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Chyaputa 27: Final Destiny


It was bright and sunny afternoon, the sun bleeding down upon the heads of students as they exited the school. All thoughts of fun and outdoor recreation blown from their minds by the piles of homework they had just received to complete over the weekend. Jounouchi was one of those students trudging back home, staring gloomily face downward at the sidewalk. Then it slowly dawned on him the lack of feeling of depression in his fellow students filing out of the school doors around him. As he looked up he noticed that most of them were clumped in little groups around the schoolyard, chattering excitingly.

The tall blonde straightened up, brown eyes landing on a group of girls nearby.

"…but what is it doing here?" one of them squealed, clutching her face in excitement.

"Maybe there's someone at the school whose related to a celebrity and we've never known!" another suggested, eyes darting over to something beyond the school gates.

Jounouchi frowned in suspicion. What the hell could get everyone so worked up?

"Jounouchi!" a voice cried. A very enthusiastic Honda bounded out of the crowd, followed much more slowly and carefully by the tactful, cool-looking Otogi, twirling his long black hair on a finger as usual. They had both gotten out of the hospital only two weeks ago, which was good, now at least Jounouchi had people to hang out with. "Did you see it?" Honda questioned excitedly.

"See what?" Jounouchi questioned.

"Just come on!" Honda pulled his reluctant friend toward a crowd of students gathered around the outside of the school gates. Jounouchi followed, his curiosity getting the better of him. Jounouchi, Honda and Otogi fought their way through the crowds of students and finally made it to the other side.

Then Jounouchi saw it and his mouth dropped open.

Sitting there on the side of the road was a long black limousine, its widows tinted so one could not see inside them. On the side of the luxury car was the logo: KC.

"Oh god… it can't be…" Jounouchi mouthed. He wouldn't come now? Not in front of Jounouchi's own school? The bastard wouldn't be that tactless, would he?

"Jounouchi?" Otogi asked worried and his friend's strange behavior. Without a word to Honda and Otogi, Jounouchi marched out of the crowd and walked up to the back door of the car and knocked loudly on the black plastic-glass window.

"I know you're in there, you bastard!" he cried. The audience, who had gathered around behind him, gaped openly as the window was suddenly rolled down revealing Kaiba Seto's cool expressionless face.

"About time you showed up. I was about to call crowd control," Kaiba snapped coldly, his blue eyes immediately trapping Jounouchi's brown ones. Jounouchi had forgotten how intense they could become. His throat froze for a moment. Some weird unexplainable emotion was wriggling in his gut, was it anticipation? Had he really not seen for Kaiba that long? The time they had been apart seemed to disappear in an instant. Kaiba's eyes narrowed under his neatly combed smooth brown hair. "What? You want an invitation? Get in the car, idiot," he ordered harshly.

"You show up, without notice, and just expect me to go with you?" Jounouchi grumbled crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly.

"Is this time inconvenient for you?" Kaiba questioned coldly. Jounouchi looked slightly flustered.

"Well… no, but you could have called or something, you know give me a heads up instead of parking in front of my freaking school!" Jounouchi snapped. Kaiba raised an eyebrow doubtfully.

"It got your attention, didn't it? And I'm here. So stop standing around and get in the car, idiot." Jounouchi flared up again.

"Would you stop with the insults already, you bastard!" Jounouchi spat but grabbed a hold of the limousine's door handle anyway and yanked the door open. He could see Kaiba's full outfit now, complete with a long white trench coat with large metal buttons, a long sleeve black turtleneck underneath and tight metal arm bands that went the length of his wrist to his elbow. The whole thing gave off a rigid powerful stuck up air. "Rather showoff-ie, isn't it? You design that yourself?" Jounouchi commented.

Kaiba's face made an irritable scowl. "Just get in," he snapped coolly.

"Ah… Jounouchi," a voice spoke from behind him. Jounouchi turned to see Honda and Otogi still standing there, not to mention the rest of the entire student body, looking quite confused and suspicious.

"What?" Jounouchi asked, the limo's door half open so one could see the black leather clad interior. Honda and Otogi looked at each other then back that their clueless friend.

"Can we have a word with you?" Honda hissed, hazel eyes flicking secretively over to Kaiba.

"Why?" Jounouchi asked confused, but Honda and Otogi both grabbed one of his arms and dragged him a few feet away from the limo. "What's with you guys?" Jounouchi questioned, shrugging off Honda's grip on his shoulder.

"I don't know if you know this but you were about to get into a car with Kaiba," Otogi said.

"Ah… yeah," Jounouchi said obviously. Honda and Otogi stared at him intently; looking both very shocked and betrayed.

"Jounouchi, that's Kaiba! Kaiba! The guy who used to torture you in the hospital, remember?" Honda cried and as usual blowing things way out of proportion.

"Yeah, I know," Jounouchi answered, feeling a little annoyed now that his two best friends had him cornered. "He's, ah… doing me a favor…" he explained awkwardly. Honda's and Otogi's skepticism increased.

