Past Mistakes

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Chapter 1:


There was no trace of a smile on his face. No mischievous glint in his eyes. Someone looking from afar might have thought that he was simply staring off into space. But if one got close enough, you could see the sorrow in his eyes, with unshed tears threatening to spill. But then again, if you had just heard your only sons horrible fate in a few short sentenced, you would be bitching at the world too.

Why Harry? Out of all the people in this bloody world, it had to be him. Some stupid prophesy comes up that says that he might have the power to stop Voldemort and its already dictating his life. Like everyone's depending on him even though he only a baby.

He kicked the table in front of him, effectively stubbing his toe. Then he sighed and ran a hand through his hopelessly messy hair. He remembered it clearly, as it had only happened about half an hour ago.


Lily was sobbing uncontrollably into James shoulder, while he rubbed comforting circles across her back. Dumbledore glanced sorrowfully at the young couple, all the twinkle gone from his eyes.

"I'm very sorry that this has happened but there is nothing that we can do to change it. But now I must warn you of the possible danger that you are in. I would prefer it we did the Fidelius Charm for your own safety, and Harry's of course. I was going to volunteer myself as secret keeper…"

"I want Sirius to do it." James interrupted rather rudely. "I want him to be our secret keeper."

"Are you sure? Because despite what you think, it is very possible that he could be..."

"No" he responded firmly. "Sirius will do it. I trust him." Dumbledore looked to Lily who simply nodded.

"Very well. I suggest that you get some sleep and maybe talk to Sirius tomorrow. It would also be advisable if you got a backup secret keeper. You never know what could happen, though I'm not saying that anything will."

"Remus" he answered without even thinking. Its not that he didn't like Peter, but he was never as capable as He, Sirius and Remus. Plus its not like he would accept it anyway, he would be too scared. He was the only one from the marauders who was still afraid to say Voldemort's name.

"Well that's all settled." Dumbledore rose from the couch. "But first I must warn you about who you tell the prophesy to. Remember, there are spies all around. We can never be too careful...In the risk of sounding like, what was that? Oh yes, a broken record… I must say again that I am very truly sorry. If I could change everything I would. Well, good evening." And with one last glance at the seemingly frozen couple, he apparated away with a loud pop.

Shifting away from her previous frozen position, Lily got up so suddenly that James got a little startled. "Lily?" he called, his voice sounding scratchy. She just ignored him and stomped up the stairs, her red hair flailing around behind her. He put his head unto his hands, and started thinking about what had happened that night.


He got up from the couch and silently climbed the stairs, berating himself for not checking up on her sooner. He peered cautiously into their bedroom. The bed was still made and there was no sign of Lily. He went into Harry's room and stopped at the doorway, the sight he saw made his already faded hazel eyes turn a dull grey, and his already heavy heart sink lower into his stomach. Lily was sitting in a dark corner, clutching Harry as though she could shield him from all the evil in the world. She rocked him gently in her arms, and sang a comforting lullaby under her breath. But her brilliant green eyes were troubled and tears were cascading down her cheeks. He quickly rushed to her side and enveloped the both of them into a gentle yet desperate hug.

"Everything is going to be alright, Lils. We'll get through this." He whispered. She turned to face him. "Will we?" she asked, her normally strong and firm voice shaking. "Yes we will. We'll get through it together." He said, trying to comfort himself as well as Lily. She simply nodded and buried her face in his tight embrace. After a while, everything went quiet. They couldn't hear a thing, save for the rustling of leaves dancing outside Harry's bedroom window.


In the future….

Ech.. Gotta wash these, he thought, looking down at his bloodstained robes. They had finally found Nagini and cornered her. She had put up quite a good fight, but in the end she never really stood a chance.

He was in a big deserted house. Of course Voldemort wasn't there, and he was glad of it too. He didn't think that Voldemort would be too happy about his pet snake's fate. She had probably gone wandering around to look for more food. This had probably been an old hideout of Voldemort, and she returned maybe remembering some food she had stored in there.

He grasped the hilt of the sword embedded into the snake's body, and pulled it out roughly. Then he heard the door creak…

"Whoa... Easy there mate. We're on your side remember?"

