AN: I made a poem as you can see, to Dracula's thoughts over his Brides. I might not have got much of a descriptive attitude from his brides but I got the idea he loved them a whole lot, even if he rarely ever showed it.

I'm your deepest desire,

Your thriving warmth of fire.

I'm that thought you ignore,

But you believe I can make you soar.

Come to me,

I can make you see.

Will you even follow me?

Please oh please don't leave.

Shadows in the corner of your mind,

Can help you find your true kind.

Never let it go to waste,

Because I'm what you never faced.

If you want I can save you,

But only if you need me to.

Can't you see that I care?

Too take you away from everything unfair?

Don't leave me,

For if you do I will not see.

Because I'm starting to think you don't care,

Is that in anyway true?

Obviously I need to leave,

Would you regret letting me go?

Maybe you would,

And it's a possibility you should.

But I never found the right words,

To make you stop your swords.

Yes, you somehow hurt me.

Don't you see you have the key?

A key to what you ask.

My words aren't going to last.

You know that,

But where you last sat I was there.

Beside you I will always be,

Even if you do see me.

Your memories are forever,

That one shining light you cover.

Please don't let me go,

I know you still need me so.

Will you stop ignoring me?

I just want you to see!

Never again will I bother you,

Unless you want me too.

And I just want you to know,

I still make my love known.

- "Don't Forget." ┬ęKirstin (Me)

AN: R&R please! I would like to know if this was any good, I haven't written poetry for quite a while.