"Doing you a favor?" Otogi repeated incredulously.

"Well, he sort of owes me a favor…" Jounouchi said vaguely.

"He owes you a favor?" Honda repeated unbelievingly.

"Yeah, he does!" Jounouchi said challengingly. "So what?"

"What's he doing for you?" Otogi questioned. Frustration was building up in Jounouchi's brain; he could only take so many useless questions.

"He's just driving me somewhere, alright?" Jounouchi blurted out.

"Where is he driving you?" Honda asked, eyes narrowed.

"Why are you guys freaking interrogating me?" Jounouchi snapped.

"We wouldn't have to ask if you had told us he was coming in the first place!" Honda argued bitterly.

"I didn't even know he was coming!" Jounouchi cried exasperated.

"How could you not know he was coming if he's doing you a favor?" Otogi questioned logically. Jounouchi's jaw clenched firmly. This was getting ridiculous.

"Could you hurry it up, idiot?" Kaiba snapped from the limo, glaring at the three of them distastefully.

"Just hold on!" Jounouchi shouted angrily over his shoulder at the billionaire then immediately turning back to Honda and Otogi. "Look he's just driving me to Yugi's house, it's not a big deal!" Honda's and Otogi's attitudes suddenly changed. They both looked slightly stunned, their anger vanishing.

"You're going to see Yugi?" Otogi asked, bright green eyes widening.

"Yeah," Jounouchi answered, his frustration settling down again. Honda and Otogi glanced at each other one last time then looked back at Jounouchi a new determination glowing in their eyes.

"We're coming!" Honda demanded. Jounouchi jumped nearly two feet backwards.

"You what? But," he looked Honda and Otogi over again suspiciously, "I thought you guys didn't like Yugi?" Jounouchi questioned darkly, eyes narrowing. Honda and Otogi seemed to grow uncomfortable.

"Well… you know, after our fight, we sorta talked about it and," Honda paused. "If you still believe in him, Jounouchi, then hell so do I." Honda said almost fiercely. "Right, Otogi?" Otogi hesitated, fidgeting slightly.

"Well, I'm curious," Otogi admitted, shrugging. "That story you told us about when you helped Yugi and those other guys escape from hospital was very… extra-ordinary." Jounouchi scowled.

"So you want to gawk at him, is that it?" Jounouchi challenged fiercely.

"No," Otogi protested. "I never didn't like Yugi, you know that Jounouchi. I was just… well, can you blame me after seeing him do that?" Otogi asked.

"And where was all this understanding that last time huh?" Jounouchi growled moodily.

"Come on, Jounouchi. We already said we were sorry," Honda said.

"We all said things we didn't mean that day," Otogi insisted. Jounouchi frowned darkly but he could tell they were sincere. Finally the blonde groaned.

"I know," he answered. "Thanks, you guys." Honda and Otogi grinned.

"Alright! Let's get this show on the road, shall we!" Honda cried jumping up into the air and rushing to the limo's already open door before Jounouchi could stop him.

"W-wait, what!" Jounouchi cried. "I never said you could-!"

"Cool, I've never been in a limo before," Otogi said jumping in right after Honda. Jounouchi spun around to the door and saw Kaiba going rigid in his seat, glaring savagely at the two intruders.

"What the hell do you think you are doing!" Kaiba barked harshly, blue eyes glowing lividly.

"We're going too," Honda said stubbornly also crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly. "You're taking Jounouchi, so you'll just have to take us too."

Kaiba's eyes flashed murderously, the billionaire was not pleased. He turned his furious glare onto Jounouchi, still standing slightly stunned outside the car.

"I never agreed to this!" Kaiba snapped, voice hissing through his angrily clenched white teeth.

"I didn't plan to bring them along!" Jounouchi hissed defensively, keeping his voice low so his friends couldn't hear. "They invited themselves!"

"Well then uninvited them," Kaiba ordered. One of his eyebrows was definitely twitching now.

"It's your car," Jounouchi grumbled.

"They're your friends, now get them out of my limo!" he snapped.

"Hey, are we going or not?" Honda asked rudely cutting into Jounouchi's and Kaiba's private conversation. Hot rage was steaming off Kaiba like smoke and Jounouchi had not failed to notice that during their conversation the crowd of students behind them was steadily getting bigger.

"Look," Jounouchi said rushed, lowering his voice so only Kaiba could hear. "We're attracting more attention the longer we sit here. There's nothing we can do about it now, just bring them along." Kaiba's blue eyes flared and then he turned his head sharply away from Jounouchi and glared out his window.

"Whatever," he spat hatefully, refusing to look at any of his guests. Jounouchi felt of twinge of guilt mixing with his hostility towards Kaiba. He really hadn't meant for this to happen. It was supposed to be just him and Kaiba, Jounouchi hadn't predicted Honda and Otogi would have wanted to come along. Jounouchi groaned. This was all messed up. How come nothing ever turned out the way he planned it?

