Prologue & Chapter 1

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As the police and reporters stood at the barricade surrounding the area of the Osa-P, they reflected on the strangeness that was now within their small district of Juuban.

First, a police officer had entered the Osa-P after seeing several strange looking women inside, and was promptly knocked out by several small girls and one cat girl.

After coming to and finding himself on the street, he reported it to the proper authorities, and a SWAT team was assembled and sent in.

They ran out two minutes later, completely nude, with whip marks and bites all over their bodies.

So, now they waited. No calls had been made for ransom or anything, and the networks were broadcasting a request for the Senshi to take care of it.


"Jewelry is a symbol of one's love and affection for another. We; the sailor suited defenders of Love and Justice, cannot allow you to destroy such a thing. I am Sailor Moon—"

"Sailor Mercury—"

"Sailor Venus—"

"Sailor Chibi-Moon—"

"Sailor Mars—"

"Sailor Jupiter—"

"Sailor Saturn—"

"Sailor Uranus—"

"Sailor Neptune—"

"Sailor Pluto—"

"Tuxedo Kamen—"

"And we will stop you. In the name of the Moon, we shall punish you!"

The crowd cheered as their beloved defenders arrived from the rooftops, striking their classic poses as the stated their names.

But from the shop, a fog rolled out, obscuring the front of the store. When it cleared, a group of girls, some looking like animal mixes, stood before everyone, wearing sailor suits as well.

Their leader began to speak. "We came here to assist our Master in selling his wares. But we have been met with hostility. For refusing to act with kindness towards those different than you—"

"Yeah, and most likely costing us some serious taming time," said the tall girl with pink hair and wearing a completely black sailor suit.

"That too," said their leader. "We shall stop you. I am Sultry Moon—"

"Sultry Mercury—"

"Sultry Venus—"

"Sultry Chibi-Moon—"

"Sultry Black Moon—"

"Sultry Mars—"

"Sultry Jupiter—"

"Sultry Saturn—"

"Sultry Uranus—"

"Sultry Neptune—"

"Sultry Pluto—"

"We are the sailor suited defenders of Peace, Love, and Incredible Nookie! In the name of getting us in trouble and most likely costing us some great nookie with our Master, we shall kick your asses!"

How did this happen? Why are the Sultry Senshi facing off against the Sailor Senshi?

Well, our story begins over one year ago...

Chapter 1

Ranma slowly came to, preferring to keep his eyes closed and breathing even as he heard people around him.

In his mind, however, he was deeply active.

He kept playing the last few minutes he remembered through his mind, trying to figure out what had gone wrong.

Since Jusendo and the failed wedding, things had slowly improved. Akane had been giving more trust with him...

Wait; am I still in my birth form? Hmm, yep, still a guy; no weight on my chest except for the blanket.

Akane had been more trusting, his mother had been trying to not only deal with some engagements that had yet to show up, but also deal with the current tangles on his honor. Stupid old man, he should be the one fixing it.

Internally, he sighed. His mother was still on her "they can be mistresses" phase, the fathers were harping on him for not marrying Akane, Cologne had informed him that with his defeat of Saffron and Herb that Shampoo was even under more pressure from the Amazon council to make him her husband. Ukyo was calming down, and had even asked her father if Genma's story was true, as well as why he hadn't been seeking vengeance.

The Kunos...well, even Nabiki apparently didn't have the reach to get those three committed, and his mother's solution of a blood feud was beginning to feel like a good idea. that the only solution?

Akane had been more trusting, and Ryoga had been spending more time with Akari, even Mousse seemed less inclined to randomly attack him.

Happosai still annoyed him, but even Ranma was beginning to enjoy the practice of demon slaying, though it seemed to upset several female devil hunters whenever they came to kill it, only to find Ranma finishing it off.

His grades slowly improved, now that he had his mother's house to study at, since his father never disturbed him there, harping about the uselessness of the books.

But still, none of that had stopped Akane for malleting him simply for catching Nabiki from falling off the roof.

The only reason he could figure the Ice Queen was on the roof was for some action shots of his male form to sale. Even with his mother and her sword hanging above their heads, the fathers had put little effort into revitalizing the dojo, so it was still up to her to bring in some money.

Though he was surprised to find out that pictures of his male form were just as popular as those of his female form.

But still, the battle cry of "RANMA NO HENTAI!" still rang out.

Damn it, I thought we were doing better!

He had really been trying since Jusendo, since he could admit that in a strong way, he did l...l...lo... like Akane. But she had been slow to accept that the honor of others was as important to him, as his own. How could he marry anyone with all the obstacles his father had placed before him?