Harry relaxed at the sound of Ron's voice and lowered his sword. Those words had a big impact on him. In the beginning it hadn't seemed that big a deal, but now he was truly thankful that they had chosen to come with him rather than return to school. He really needed them.

"Did you get the…oh..." Hermione trailed off seeing Harry standing over Nagini's still body. Ron looked relieved. "Oh bloody hell, finally!" Hermione glared at him. "What! I have a right to curse don't I? We've been chasing the bloody thing for a long time's been getting really annoying!" "I know!" Hermione responded. "But I just feel sorry for it... it's not his fault that Voldemort chose him for a pet!" "Well what are you going to do? Start an organization like spew? Except it'll be called something like pastbtew for 'Protect all Snakes that belong to Evil Wizards'" Ron said. "Its SPEW you stupid ass!" Harry cut in because he knew how ugly their arguments could get, and he really didn't have the time or the energy to deal with 2 snappy, moody best friends.

"Well Hermione's half right; it's not really his fault that Voldemorts been reading RULING THE WORLD FOR DUMMIES." Hermione snorted while Ron just looked confused. "Yeah," Hermione agreed. "CHAPTER 24: Obtaining your own evil pet."

Harry laughed some more while Ron just looked furious at not knowing what was so funny. "Sorry Ron, muggle thing. Anyways, Ron's also right." Ron brightened up while Hermione scowled. "It's like the deatheater situation. Since Voldemorts a parseltongue, he probably spoke to Nagini first. And if she agreed to help him kill people, than that's her decision. Just like all the deatheaters that were once good." He said, remembering Wormtail.

"Harry, what's that?" Hermione pointed at figure coming towards them from the sky. An Owl, Harry realized as it came closer. It dropped a piece of paper into his hands and flew off. Harry looked down and understood. It was a new edition of the quibbler.

The Daily Prophet had closed down about a month ago right after Hogwarts was attacked. The people running it feared that deatheaters would come after them for spreading news and warning people of what was happening. A cowardly thing to do, but he couldn't really blame them for wanting to protect themselves and their families. The quibbler was the only newspaper that was still running. But it was a good thing that deatheaters underestimated it, otherwise the order wouldn't have had the opportunity to use it for communication.

"Voldemort's push-up bra" he recited to the headline that read:


He struggled to keep his face straight while Ron just burst out laughing. "Honestly Harry, couldn't you and Ron think of a better password?" Hermione asked, a slight smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Hermione had been the one who had had the idea of using the quibbler, but Ron and Harry were in charge of passwords. "Think of it this way Hermione," Ron said trying to catch his breath. "The deatheaters will NEVER guess this password, and it's unlikely that the order will forget it either." "Plus," Harry added "It would help people learn to say his name, and it would help boost their morale, you know. Like 'Why be scared of a Dark Lord who wears push-up bras?' Right?" Hermione sighed "Well, what does it say?" He looked down at the changed headline and gasped. "What is it?" Ron asked. They made their way over to Harry and read over his shoulder. It read:

Attack at the Ministry. Sorry to ask but we need you badly. We're outnumbered 4:1.


"Shit." Hermione whispered. Ron looked shocked. "They're attacking the Ministry already? But it's just been a few months since Hogwarts!" "They've had a lot of time to plan. So, I guess we should get going?" Harry looked at the two of them. Ron rubbed his aching muscles. "Yeah I guess so, but mums not going to be happy about this..." They apparated away, but not before Hermione hastily cleaned the blood and sent Nagini's body into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


They apparated in and were met by the loud noises that could only be caused by a fight. They all ran into different directions, meeting their own deatheater. Harry sent a stunner in the direction of his deatheater and amazingly, it hit its target. The three of them, along with Ginny, had been practicing defensive spells all summer, and it had helped them greatly. He fought off a few more deatheaters, then ducked into a hallway to catch his breath. Panting, he realized that he was in the Department of Mysteries. Brings back such happy memories, he thought bitterly. He saw a swish of dark brown hair disappear behind a door and slipped in just before the doorways started spinning. He turned around and saw a young female deatheater with her mask off, holding a tiny figurine in her hands. A tiny figurine of a… badger? He looked at the shelf that she had stolen it from.