Jounouchi sighed and grudgingly climbed into the limo and sat down on the seat across the bench from Kaiba. Now he was in a bad mood. Why had he ever thought of this stupid plan? He slammed the luxury car door behind him, shutting out the whispers and stares of his fellow students. Jounouchi slumped grouchily in his seat, knees sticking out.

"Did you really have to come to my school in broad daylight, bastard?" Jounouchi questioned grumpily. "The whole school's going to be talking about this for ages."

"Suck it up," Kaiba spat coldly, eyes fixed on the window. Jounouchi sunk further down in his seat, misery squirming within him.

'God, he's really angry at me,' Jounouchi thought, sneaking glares at the stiff CEO beside him. 'But now that I think of it…' A suddenly cloud of suspicion fell over the blonde's thoughts. 'Why is he so angry? I should be the angry one,' Jounouchi pondered, staring at the billionaire. 'It's not like him to get pissed over such a small thing. Sure Honda and Otogi are annoying sometimes but they're not all that bad. Maybe he thinks I asked them to come with me?' Jounouchi wondered skeptically. 'But why? Why would I want them to come…? Does he think I don't want to be alone with him?'

Jounouchi was stunned right out of his depression. He straightened himself up slightly, eyes still staring at his previous roommate intently. Could it be…? Kaiba might have actually wanted to be alone with him too? Had he been counting on their car ride as well?

"So aren't we going to get going?" Honda voiced sharply looking between Jounouchi and the still fuming Kaiba.

"As soon as Jounouchi gives the directions," Kaiba drawled. It took a moment for Jounouchi to come back to his senses and realize that they were talking to him.

"Ah… yeah right," Jounouchi recalled nervously, trying to remember. "I'm pretty sure Yugi said he lived in a town called Domino."

"You're pretty sure?" Otogi questioned suspiciously.

"Hey, you hung out with him as long as I did! I don't see you helping," Jounouchi snapped frustratingly, crossing his arms over his chest. Meanwhile Kaiba pressed an intercom button to talk to the driver.

"We're going to Domino," Kaiba ordered curtly. The limo's engine started and they were off. Honda and Otogi talked to each other most of the trip but on the other side of the car it was dead silent. Kaiba glowering determinedly out the window, Jounouchi could see Kaiba's firm scowl in the reflection of the glass. Jounouchi stayed slumped in his seat, mouth shut, thoughts and suspicions vibrating around in his brain. There was no way he and Kaiba could discuss anything with Honda and Otogi so nearby.

This was all Kaiba's fault. If Kaiba hadn't… made a move on him back at the hospital, Jounouchi wouldn't be so worked up and confused! And if Kaiba hadn't been in one of his bad moods today Jounouchi wouldn't be feeling so miserable. How come every time he tried to give Kaiba a chance it blew up in his face?

'Bastard,' Jounouchi cursed silently. 'Why is he so angry with me? First I managed to seriously tick him off on that phone call and now this! What the hell does he want me to do?' Jounouchi wanted to punch something, mostly Kaiba's stupid face.

"If you were going to be such an ass about it, why did you even bother coming to get me?" Jounouchi grumbled, his bad temper getting the better of him.

"It was part of the deal," Kaiba responded, voice blank and emotionless. "Remember? My rematch with Yugi?" Kaiba said humorlessly, blue eyes flicking cruelly towards Jounouchi. Across the car Honda and Otogi discovered a mini bar hidden in between the seats and began to help themselves to the sodas inside. Jounouchi frowned.

"Come on," Jounouchi scoffed. "You're the CEO of our own company. Don't tell me you couldn't have found Yugi's house on your own."

"Yes, that's right," Kaiba admitted coolly. Jounouchi turned towards him confused and was surprised to see Kaiba looking around to meet his eye. "But then, you could have also found an alternative means of getting there, now couldn't you?"

Jounouchi's stomach writhed again, that weird sensation increasing.

"Well, I… I…" Jounouchi began nervously.

"Dude, they even have a tiny ice box in here!" Honda exclaimed. Jounouchi took Honda's interruption as an excuse to glare at his sneakers once more, though he thought he saw Kaiba smirk before turning back to his window.

(-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-)

"Kaiba-sama," the driver's voice spoke through the car's speaker system. "We've reached the town of Domino." Kaiba, Otogi and Honda all turned to Jounouchi.

"Where to now?" Otogi asked expectantly.

"Oh, well… I don't really know exactly where his house is," Jounouchi admitted awkwardly.

"You WHAT?" Honda exclaimed.

Kaiba snorted unkindly. Jounouchi's temper grew hot again; he crossed his arms over his chest defensively.

"How are we supposed to find him then?" Otogi asked.

"Ah, he said he lived in a game shop?" Jounouchi suggested helpfully. Honda and Otogi groaned.

Kaiba leaned over, picked up his metal briefcase from the floor and opened it up. There was a small laptop computer inside.

"What was the name of the game shop?" he asked coolly. Jounouchi blinked and tapped the side of his head, thinking.