Giving up, he decided to listen to what was going on around him before making it known he was awake. If Akane was near, he was hoping she had calmed down enough for them to talk, as the abuse was starting to get to him.

"I still don't understand why the Professor says he isn't Sextome."

Sextome? What, I got another guy running around pretending to be me?

"Now, Akane, the Professor did say this person was one hundred percent human, not one gene of poké-DNA. And the fact he is completely human in either form is amazing. We all know Sextome is a Niner."

Niner? Poké-whazit?

"I know, but you know when he hit he did a number on Nabiki."

I hurt Nabiki! Shit! I'll never be debt free now!

"How is she?"

"She hasn't been this bad since Kuno triggered her last year before he disappeared. I...I don't think anything other than a normal taming session will help her now."

Taming? Kuno did what?

"Well, since this guy did it, he can keep her from going feral."


"But we don't even know him, and Nabiki was hoping for a nice tamer, not someone who would treat her poorly."

Am I on one of those hidden camera shows now?

"Actually, she was hoping to be more of a rich pet, seeing as how Kittens are usually kept as such."

K...k...k...kitten! What sort of fucked up game show is this!

Slowly opening his eyes, he looked upon the voices that were so familiar to him...but the bodies were not.

Akane's voice had come from a girl, but the girl had near grey skin color. True, it looked close to Akane, but resembled more of what you would expect after a botched potion.

Looking at Kasumi, he had to fight off an instant nose bleed. She resembled Kasumi, but her...bust...was definitely larger, perhaps even larger than his female form and Shampoo's combined. Of course, the effect may simply have been from the low cut top she was wearing. And she was...furry?

"Oh, he seems to be awake. May I ask your name?"

"Um, I'm Ranma Saotome, and I'm sorry about this."

Ranma sat before a group he would never have expected. Nabiki was there, but breathing very heavily and creeping out Ranma a bit since she did slightly resemble the furry devil that oh so hunted him. The other Tendo sisters were there as well. Akane was staring at him like he had already done something wrong, Kasumi smiled at him, which seemed to grow larger as she kept refilling his glass with the great milk that was now his favorite beverage. They all three sat on his left, with Nabiki the furthest and Kasumi the closest.

Well, he was assuming they were the Tendo sisters; they seemed slightly less...human. Maybe I got a concussion again.

Two strangers sat before him directly, a male and female, both wearing glasses.

And finally, to his right, sat three adults, one of which he didn't expect. The furthest away looked exactly like Soun Tendo, except his eyes still had life in them, a far cry from the weeping shell of a man he was used to. In the middle was a woman who almost looked exactly like the dead matriarch of the Tendo family: Kimiko Tendo, except she looked a mouse. Then came his mother, her trusty family sword now strapped openly to her side.

Finally finishing off the last glass of milk, and signaling to Kasumi he didn't require another refill, he exhaled and began as he had become accustomed to. "I'm Ranma Saotome, and I'm sorry about this."

"Sorry about what?" asked the strange man.

"I don't really know," stated Ranma in a near sad tone. "But I figure its better to apologize before I get blamed for it."

The strange man laughed a little. "Okay then, Ranma. My name is Jacque Mihoff, a Poké-scientist from the Americas. This is my faithful assistant, Rosanne Palms."

"Hello!" waved the girl.

Ranma thought those named sounded weird, but chopped it up to them not being from Japan.

"Now, Ranma," the scientist began again, "do you know any of the people here, thought they may seem...different to you?"

He scratched the base of his pigtail. "Yeah. That's Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi, Mr. Tendo, my mom, and Mrs. Tendo, but she's supposed to be dead."

"Curious. Do you know where you are?"

" sorta looks like the Tendo Dojo, but it seems...bigger, somehow." Seeing the scientist wasn't going to say anything else, Ranma decided he should ask some questions. "Can anyone tell me what's going on, and why you all look so...strange?"

The man known as Jacque laughed. "I suppose the ladies might appear strange to you. I take it they are all human in your world?"

My world...? "Well, yeah, except for some in the Musk tribe and the Phoenix tribe, but other than them, yeah, all the others on my world are human."

He was interrupted again, but this time by the girl beside the scientist. "Ranma, please tell us about your life. Assume we have all never met before today, and leave nothing out, no matter how inconsequential it seems."

Four weeks ago, Ranma would have first asked what inconsequential meant.

Now, he just kept his mouth shut and assumed they wanted to hear the complete and unedited story of his life.

Three hours, two pitchers of ice cold drinking water, and four demonstrations of his curse later, most of the people with the noticeable exception of Nabiki were generating battle auras, a dark red of seething anger.

