Author's Note- Please keep your complaints to yourself if you do not like this pairing. Thank you.

Have Faith

An Athrun x Meyrin Drabble

By Kelly O'Connor


They were deserters.

For Athrun Zala, this was a familiar feeling. The rush of his heartbeat as he fled from pursuers who just fractions of time ago had been his soldiers in arms. The dash of air as bullets grazed by, coming within mere breaths of reaching their target, him.

Once before he'd defected, leaving behind his duty to follow his moral intuition. Then it was Lacus Clyne, a young woman whose words held the power to change the world, who convinced him to turn against his very father's government.

And now he found fate leading him down the same path again. This time though, he wasn't alone.

Her name was Meyrin Hawke, intelligence operator aboard the ship Minerva.

He didn't fully understand what led her to come with him, to take his hand without the slightest bit of hesitation. To risk her life in an attempt to help him and to leave behind her comrades and even her sister on what appeared to be a whim of a decision, with a man she hardly knew.

Had she pieced things together, realizing that perhaps she wasn't in agreement with Dullindal's convictions for her nation? There were few rumors aboard the Minerva, at least regarding the actions of the leader of PLANT. But Meyrin was a bright girl, that much was obvious.

The rainwater kissed the ground, as well as the sea and sky as he launched the GOUF she'd assisted him in attaining. There was evident fright in her eyes, but not even the slightest of tears accompanied it.

As the two formidable Gundams, Destiny and Legend, pursued them, she stood firm. As if she beyond doubt believed everything would be okay, despite the odds against them.

Was she brave or was she foolish, to put her faith in an indecisive soldier who'd left his position behind once before? He'd been right then still, and when the dust cleared away after the battle of Jachin Due, he was a hero. For Meyrin though, this was more than a case of idol worship.

Behind the fear in her slate blue eyes, clear and resonant beneath that thin layer of negative emotion, was trust.

Trust in who he was, what he believed in and why he fought.

Athrun Zala treasured that, clutching it tightly to his heart as he battled for their lives and for their freedom. He could not and would not let this girl down, because she dared to put her unadulterated faith in him. He would keep her safe. He would protect her.

When all was said and done and the two had reached sanctuary aboard the Archangel, Athrun had only one primary concern upon regaining consciousness. "Is Meyrin okay?"

And when she was, he was relieved. He could sleep peacefully knowing that she would be all right. He believed she would be, because he trusted her as well.