"Ah… it was some sort of animal… Kame shop, I think," Jounouchi pondered. Kaiba began rapidly typing on his computer. Barely one minute later he stopped.

"The Kame Game Shop," Kaiba said and gave the address to the driver. That was quick. Jounouchi scowled moodily. Kaiba must have planned for that before hand.

The car began to move again. Jounouchi frowned and stared suspiciously at Kaiba as the brunet silently packed his laptop away.

'He really never did need my help,' Jounouchi thought. 'And yet he's still going along with this? Why? What does Kaiba get out of this?'

Kaiba seemed to have sensed someone was watching him for he suddenly looked up and his blue eyes spotted Jounouchi almost immediately. Jounouchi turned quickly away, pretending to be suddenly very interested in whatever Honda and Otogi were talking about.

As the ride continued, Jounouchi kept catching himself watching Kaiba out of the corner of his eye. Honda and Otogi began fighting with the ice pick from the mini bar while Jounouchi's mind was still buzzing. Exactly what did Kaiba think of him? What had he been expecting from this trip?

"You know," Jounouchi spoke casually, leaning into the back of his seat, eyeing Kaiba cautiously. "I bet you're wondering why I'm out of the hospital so early, aren't you? Since my case wasn't supposed to be looked at for another six months, you know," Jounouchi said mildly.

Kaiba remained silent, he might not have been listening.

"It was really strange actually," Jounouchi continued coolly, watching closely for the slightest sign of a reaction. "Apparently someone put in a good word for me with the administration and they moved up my case," Jounouchi explained. "I ended up getting out of the hospital a whole five months earlier than I was supposed to," Jounouchi ended casually.

"How fortunate," Kaiba commented emotionlessly, eyes permanently fixed on the window. Jounouchi frowned in annoyance.

"He must have been pretty high up," Jounouchi pressured. He was looking at Kaiba directly now, golden brown eyes firm and steady. "For the hospital to listen to him. Probably some rich stiff. Though I can't imagine how he could have known about me." Jounouchi's hands tightened at his sides.

'Come on, Kaiba,' Jounouchi ordered silently. 'I'm giving it to you. Say something. React! Look at me!'

Kaiba's eyes glance over at him briefly, measuring the depth of Jounouchi's eyes.

"He probably was," Kaiba admitted cryptically, turning away again. Jounouchi grinned and looked away as well.

"Thanks," Jounouchi whispered so softly he wasn't sure if Kaiba had even heard, but as the limo took a sharp turn, Jounouchi swore he saw the corner of the CEO's mouth twitch.

"We've arrived, Kaiba-sama," the driver spoke and the limo came to a stop outside a small building with a sign saying "Kame Game Shop" beside it. Jounouchi had to tear his eyes away from Kaiba to open the limo's door. All four passengers exited the car. The billionaire had a very strange look in his eyes. Jounouchi could feel his former roommate watching him as the blonde approached the game shop's doors. There was a small sign hanging on the inside of the window. Otogi leaned down to read it.

"It's closed?" read Otogi, confused. "But it's the middle of the day."

"Does that mean we came down here for nothing!" Honda groaned, jiggling the handle in case it happened to have been left unlocked. "Dammit!"

"Maybe there's still someone inside," Jounouchi suggested. "Try knocking." Honda and Otogi shrugged and began to knock loudly on the door.

"Yugi! Hey Yugi! Are you in there!" Otogi and Honda cried. Kaiba who had been hanging back behind the others sighed.

"I'm going to check the back," Kaiba stated then he turned and began to walk around the building. Jounouchi watched him go and then a crazy idea popped into his head as Kaiba turn the corner and walked out of sight.

"Stay here," Jounouchi practically ordered Honda and Otogi and ran after Kaiba.

"Jounouchi what-?" Honda began but his voice was cut off as Jounouchi disappeared behind the corner as well.

There was Kaiba standing at the end of the wall, white trench coat reflecting the light from the bright afternoon sun.

"Kaiba!" Jounouchi shouted, running determinedly to catch up. Surprisingly, Kaiba turned, expression still quite blank. Jounouchi stopped right in front of him, looking up into his unreadable face.

"Jounouchi," Kaiba spoke, giving absolutely no impression of what was behind his indifferent expression.

This was it; Jounouchi had finally gotten Kaiba alone. He was finally going to find out why Kaiba was being such a jerk to him and why he had ever agreed to this stupid trip. He was going to find out why Kaiba was acting so weird. Jounouchi was going to force him to… to…

"Kaiba, I…" Jounouchi's voice died. Kaiba stared blankly down at the blonde, waiting. Jounouchi tried again. "I…" He stopped again.

"Yes?" Kaiba asked impatiently. Jounouchi's mouth was still open, but nothing was coming out. Somehow he had forgotten the most basic human instinct, the need to breathe. It was making his head go all dizzy. The sun was in his eyes; he could feel sweat forming at the sides of his face.

