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There he was, nothing left to do but get the job done.

Naruto strode up to the crumpled figure that lay on the ground. Around them the corpses of bodyguards littered the clearing. Naruto paid them no heed as he and his sword, dripping crimson blood, looked at his target straight in the eye.

"At least stand up when you are about to die", Naruto spat.

"No, Uzumaki-Sama, have mercy. I will give you anything you want. Just spare me, I will pay double, no triple what you have been paid".

Naruto did not flinch as his blade cleaved through the fatted skin. The sickening feeling of cold steel cutting through flesh did not bother him. Well maybe it did the first, second and third but that was a long time back. Nah, this was all part of the job and there was nobody better at it than him. "Bring me back his ring-finger", his employer had instructed. Naruto then wiped the blood of his sword and held it up and watched the sunlight gleam of it, the act he had just committed having no effect on him at all.

He sheathed his sword and removed a dagger before cutting the fingers of his victim, a rich business man who had earned his fortune through the deaths of others. Naruto chuckled to himself as he remembered the death of another rich guy so long ago at the hands of Zabuza Momochi.

Memories were nice but that's all they are.


"Well done, great job Naruto-kun here is your cash, in full", Naruto's employer, a bloated man by the name of Hiroshi Genma said smiling as he laid the wad of notes in Naruto's open palm. Naruto quickly took the notes, the prevailing smell of opium and alcohol in the air sickened him.

As Naruto walked out into the quiet night air, his hand always at the hilt of the blade he kept sheathed. Naruto's trade was a dangerous one and he had enemies a plenty so after years of this, earning himself the nickname of the 'yellow devil' along the way, he had learnt never to keep his guard down. As Naruto arrived at his small and simplistic house he allowed himself a glance at the one memoir he had kept from Konoha- the picture of team 7 and Umino Iruka.

-"I am going to become Hokage"

What happened to him? It had been 12 long years since that picture was taken. 12 years since he gave up the headband he had worked so hard for, 12 years since he had seen Sakura-Chan and Lee and all the rest of the genin and 12 years since he had set foot in the Village of Konoha. He sighed setting his blade down, this blade he had got as payment from his first job; it was a good blade that made killing fast and efficient. The Naruto of now though was so different from the bright youth of old, this Naruto was tired, he had experienced the real world. The pain and suffering that did not exist within the confines of Konoha. The solitude and desperation that only one who had to fight to survive could see. Nartuo, though never dwelled on the past. As Naruto allowed himself the luxury of a good's night sleep, he could not help but feel a sense of foreboding and over the years Naruto had come to trust his gut instinct.


"Damn you!" Naruto jerked awake in bed, the shrill cry of someone downstairs waking him from his slumber. He squinted into the bright torrent of light flooding in from the open window. As he poked his head out the window he saw that annoying kid who sold the newspapers shouting something. Naruto tried to listen but all he heard was "Read it, Mizukage assassinated, Konoha being blamed-". Naruto was in shock as he fumbled for the remote before flicking the TV on himself. He saw it, the familiar Hokage Mountain, with the usual four…five heads. "Guess granny Tsunade got her mug up there", Naruto chuckled to himself before he got an eye on the caption "assassin's from Konoha being suspected for the bloody murder of the hidden mist's Mizukage, Hidden Mist preparing to go to war". Why would Konoha do something like that? "They threw me out all those years ago, serves them good", Naruto told himself.

"-Naruto, you must run away. You cannot stay here anymore, they want revenge, and they want you dead. Please run away", Tsunade said as she hugged Naruto, tears rolling down her eyes.

No, Naruto was no more of the leaf. He was just an assassin for hire living somewhere in Earth country. So what if they were going to war. How powerful were the mist, Konoha was definitely much stronger. Anyway it was none of his concern he repeated to himself.


Just a brief two days later, the Hidden Mist had declared war on the Hidden Leaf. Most people knew that this was just the excuse the Hidden Mist was looking for to settle old scores with Konoha. He even heard the newly appointed Mizukage's speech declaring the war: "We have decided to embark on a campaign to regain our honor and to punish those responsible for this heinous deed".

Naruto once again felt a small voice from somewhere tell him to go back and help but then he did doubt that they would accept him. After all he did not leave Konoha of his free will. As Naruto walked to the nearby Ramen stall for lunch his thoughts went back to Konoha; Was Tsunade-Ba san still alright? Were the Hyugga's and the Aburame's and the Ino's and all the other clan's able to protect the village? Naruto was suddenly broken out of his thinking by a presence, yes a strong presence guessing by all that chakra he could feel.

"Who is there", Naruto shouted into the deserted alley.


"Well I guess I will have to make you come out", Naruto said in an almost confident pose as he unsheathed his blade. There! To his left, movement. Naruto smiled as his sword arched forward its intended target within reach-.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed through gritted teeth as he found himself unable to move, something was holding him back. "Bastard! Let go of me, fight fair" Naruto cursed as his opponent came into view.

As Naruto saw his, hands in the 'rat' hand seal, he did a double take. "Shikamaru…can't be".

"Yup, long time no see Naruto, how you been?" Shikamaru said with his usual calmness.

He looked similar except for the large scar running down his left cheek and the jounin vest he now wore.

"What do you want?"

"Your help"

"Sorry, I have nothing to do with Konoha now", Naruto said as he sheathed his sword before walking off.

"Naruto, the Hidden Mist has an ally: the Akatsuki organization"

As Naruto struggled to swallow what he said. Akatsuki allying with the Hidden Mist?

Naruto, as if on instinct, turned around to face Shikamaru;

"What do you want me to do?"

"Come back and fight for Konoha"


Hope you enjoyed that. Expect much more to be revealed about Naruto's past and present.Thanks.