Playing with Kara - chapter 4

This is it folks, the last chapter! Thanks for reading - I really enjoyed writing this story and I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much. Thanks for all the reviews. :)

"Well, I do have a few things I need to talk to you about." And he launched into a long speech about crew rotations. Fortunately it didn't require any conversation on Lee and Kara's part - just a few nods.

"And Starbuck, we need to train some reserve pilots. I know we have a full squadron now, but we don't know when the next attack will be, and I want to be prepared." He passed her a list of possible trainees.

"Should I start on that right away sir?"

"No, no, tomorrow will do just fine if you have time."

"Do I have time tomorrow Lee?" She smiled at him, (crap, that challenging smile again!).

"How should I know?"

"You write up the crew rotations don't you?"

He turned to face her and smiled. "You wanna start?" Her body suddenly felt like it was on fire. The sexual tension between them was becoming unbearable!

"You'd let me?"

"You think you're capable?" He cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Is that a challenge Lee?" She moved closer to him and her voice took on a much throatier tone.

"You up for it?" He stepped closer too, and now they were barely a few inches apart.

"Aren't I always?" Her voice was practically a whisper, and the smile had gone from challenging to provocative. (gods save me! Lee thought)

"See, and this is the third thing I needed to talk to you about." Adama suddenly cut in.

"What?" They both swung around to face their boss. Both faces were flushed and their breathing was shallow. Adama felt certain that if he hadn't interrupted, there would have been some serious physical exploration going on right there in his office.

It wasn't that he didn't know of the obvious attraction between them - who could miss that? But he'd always held firm to the 'no fraternizing with other crew members' rule. It made for a much tighter run ship, he'd found. But the rules had changed - there WAS no one to go home to - no time to leave the ship for recreation - nowhere to go to meet other people. How could he expect people living and working in close proximity not to give in to their feelings when there WERE no other options? Each other was all they had. He figured he was going to have to change the rules to allow it - so long as it didn't affect people's working relationships.

"You. Your behaviour. You two have been acting strange all day, and I've heard several reports from people saying you've lost your minds!"

Kara burst out laughing.

"It's not funny!" Lee said sternly.

"Yes it is!" she argued, still laughing. Then suddenly she stopped and clapped a hand over her mouth.

"What?" Lee asked, concerned.

"We screwed up!"

"We did?"

"What do you mean 'screwed up'?" Adama asked, now totally confused.

"We forgot to talk in questions."

"Aren't I still asking questions?" Lee said, cocking an eyebrow at her.


"We were supposed to talk in only questions all day today," Kara explained to a rather lost Commander.

"So who's still screwing up?" Lee asked, trying to hide a smile. He was winning!

"Who's bright idea was this?" Adama turned to stare at Kara. "Starbuck?" he guessed.

"Yes sir," she said, colouring. "I'm sorry sir, I just wanted to have a little fun."

"And who's the greater fool? The fool who leads or the fool who follows him?" Adama quoted, a hint of a smile on his face.

"That would be me sir," Lee admitted. "I apologize. I should have known better."

"No, no, you two are on to something." Their eyes widened in surprise. "Life is tough these days and we're all forced to be more serious than we should. I think it's a good thing if we can let our hair down, so to speak, a little bit and have some fun." The usual gruff tone entered his voice again. "Provided it happens at an appropriate time."

"Yes sir," they chorused, smiling.

"Now scat. I believe you both have some down time to enjoy, so go enjoy it."

"Yes sir," they chorused again, turning to leave the Commander's office.

"So are we finished yet?" Lee asked as they walked out.

"Finished? Are you crazy?"

"What do you think?"

Adama smiled as their voices gradually disappeared down the corridor.


"You need something Saul?"

"Was that Apollo and Starbuck?"

"What do you think?"

"Did you figure out what the heck is going on with them today?"

"Something's going on?" Adama smiled again at his friend's perplexed face. This game could definitely get addictive!