"I… missed you," Jounouchi blurted out rapidly. He was sure by this time his face had turned a sickly red color. Jounouchi knew he sounded stupid even as the words left his mouth. He knew he looked stupid. Since when did Kaiba have so much power over him?

Kaiba's blue eyes widened ever so slightly.

"Really?" His voice was mockingly calm and casual. Kaiba shifted sideways; the sun was behind him, making his hair look all glow-ie and his face dark and mysterious. "How much?"

Jounouchi's throat was tight, his lungs were burning. He needed oxygen! Jounouchi took a gasping breath, kinda like a fish out of water. Kaiba looked as though he hadn't noticed although somehow there seemed to be less and less space between them.

"A lot," Jounouchi gulped, voice as tight as a whisper. Kaiba raised an eyebrow. The guy was so close he was towering over Jounouchi now.

"Good," Kaiba answered shortly.

"G-good?" Jounouchi choked. "Is that all you can say to me, bastard?" He was trying to retain some dignity, though his voice no longer held any strength. Kaiba smirked. Silence consumed them, Jounouchi stared up into Kaiba's face.

"Oh hell," Jounouchi spat and he did the only thing that made sense. He grabbed the collar of Kaiba's white trench coat and pulled the bastard downward into a kiss.

There was a brief second of stillness, neither of them moved. Jounouchi had barely time to register how soft Kaiba's lips were before Jounouchi found himself being violently spun around and slammed up against the wall of the house. The blonde shook the dizziness from his eyes to see Kaiba's fierce blue eyes glowing down at him piercingly, drilling dangerously into his head. For a second Jounouchi was sure Kaiba was going to punch him or something but then once again, Jounouchi found Kaiba's mouth forced onto his for the second time in his life.

"Gffph!" Jounouchi exclaimed, as Kaiba forced his tongue passed Jounouchi's lips. Jounouchi's hands clawed at the fabric of Kaiba's trench coat, fingers slipping on the smooth expensive material as he tried to grab a hold. He was fighting to breathe, Kaiba's body weighting down upon his chest, breath passing furiously through their noses. Jounouchi could feel Kaiba's large metal belt buckle digging painfully into his lower stomach but he didn't dare tell Kaiba this, the billionaire seemed a little too busy at the moment. Kaiba's hands slipped downwards, Jounouchi body shivered as Kaiba slid his hands underneath Jounouchi's upper legs and practically lifting Jounouchi's feet off the ground. Kaiba began sucking on Jounouchi's tongue as he tugged Jounouchi's entire body upward, he was doing something very creative with his pelvis, Jounouchi had to fight to suppress a moan.

"Ah… excuse me?" a dry voice interrupted. It wasn't very loud but Kaiba and Jounouchi heard it and immediately extracted their mouths from the each other's and looked around.

Yugi was standing there, dark red eyes very wide; taking no notice as the watering can he was holding over a pot of flowers proceeded to drown the unfortunate plant. Jounouchi and Kaiba jumped apart, or at least Kaiba did, dropping Jounouchi onto the ground.

"Kaiba!" Jounouchi exclaimed angrily.

"Yugi," Kaiba snarled, blue hate-filled eyes fixed on the newcomer.

"Kaiba," Yugi commented coolly.

"Yugi!" Jounouchi interrupted before a fight could break out. Yugi turned to his friend.

"Jounouchi," he responded mildly.

"This isn't what it looks like!" Jounouchi interjected hastily.

"It isn't?" Yugi questioned, deep ruby eyes twinkling smugly as they flickered between Kaiba and Jounouchi. Kaiba's very glare looked capable of murder. Jounouchi jumped off the ground and rushed over to Yugi's side before Kaiba had a chance to speak.

"Look, Yugi," Jounouchi said seriously, wrapping an arm around Yugi's shoulders and pulling him secretly aside. "You're not going to tell anyone… are you?" Yugi blinked, thinking this over and then glanced back over his shoulder at Kaiba, arms crossed over his chest still fuming with rage.

"Maybe…" Yugi taunted smugly, glaring at Kaiba. The billionaire's eyes flashed.

"If you tell anyone, I'll tell everyone the truth about you," Jounouchi accused fiercely. Yugi turned abruptly back to his friend, shocked.

"What… truth?" Yugi questioned seriously.

"You know…" Jounouchi began, lowering his voice. "About you being an alien," he hissed in his friend's ear. Yugi blinked again confused.

"Jounouchi, I'm not an alien," Yugi responded blankly.

"Riiiiiiiight. And you didn't see anything just now either, did you?" Jounouchi pressured, elbowing Yugi in the ribs.

Yugi sighed. "Fine, but only for you Jounouchi," he answered, glancing one last time over at Kaiba. Kaiba's form stiffened. Yugi grinned and then turned toward the house. "Aibou! You've got visitors!" he cried into the house.

/Visitors/ a voice within questioned. Jounouchi and Kaiba both jumped as a second Yugi stuck his ghostly head out the back door curiously. /Jounouchi-kun/ the second transparent Yugi cried with absolute delight and bounded out of the house, almost tackling Jounouchi to the ground even though his transparent form carried no weight. Jounouchi cried out in surprise, stumbling to kept his balance. /What's wrong/ Yugi asked as he saw Jounouchi's shocked face.

