When Legolas woke the next morning, he felt a little better, thanks to his amazing elven healing ability. He found the dwarves still in his room, asleep in their chairs.

Aragorn smiled at him and gave him more painkilling herbs. "Are you hungry?" he asked.

Legolas thought for a second. "Aye."

"Good," said Aragorn. "Because I would have made you eat even it you were not."

Legolas smiled back. "No doubt."

One of the dwarves gave a sudden loud snore.

Legolas looked at them. "They are worse pranksters than your brothers."

Aragorn shook his head. "I agree. Elladan and Elrohir would have never done something so dangerous." He paused. "Or, at least, they would have ensured that the rope would not break!"

Legolas chuckled, but stopped with a wince.

"Easy," said Aragorn, putting a hand on the elf's unbroken arm. "Be still."

Legolas sighed, closing his eyes for a minute before reopening them.

"They went over it too," Aragorn suddenly said, sitting on the side of the bed.

"What?" Legolas asked, not understanding.

"Jari and Bari jumped into the lake to save you," Aragorn explained. "They grabbed the rope, and got swept over the waterfall with you."

Legolas' eyes widened and he stared at Aragorn in shock.

"You should have seen their faces!" Aragorn said, unable to hold in a chuckle.

That did it for Legolas. Pain or no pain, he laughed…and laughed.

Both dwarves were startled awake and they blinked at the laughing elf, who was wincing in-between.

"What happened!" Jari exclaimed, worried.

"Nothing," Aragorn said, trying to hush the elf, knowing that Legolas was hurting himself. "I…told him an amusing story when I should not have."

Legolas tried to stop laughing, trying to get the mental image of the dwarves going over the waterfall out of his mind. Justice has been served! he thought.

"Why don't you go downstairs and bring up breakfast?" Aragorn said.

The dwarves nodded and left to comply, throwing odd looks at the still-laughing Legolas.

"Ow," the elf groaned, breathing heavily with his eyes closed. His head was throbbing in time with his heart and his entire body ached, but he gave a chuckle here and there, unable to wipe the smile off his face.

The dwarves quickly came back with enough food for ten people. They made themselves the elf's slaves, trying to make amends for the terrible thing that they had done to him.

A few days later, Legolas felt well enough to eat supper in the dining room, and when Aragorn came to inquire what he wanted to eat, he found his friend dressing.

"Are you sure that you do not want me to bring it to you here?" Aragorn asked, eyeing the still visible bruises on his friend's torso as he helped the elf with his tunic.

"I am sure," Legolas said. "My body is stiff, but I am tired of staying in this room."

Aragorn nodded, gently fixing the sling on Legolas' arm. "All right."

As they left the room and descended the stairs, Legolas' stiffness was quite obvious to Aragorn, who slowed his pace. They entered the dining room and sat at an empty table, Legolas much more gingerly than usual. He inwardly sighed with relief to be sitting, and looked at Aragorn to see the human glancing around the room.

"Where are the dwarves?" he asked.

Legolas tried to hide a smile. "They will not be joining us."


Legolas shook his head. "They are both sleeping. I suspect that we will not see them until tomorrow."

Aragorn nodded. "Stay here, I will get our food."

"All right."

Aragorn left the table, and Legolas had to cover his mouth to hide the smile that he couldn't prevent.

Meanwhile, deep in the cellar of the inn, two barrels sat in a corner. Their contents read 'beans' and 'nuts', but the odd sound of loud snoring emitted from both…

LOL! Legolas got his revenge! ;) Thanks for all the reviews! Here's a preview for my next story, 'Betrayed', which will be posted after a 'Misfortunes of an Elf' snippet, as usual:


Aragorn began to notice something amiss with his friend as they walked through the gardens. Legolas was walking delicately, as if there was pain within his body. When he looked at his friend to ask what was wrong, he was shocked to see a sheen of sweat on the elf's face, which looked paler than usual. "Legolas!" he exclaimed. "What is wrong?"

Legolas blinked and shook his head. "I do not know," he said, sounding confused. "For some reason…I do not feel well."

A statement like that coming from Legolas, of all people, was extremely significant.

Aragorn grabbed his friend's arms and looked at him. "Have you some wound that I do not know about?"

"No," said the elf, shaking his head again. He gave a shaky sigh; his posture slumped as he wrapped an arm around his midsection. "Aragorn…" he said, his voice trembling slightly. "I…I need to sit down…"

If someone had told the King that Gondor was under attack, he would not have been more scared than he was right now. 'Elves do not get ill!' he thought.

Wordlessly, he quickly pulled Legolas towards a nearby bench and sat him down, where the elf gave a soft groan and hunched over his stomach.

"What did you eat today?" Aragorn asked, sitting beside his friend and holding onto him tightly.

"Nothing that I…never ate…before," Legolas answered, his breath coming faster. He suddenly closed his eyes and hunched over further.

"Are you about to be ill?" Aragorn asked, nervously.

Legolas shook his head, eyes still closed. "No…it is not like that. It is simply…pain." He gasped, letting his head hang.

"Can you walk?" Aragorn asked, alarmed at how fast his friend was deteriorating.

To his shock, Legolas shook his head.

His heart hammering with fear, Aragorn quickly stood and slid one arm around Legolas' back and the other under the elf's knees, lifting him from the bench and hurrying back into the palace. He passed many guards on the way, alarming them all who thought that the Prince of Mirkwood had been attacked. Despite their questions, Aragorn didn't answer them as he ran to the palace's House of Healing.


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