The taste of vodka

A poem by the priest Otyets Semyon in Kholodnoye, he who gave Will Vodka. This poem is really about the loss of innocence, for good or for bad, as is the rest of the books.

You are so young, and I am old.
You are on your way, and I am here to stay.
I can't change your destiny, so am I told.
But yet you have crossed my path.
I will teach you a single thing before you go.
Open your mouth and feel.
The taste of vodka.

You have an angel on your shoulder.
Blood on your hand.
Mist in your eyes.
Secrets written in your face.
You have seen so much,
but yet you haven't felt.
The taste of vodka.

You will die, and so will I.
Me before you, I think.
The world is on your sholders,
everything depends on your choice,
young one.
King and pope and God
have only to obey. Your choice.
And so have I.
But when you leave this little town
you will have felt.
The taste of vodka.