much to Yurri's chagrin.

"Whoa, hey! STOP!"

Wolfram glared at him.

Yurri coughed nervously. "Look, I don't know how you got here or why you're—naked, but just stop! This is my room, I know it, so just tell me what you need!"

"Feh," Wolfram replied, but he put the drawer back. "I need clothes."


Wolfram was absolutely going to strangle Yurri. "Clothes, idiot! You may be a pervert that wants to see me walk around here naked, but I'm cold!"

"Hey, I'm not.." Yurri began, but decided to drop it. After that recent chain of thoughts maybe he was a pervert. "Here, you can wear some of my pajamas. What happened?"

Wolfram watched Yurri dig around in one of the piles of clothes on the floor. "Well, I was taking a bath, when all of the sudden the drain sucked me down. It was quite uncomfortable. I'm guessing that's how you travel? I have to say, I don't envy you."

Yurri offered a pile of clothes to Wolfram. "So, you came by drain?"

Wolfram twitched. "Yes, wimp. I already said that." He looked down at the clothes in his hands. "Uh, what are these shorts for? Why do I need shorts when I have pants?"

"Uhh, those are boxers. They're a-different kind of underwear then you're used to wearing, but…"

"Wolfram held up the boxers to examine them. "What? How are these supposed to give me any support at all?"

Yurri was beginning to feel flustered again. "Well, you see Wolfram, in this world, normal guys don't wear panties."

"Oh really?"



Mrs. Shibuya knocked on the door to Yurri's bedroom. "Yurri, can I come in?"


Yurri panicked. His mom couldn't see Wolfram! There were only two possible outcomes for this situation, and they were both very, very bad.

Option one: She would freak and run off crying about her son not telling her anything about his love life (not that Yurri wanted to have one with Wolfram, not at all) and then ground him for the rest of his life. Of course, that would quickly end and change into--Option Two: She would squeal with happiness at the sight of Wolfram and immediately arrange for some sort of wedding to take place.

Dreading both, Yurri hurriedly shoved a confused Wolfram back into the bathroom.

"Yurri, what are you doing in there? Can I come in?"

"Uh—yeah!" Yurri squeaked.

Mrs. Shibuya had to struggle to get the door open, because of the pile of laundry in front of it. "Goodness Yurri, what are you doing in here? It sounds like a circus is going on up here!" She frowned. "Your brother is trying to sleep."

Yurri chuckled nervously. "Uh..sorry. I'll keep it down. I was just—organizing!"

Mrs. Shibuya grinned. "Oh, that's a fine activity! I love organizing!" Her voice dropped. "Oh and Yurri, there's something else I wanted to talk to you about."

Yurri gulped. "Uh..yeah?

"Well, I talked to your brother about that thong and..well, he says it's not his. Are you positive that it's not yours? I mean, if there's something you want to talk about.."

"Mom, it's not mine! REALLY!"

Mrs. Shibuya bit down on her bottom lip nervously. "Um, alright. I guess I need to talk with your father…Well, goodnight Yurri."

"Ah—'night Mom."

Just as Mrs. Shibuya was about to leave and close the door behind her, a loud 'THUMP' sounded in the bathroom.

"Yurri…what's that?"

Yurri's eyes grew as wide as saucers. "Uh..it's..err..SOCKS! You know what happens when you don't wash baseball socks for a while..they grow a mind of their own! They're probably tearing up the place…you can leave now!"

A disheveled-looking Wolfram (now dressed!) stumbled out of the bathroom, ruining any chance Yurri had of his sock-story working.

And as much as Yurri wanted to DIE right then, his heart just wouldn't give out! Damn that Mazoku fitness!

"Uh..Yurri," his mother said flatly. "Who's that boy?"

"YURRI, WHO'S THAT WOMAN?" Wolfram screeched.

And then Yurri realized that they were both speaking in different languages, and he could understand them both. Cool. Wait—no! He needed to think!

"Uh—" Yurri muttered quietly. He could feel his brain sweating. "Foreign-exchange student!" he blurted out to his mother. "From Germany! He's gonna stay with us for a while and—I thought you were asleep..so I couldn't tell you…" Lame finish.

Yurri's mother looked suspicious for a moment, but then her expression instantly changed to one of happiness. "Oh, that's so cool! I hope you two become friends! No offense, but that Murata guy you hang out with—he's kinda girly." And she left, giggling something about her husband and thongs that could scar poor Yurri if he was paying attention.

But he wasn't. Instead, he was slumping to the floor, thanking the---er ceiling above for its mercy.

All of the sudden, Wolfram's face was shoved into his. Yurri felt his stomach do a flip-flop as he noticed the intensity of Wolfram's emerald-eyed gaze, the nose brushing his, and the soft lips curled into a disapproving frown.

"Yurri, who was that woman?"

He had a lot of a explaining to do.

And he still needed a shower.

…preferably a cold one.



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