Then it said under in the slot where she had gotten it :

Helga Hufflepuff's Glass Figurine

But what would something of Hufflepuffs be doing in a shelf with dark artifacts? Unless... No… It was impossible... Or was it?

He had no more time to argue with himself because at that moment the young deatheater spoke. "What are you doing in here? Get out or I'll… I'll kill you!" she said, using her most intimidating voice. But he knew that she was scared out of her wits. Must be one of his young recruits, He thought sadly. "Listen, what's your name?" Harry spoke gently. "Like I would tell you my name" she sneered. He rolled his eyes. Was it a must that all deatheaters had to perfect the Snape sneer? It was so damn annoying. "Fine" he said, his voice going cold. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know what you are doing with that." He pointed at the figurine in her hand. "Nothing. I'm not telling you anything!" she shouted fiercely. "Then give it to me" his voice was a deadly whisper now. She stepped back. "No! I'm not…" Then it happened. It happened so fast that Harry barely had time to comprehend what was happening. She stepped back and bumped into another shelf, knocking down jar with a dark red substance in it. It landed into a miniature pond that had yellow worm like animals swimming around. Then it exploded, and Harry flew back and landed hard on his head, making him pass out.


"Is he going to be alright?"

"Yes I think so. He's a tough lad, Harry.

"Too tough… It's lucky he's got such a hard head right 'Mione?"

"Well, yes I suppose so..."

"Quiet everyone! The boy needs quiet and he won't get that with you lot yapping around"


"Ouch! Dammit what was that for!"

"For being so damn grouchy"

"Yeah… tell him Tonks!"


"Uggh..." he groaned. All the voices stopped immediately. He opened his eyes.

"Harry!" Hermione dove on top of him and gave him a bone-crushing hug. "Ow…I can't breathe!" "Oh, sorry" The fuzzy brown figure that he figured was Hermione smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, I was just worried." "Yeah mate… you scared us there for a minute." The red blob replied. He sat up rubbing his head. "Glasses..?" "Oh, here Harry." Someone slipped them on him and the world, including the pink blob that had given him his glasses, came into focus. "Wotcher Harry!" Tonks greeted him. "Alright there boy?" the gruff sound of Moody's voice asked. "Yeah, I think I'm fine. What happened?" he asked. "Don't you remember?" Hermione asked worriedly. He tried. The young deatheater, the artifact, the jar, the pond, the explosion! "There was an explosion in the Department of Mysteries. Wait, where are we now?" he stood up, remembering the artifact of Hufflepuff. "We're still at the ministry. You've only been out of it for about 30 minutes since the explosion." "What about the deatheaters?" he asked. Moody chuckled. "Bloody cowards. When the Department of Mysteries blew up, they thought we had gotten desperate enough that we would blow the entire Ministry up! Stupid gits…" "Yes, but where did they go?" "Apparated away, but unfortunately lots of them stayed and stole important equipment and documents." "What kind of documents?" Harry asked. She sighed. "VERY important ones. He stole lists of addresses, fighting equipment, books on dark spells… well, a lot. Don't make me list them, it just makes me even more depressed. "Ok..." "Well," Moody said, straightening up. "We've got to go Tonks. Find survivors." "Yes that's probably what we should do." Hermione said. "The three of us will look…" "Upstairs." Harry cut in. "We should look upstairs. You guys should go rejoin the other Aurors. We'll meet you back at Headquarters. " "You're right. Well, nice seeing you lot again. Thanks for coming. It was a big help." Tonks said. "No problem" Hermione smiled. The 2 of them apparated away leaving Harry, Ron and Hermione alone. "Harry, Why do you want to look in the department of Mysteries?" Hermione inquired in a firm voice. "We all know that you and the deatheater were the only ones in there. Unless there was someone else…?" He should have known she would be the one to figure out what he was doing. "Just follow me" They climbed the stairs, since appparating took a lot of energy, especially for those new at it.

They reached the department of Mysteries and went into the room where the explosion had occurred. It was burned all over. There were ashes everywhere, and smoke polluted the air. Coughing, Harry made his way over to where he thought the deatheater had last been standing. "The female deatheater… did she live?" "No, she died. Mind you, she was so badly burned I couldn't tell that she was a woman. It's a good thing Tonks is a good healer though, so she was able to heal you… What were you doing here anyway?" she demanded. He proceeded to tell them about what had occurred starting from the moment he spotted the deatheater, to the explosion.