"Ah… I forgot there were two of you," Jounouchi answered awkwardly, looking nervously between the two Yugis. Yugi grinned apologetically.

/Oh sorry about that./ His wide eyes then spotted the brooding brown haired CEO. /Kaiba-kun too? Wow, this is a surprise/ His wide beaming infectious grin spread.

"And we left Honda and Otogi at the front door," Jounouchi added.

/Really/ Yugi exclaimed. He ran back into the house excitedly. Jounouchi looked around to the first, darker, more serious looking Yugi.

"I guess he's always like this?" Jounouchi joked. Yami no Yugi shrugged, watching his lighter half leave, a tender look in his eye.

"Most of time, but he's also really glad to see you," the darker Yugi answered, walking into the house as well. He flashed a wicked grin at Kaiba and Jounouchi. "Try to control yourselves while you're in my house, alright?" Jounouchi turned bright red, Kaiba looked still more furious as they both entered the house after the dark spirit.

Otogi and Honda were already in the living room when the darker Yugi, Jounouchi and Kaiba arrived. Both their faces were slightly pale, probably still shocked that a completely see-through version of their old friend had just invited them into his house. They jumped once again as this second darker copy of Yugi walked into the room.

/Mou hitori no boku, do we still have some sodas in the fridge/ ghost Yugi asked his darker clone. Yami no Yugi shrugged mildly.

"Maybe," he answered. "I'll go look." Yami no Yugi turned into the kitchen.

"Hey guys!" Jounouchi greeted, a smug glint glowing in his eyes as he sat down on the couch next to Honda and Otogi. Now they both knew the story he had told them was true.

/How did you know where to find us/ Yugi asked curiously, sitting down on the couch excitedly.

"I remembered the name of the town you lived in and the name of your game shop," Jounouchi answered smoothly.

"Although he still had no idea where it actually was," Honda commented coldly. Jounouchi scowled.

"Kaiba tracked your place down on his laptop," Otogi explained.

/I'm so glad you all came/ Yugi said happily. /Its great to see you guys again/ Yami no Yugi had just returned with an armful of soda cans and dumped them all on the coffee table when a rude snort echoed from outside the circle of couches and armchairs.

"I didn't come for some fuzzy reunion," Kaiba spoke suddenly, arms crossed firmly over his chest. "I came for my rematch," he snapped, eyes sharp. The room went quiet. Jounouchi frowned at Kaiba angrily.

'He always has to ruin the mood, doesn't he?' Jounouchi thought.

/Rematch/ Yugi said uneasily. /But…/ He glanced over at his darker half warily. Yami no Yugi's red eyes were fixed harshly on Kaiba.

"I realize my mistake from last time," Kaiba continued, blue eyes targeting Yami no Yugi. "I challenged the wrong Yugi. Am I correct?" Kaiba asked smirking. "You are the one who I faced against in that chess game."

"That's right," Yami no Yugi answered truthfully.

"Then do you accept?" Kaiba questioned harshly. There was a moment of silence; all eyes were on Yami no Yugi.

"You know I never back down from a challenge, Kaiba," Yami no Yugi answered smoothly, eyes flashing dangerously, smirking as well. "Name your game."

"Duel Monsters," Kaiba said. "I assume you're familiar with the game." Yami no Yugi's grin widened.

"Of course," he replied coolly. The others in the room relaxed slightly. Jounouchi grinned.

'God, Kaiba plans for everything,' Jounouchi thought amused. 'Even though we both knew it wasn't about Yugi, he still took advantage of this moment to fight him anyway.'

Yami no Yugi and Kaiba were setting up their decks on table getting ready for the duel when there was the sound of knocking at the door. The transparent Yugi went to answer it as Yami no Yugi and Kaiba sat at opposite ends of the table. Jounouchi sat down in the chair beside Kaiba. The CEO eyed him strangely.

"Aren't you going to be cheering for you friend?" Kaiba asked harshly. Jounouchi grinned mischievously.

"Well, of course. But he's obviously going to win so I thought I might cheer for the underdog this time," Jounouchi taunted cruelly. Kaiba glared him hatefully.

"You still think I'm going to lose, idiot? I'll make you eat your words," Kaiba sneered darkly.

"I'd like that," Jounouchi said, leaning up next to Kaiba. "Ooo, nice hand!" Kaiba glared at him.

"Oh my god!" Yugi cried from the front door. Thinking something was wrong, Yami no Yugi and Jounouchi jumped up from the table and ran to the entranceway to see what was going on.

Yugi was standing there, currently being hugged to death by a dark figure with platinum blonde hair. If it hadn't been for the fact that Yugi still looked ecstatically happy and that he currently had no body to be strangled Jounouchi might have thought his friend was in mortal danger.

