Everyone loves Isaac. Everyone but…Mia.

He thinks he's so cool. All those fans of his strutting around after him begging for his autograph. What's wrong with the world? I hate him. We all lit the lighthouses to…he gets all the credit. Even Jenna and Sheba like him. Mia watched in distaste as Isaac tried to free him self from the girls that were crowding him. She watched him free himself and start walking towards her…well more like running because of the girls.

Why does she hate me? I want her, not Jenna or Sheba or any other girl. She seems distant from me. She used to like me while we were traveling. It's only when we got back to Vale that she started avoiding me. Only when all the girls…Oh no. That's why she's been avoiding me. Because she got all the credit. Oh god. Isaac kept fighting his way through the girls to get to Mia but it was physically impossible.

"MIA" he yelled and when she heard that she shot him a look of deepest loathing.


'MIA" Isaac yelled as he watched her strut away and join Felix. She likes Felix. Look, she's even hugging him. Well…I could always try Jenna or Sheba but Garet and Ivan would hate me. Why can't she understand that I WANT HER.? Well…Sarah seems pretty nice…I guess. Isaac sighed as she reliesd she would never love him back.

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