Hermione gasped. "So, you think that it could be a horocrux?"

"Makes sense though, doesn't it? Why would anything Hufflepuff have dark magic unless Voldemort did something tricky to it?" Ron replied, having gotten over his fear of the name over the summer. ("If I can't even say his bloody name, what hope do I have of helping you guys kill FRAGMENTS OF HIS SOUL?")

"You're right, but I still can't find it!" Harry said, rummaging through a pile of ashes. "Harry, it was probably burned. That was a rather big explosion. Honestly, you're lucky to be alive!" Hermione said. "But I need to find it!" Harry persisted stubbornly. Ron looked confused as always. "If it's destroyed, why do you want it so much? That must mean that we only have 1 more horocrux to find!" he said cheerfully. "Ron, just because we can't find it, doesn't mean it's destroyed. You said that the deatheaters stole important things before they left. What if they stole that too?" "Harry, It's a stupid figurine! We're not even sure if this is a horocrux! Plus it would have smashed meaning it got destroyed."

"What if Voldemort made it unbreakable? I'm sure he wouldn't want something so breakable to hold a piece oh his soul. But this is so ancient and priceless; I bet he couldn't wait to get his hands on it." They paused. "That does make sense," Hermione said. "But if they did get it, they probably brought it straight to Voldemort. Meaning we have no way of getting even close to it, let alone destroying it." Harry put his head in his hands and sighed. "We should get back to Grimmauld Place. Maybe if we got cleaned up a bit, our heads would be clearer. Plus we can ask Remus about it…" Harry nodded. He couldn't think of anything else to right now anyway.

"Er…" Hermione started. "You guys go ahead, I just have to check on something." Ron stepped forward." We'll help you..." "No. I'll just be a minute." Ron still looked like he wanted to help. "Oh for Gods sake just get out of here! I'll be there soon!" she said, irritated. "Fine" Ron said in a steely voice. He turned to Harry. "Let's get out of here." Harry nodded. With one last look at Hermione, but it was a glare in Ron's case, they apparated away.


She looked around for a few minutes, then ran towards a piece of ceiling that had caved in. She spotted a hole underneath. Her small frame fit in perfectly and she stood up in the dark space under the broken ceiling. "There you are. I knew they'd have one" she murmured to herself, seeing a small filing cabinet in the corner. She opened it and saw thousands of files. So much for SMALL.

She looked in the section marked: HUBB-HUFF. Even though the interval was rather small, there were hundreds of files in that section alone. She searched for a minute, her brow furrowed in concentration, until she spotted it. YES! Gotcha…The document was labeled:


She scanned through the pages until she saw:


DONOR: Will remain anonymous for safety precautions


CASE: Figurine said to make the owners insane on and off.

PRICE: Not for Sale


She gasped. This artifact really was a horocrux. It had to be. And now it was probably in Voldemorts hands. They would never get it. If they never destroyed it, how would Harry fight Voldemort in the Final Battle? She knew it was coming. They all knew. But they never spoke about it. They just continued working harder and faster. If they didn't destroy all of the horocruxes. Harry would have no hope. He would probably die and Voldemort would STILL come back. She stifled a small sob. I'm too young for this. I don't regret going with Harry, but I still wish that we could just be normal wizard kids.

Then she remembered her promise to Ron. Sighing, she shrunk the documents, and put it into her front pocket. She also made a note to tell Kingsley about these leftover documents. Thankfully, the deatheaters had missed them. She stepped out of the debris and was about to apparate out, when a golden sparkle caught her eye. She turned around and saw a shelf with a sign that said:


Hermione sighed, looking down at the floor where the worlds last and only timeturners lay, smashed. The Ministry had stopped lending them to others when the war had started. Too risky they said, and they were right. But then she saw something else that made her breath stop. On the floor, almost fully covered by ashes, were two golden timeturners. And they didn't have so much as a scratch on them.


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Ginny plays an important part in the trio's plan

Voldemort is plotting something… but what?