"Malik?" Yami no Yugi questioned suspiciously. "What the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Egypt." The dark skinned teenager looked up and grinned impishly, finally letting go of Yugi. Now that Jounouchi could see his face he was sure he recognized him from somewhere.

"We were, but we got bored so we came to visit you!" Malik answered.

"We?" Jounouchi questioned Yami no Yugi suspiciously. Malik's bright violet eyes landed on Jounouchi.

"I think I remember you," Malik pondered pointing at Jounouchi, brow furrowed as he tried to remember. "Yami, where have we seen him before?"

/How should I know/ a deep dark low voice answered. Jounouchi jumped as a dark sinister clone of Malik stepped into the light. Jounouchi had been mistaking him for a patch of shadows in the corner. /He doesn't look familiar to me…/ His pale light-less eyes searched Jounouchi's face, making the blonde shiver convulsively. He suddenly remembered where he had seen those eyes before.

"Y-you almost strangled me, back at the hospital," Jounouchi answered nervously, taking a small step behind Yami no Yugi.

"That's right! He was that guy who showed us the way out," Malik recalled. "You tried to kill him, remember?"

/God, it was so long ago, I can't remember everyone I try to kill/ Yami no Malik sneered, mad pale eyes glistening.

/Come on, lets go into the living room and you can meet the others/ Yugi urged, pushing both Maliks toward the living room. /That's Kaiba, of course. Do you remember him? He was with Jounouchi, that's Jounouchi by the way/ Yugi explained.

"Oh yeah, I remember him. The angry guy," Malik said, pointing to Kaiba, who was still sitting at the coffee table and scowling irritably.

"Clearly I'm sure," Kaiba growled curtly. "Can we please continue our game?" he spat at Yami no Yugi.

/I don't like him/ Yami no Malik hissed at Malik, glaring darkly at Kaiba.

"And that's Honda and Otogi over there on the couch, you've never met them but they were patients in the mental hospital too," Yugi said.

"Holy shit! Who's red 2005 Yamaha SR125 is that?" Honda exclaimed, spotting a motorcycle parked outside the game shop.

"All mine," Malik answered, with a smug step forward. "Isn't she hot?"

"I've always wanted one of those!" Honda exclaimed, practically drooling. "All I've got is my dad's Harley, it's like five years old!"

"Disgusting, not to mention American," Malik commented. Yami no Malik looked like he was about to murder Honda for bringing up the subject of motorcycles.

"We each start with 4000 life points," Kaiba said, drawing five cards from his deck.

"Kaiba, I think I know how to play," Yami no Yugi said coolly. He caught Yugi's eye and smirked.

"Very well, show me how it's done," Kaiba mocked unkindly.

"I plan to," Yami no Yugi promised. There was more knocking at the door.

"I'll get it!" Yugi said excitedly and ran to the front door.

"I play Blade Knight and two cards face down," Kaiba said, placing his cards on the field. "I end my turn."

"Hey, look who's here!" Yugi cried, dashing into the living room again, and dragging along a skinny white haired teenager.

"Hi everyone," Ryou greeted, smiling cheerfully and giving a small awkward wave. "Wow, there sure are a lot of people here…"

"This is Bakura Ryou," Yugi introduced. "He was the unconscious guy when we were escaping."

"Ryou-kun!" Malik cried immediately abandoning Honda to tackle his old friend. "I didn't know you'd be here!"

"Neither did I. I thought you two were in Egypt," Ryou said.

"We were but it was so miserable without you," Malik answered, hugging Ryou enthusiastically from the side. "This is so great! I missed you!"

/Hopefully not too much/ Yami no Malik growled, pale eyes glowering deathly at Ryou. Malik gave his dark side a look but released Ryou just the same.

"So, how are you? Did you find your father?" Malik asked. Ryou's smile faltered slightly.

"Things are good, better than they were a month ago. Tou-san is actually off working aboard so I'm staying here," Ryou explained. Malik looked surprised.

"All alone?" Malik asked and then suddenly caught himself. "Well… I suppose not all alone, huh?" Malik gave Ryou a cautious look. "How are… ah, you two doing? He's not making your life hell, is he? Cause we could go over there and beat him up if you wanted," Malik offered.

"What? Oh no! He's great!" Ryou answered much more enthusiastically this time. "Almost burned down the apartment building with a toaster oven but its all better now." Malik and Yami no Malik exchanged dark looks.

"He's great?" Malik repeated doubtfully.

/A toaster oven/ Yami no Malik spat suspiciously.

"And that allows me to activate this Trap Card," Yami no Yugi announced, flipping over a card. "Which not only stops your attack but destroys your monster."

"What?" Kaiba cried angrily.

/I'll see if I can find anything to eat/ Yugi offered and went back into the kitchen. He had just turned around the corner when Yugi almost ran into Yami no Bakura, leaning up against the wall of the hallway. /Bakura/ Yugi cried surprised. The transparent white haired soul didn't even look at him. /Sorry! I, um, didn't see you there./ Yami no Bakura grunted, black eyes fixed on living room where the crowd of guests stood talking. Yugi walked awkwardly passed him, eyeing the dark soul cautiously.