"THAT...THAT...THAT TOMBOY!" screamed Akane. "What the hell is the matter with her?"

"Husband, how could your counterpart be so weak?"


"It seems my Genma was a louse in any world."

Ranma just looked back in forth as the people he thought he knew began to talk amongst themselves, while the two strangers were conversing with each other. I am not in a hidden camera show. I have just seen Akane defend me and Mom say that Genma was a louse...whatever that means. Man, Nabiki was right: I need to improve my vocab.

Wait a second. Where is—

His thoughts were cut off as he felt two arms encircle him from behind, a chest that was definitely female pressing into his back, and a loud purr that nearly sent him into the Nekoken. Just Nabiki! Not really a cat! He repeated the mantra over and over, hoping to fight back the fear.

"Ranma?" asked Dr. Mihoff. "Are you okay?"

"I...I-I-I have a big fear of c-c-c-cats!" Just Nabiki! Not really a cat!

"Oh, dear. Could you—"

"Nekoken. Dig pit, fill with cats, starve for three or more days. Take trainee between ages of six and ten, bind, wrap in fish products, drop in. Repeat until learned or trainee dead." He was sweating profusely now, desperate to get out the needed information to these now truly apparent strangers before he slipped into it. "Only come out of it after nap or activate curse."

Dr. Mihoff considered his options very quickly. "Ranma, I have an... Ranma?"


Lowering his head, he resigned to the fact his advice had come too late. But if what the boy's story had suggested was true, he might never have gone for it anyway. "Mr. Tendo, could you allow Ranma the use of one of the Taming Rooms."

"But...he isn't a Tamer."

"Nevertheless, it is unlikely we will be able to find him a way home, and Nabiki has chosen him. It would be best to get them in there before they go feral in here." He pointed to Nabiki and Ranma, where now the pigtailed boy was rubbing up against her and purring as well.

"I will do it," suggested Nodoka. "Ranma-kun, follow me, please. And bring Nabiki with you."

Neko-Ranma looked at the woman who resembled his mother. Her scent was different, but still familiar. Normally, he would be afraid of the dangerous girl who was purring beside him. But she acted like she wanted to play.

And Neko-Ranma always enjoyed playing.

Nabiki was following for different reasons, however. Her mind was moments away from entering the feral state all pokégirls feared. Initially, the male's reaction indicated he was afraid of her, but his mood changed almost as quickly as his scent did. She had only one thing on her mind, and it was a game Ranma or Neko-Ranma had never played before.

As Nodoka opened the room, she was able to get Neko-Ranma to allow her to undress him. As she moved to assist Nabiki, she found that the catgirl had already ripped her own clothes off. "Well, someone seems ready for some taming."

Nabiki mewed happily.

Ranma meowed his confusion.

Getting them both into the room, Nodoka bent over to look in the face of her son from another world. "Now, Ranma-kun, I want you to play with Nabiki in any way she likes, okay?"

Neko-Ranma merely nodded his head. His mother look-a-like wanted him to play. He was as happy as could be.

That was...until Nodoka shut the door and locked it.

Which is when Nabiki jumped him.

"Doctor, could you please explain what you hope to accomplish by sending my daughter in there with him?"

"Of course, Kimiko. From what Ranma conveyed to us, I am certain that this Nekoken training left him with a nearly overwhelming fear of cats. Look at how he reacted with Nabiki near him."

"But isn't this dangerous?"


"No, she will merely provide a sufficient positive feline experience for him to balance out the negative experience from the training. Besides, they seem to be...enjoying themselves."

The group that remained watched on a closed circuit television as Nabiki jumped Neko-Ranma. For a little bit, Neko-Ranma hopped around, astounding the audience with his moves.

Akane stared, nearly drooling at the thoughts of learning how to move like that. "Maybe I can get him to teach me."

Kasumi smiled; glad her milk had given him all that energy. "I wonder what I should prepare for him. He'll be hungry after this taming."

They watched as it looked like Ranma might make a break for it, when Nabiki made a sad and desperately sounding mew. Ranma stopped and turned to face her, and the audience was once again surprised that the two actually seemed to be carrying on a conversation.

The professors were about to comment, when the conversation ceased, and the taming began.

In a city on the other side of Japan, Ranma Sextome was finishing his packing. He had gotten the pokégirls he had wanted, leaving several beaten tamers in his wake. Smiling, he looked at the list given to him by his superiors in Team Trauma. "Let's see... One last stop, and then I can head in."

Smiling, he set off for the Tendo Ranch.