'What am I supposed to say to him? Last time I talked to him he tried to kill us…' Yugi thought nervously. But it looked as Yami no Bakura hadn't even noticed Yugi was there.

/You could, ah, go out and greet people/ Yugi suggested, looking through the cupboard for chips. Yami no Bakura snorted.

/Right. And I'm sure they'd all be happy to see me too/ Yami no Bakura hissed. Yugi nodded reluctantly. /Yadonushi wanted to come and see you, not me. Its better if I just stay here./

In the other room they could both hear a loud outbreak of laughter from Jounouchi and Malik was talking very animatedly to Ryou. Yami no Bakura's form suddenly stiffened. Yugi glanced over the counter, through the dark hallway to see Malik putting an arm over Ryou's shoulders, much to Yami no Malik's distaste as well. Yugi hid his smile by bending down to get a bowel from a lower cabinet.

/He seems happy/ Yugi commented casually. /He must really like you./ Yami no Bakura actually turned his head to glare at Yugi this time. Yugi couldn't stop himself from smiling.

At that exact moment the door on the opposite side of the kitchen opened and Yami no Malik walked in. He spotted Yami no Bakura right away.

/You/ he growled, pale white eyes widening. Yami no Bakura's bland expression remained unchanged. The lights in the kitchen seemed to dim and air vibrated violently as the two dark souls' glares struck one another, shadow power was coursing through the walls.

"Yami! What the hell are you doing?" Malik cried walking to the kitchen but he too immediately stopped short at seeing Yami no Bakura standing there. "Oh," Malik said, voice sharp. "What the hell are you doing here?"

/Where the Ring goes, I go. Surely your little servant boy would know that/ Yami no Bakura said cruelly, eyes flickering over to Yami no Malik. Yami no Malik seemed to get angrier and Malik was not going to stop him anytime soon.

Aibou, is something happening in there? Yami no Yugi called through the mind link.

Oh yeah, Yugi answered.

"Would you excuse me for one moment, Kaiba? I have to see to something," Yami no Yugi said in the other room. /You tried to kill us for your own profit, bastard/ Yami no Malik snarled, veins popping out of the side of his face.

"Really? Was that what I was doing? I had no idea…" Yami no Bakura mocked nastily. The shadow magic throbbed again.

Mou hitori no boku… Yugi called uneasily.

The door was slammed open and Yami no Yugi stepped in, faint golden light glowing around his form.

"Now I realize we have some unsatisfied conflicts here, but carry them out on your own time. Not in my house!" Yami no Yugi snapped threateningly.

/We don't take orders from you/ Yami no Malik snapped, the air around him vibrating.

"What's going on?" a voice asked curiously and Ryou entered the room behind Yami no Yugi. He looked around the room questioningly with his brown eyes, white hair swinging. "Why is everyone in the kitchen?" There was silence; the shadow power had suddenly froze. Yugi and his dark side exchanged uneasy glances. Malik and Yami no Malik were still glaring hatefully at Yami no Bakura but the darker half of Bakura had his eyes on his lighter half, standing puzzled in the entrance way. Finally Yami no Bakura stepped back, the amount of shadow power in room dropped as he released his with a reluctant sigh.

/You're not worth my time/ Yami no Bakura growled and walked out of the room.

"Calm down you two or I really will throw you out," Yami no Yugi ordered Malik and Yami no Malik sternly. Malik frowned and put the Sennen Rod back into his belt.

"Come on," Malik urged his darkness, hooking an arm around his waist. "Let's go find a dark corner, shall we?" Yami no Malik scowled.

/You just want to make out to distract me, don't you/ Yami no Malik growled suspiciously, letting himself be wheeled around none the less.

"Yep," Malik said cheerfully as they both disappeared.

"There's a conversation I never want to hear again," Yami no Yugi groaned, shivering. "Does everyone have to do stuff in my house?"

Yugi looked confused. /Who else has/ he asked warily. Yami no Yugi flinched.

You weren't supposed to know that, Yami no Yugi said silently. Then, almost unintentionally, the memory of Jounouchi and Kaiba shot right out of Yami no Yugi's head and straight into Yugi's.

Yugi's purple eyes widened to the size of dinner plates before he shrieked/They were WHAT/

"Oops," Yami no Yugi gulped guiltily.

"Who?" Ryou asked, still confused cause no one would answer his questions.

"YUGI!" Jounouchi shouted angrily from the living room.

"Gotta go," Yami no Yugi said and dived into the other room. Yugi was still recovering while Ryou stood there politely waiting for Yugi to regain his balance.

"So… what just happened?" Ryou asked. "With Malik and my yami…?"

/Nothing much, you just saved the day without meaning to again/ Yugi answered mildly.

"Oh." Ryou nodded in understanding. "That seems to happen a lot nowadays, doesn't it?"

Yugi shrugged. "I guess."




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