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Chapter Seven

It took a while for Sano to catch his breath, he sat there panting for a while and when the others approached he suddenly grabbed Mizuki and pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her possessively.

Spike frowned; Earring grumbled something to himself, turning to Spike and then to the wall where they had just come from. Students immediately appeared to their sides, cheering and whistling at Sano and his prize since he was holding her so close.

"B-But I saw you in the crowd…" she stuttered when he pulled away, "You were right there after the person with the hood came on!"

Sano arched an eyebrow, "Oh that…well…I was still indecisive at the time so I had someone try to take my place in case I decided not to compete. At the last minute we switched back and I competed, lemme tell you right now…you owe me big time for what I went through to make sure these perverts didn't mess with you…"

"You did this…to protect me?" she asked, startled.

"Yeah." He said, "Why else?"

She rested her head on his shoulder, "I'm just…glad it was someone…I could trust."

Sano could feel his cheeks warming a little as he patted her bare back, feeling how cold her skin was. "Wait a minute! You're a block of ice!"

"Huh?" she asked, dazed.

"You idiot, you sat out here in the cold like this without a jacket?"

Mizuki laughed nervously, "Er…I was so caught up in the moment I didn't realize that I was freezing."

Sano sighed, pulling off his sweater and pulling it over her head, messing up the styled wig. "Wear this for now, I know it's sweaty but you'll have to deal with it." He said, averting his eyes.


"I'll be fine, I was burning up anyway so this gives me a chance to cool off. " He watched her poke her arms into the sleeves, smiling a little as they covered her hands. "Besides…you're my prize tonight, the least you can do is obey me once in a while."

Ah yes, the lock in, when the lanterns would stay lit all night and the teens could stay at the shrine all night to enjoy the festivities…what fun it would be…if you didn't miss the comforts of a shower and your own bed that is…

Sano and Mizuki had already headed back to the dorm so that Sano to get some much-needed rest and get a shower to wash off all his sweat. Mizuki went first and was a bit more comfortable back in her vest and concealing nightwear fit for crawling into her warm bed. It wasn't so bad as she thought it would be…being a prize anyway. Since it was Sano…she was comfortable with him and he seemed too tired to do anything else.

Mizuki went to the window, drawing the curtains open and seeing not a glimmer of stars since the glare of the room's light was occupying the space. She didn't know why…but she just wanted to leave the curtains open for a while, maybe see if it would rain later that night. She went to the bathroom door.

"Hey, Sano?" she called.


"I'm going to turn out the light ok?"

"Go ahead." He called back.

Mizuki switched off the room's light only the sliver of light from the bathroom door and the streetlamps outside illuminated the room in a vague glow as Mizuki pulled down her thick comforter from her bunk, spreading it out on the floor and lying on it so that she could lay and watch for the rain.

Rain used to help her sleep sometimes…and this way she may not mistakably climb into Sano's be tonight once she feels the soft comforter under her feet on her way towards the beds in the middle of the night. She watched the dark sky, vaguely seeing the shapes of the clouds heavy in the sky with rain waiting to pour down on the city…

"I hope the lock in is held inside of the shrine too…otherwise the students will get soaked and in the middle of winter too…" she rested her chin in her hands, still watching, envisioning today's competition in the darkness of the night outside of the dorm window.

She hardly heard the water turn off in the bathroom, she was transfixed in the memories, how gracefully Sano had leapt over that wall…it must have taken so much energy for him to jump that high after so long…

The bathroom door opened and golden light filled the room briefly before it clicked off, bare feet coming across the floor only to stop at the end of Mizuki's make-shift spot on the floor, Sano paused from drying his hair, looking down at Mizuki lying there staring out the window like a child expecting to see Santa Clause at any minute. It was adorable…not attractive as the dress had been on her but instead it was cute…

He knelt down on the comforter, lying beside Mizuki and folding his arms over one another.

"What are you staring off at?" he asked.

"I'm waiting for it to rain…rain helps me sleep sometimes. Maybe it could help you too, Sano." She smiled, looking over at him.

"I don't know…but don't you think it's too cold outside to rain?"

"Then maybe it will snow at last." She said hopefully.

"That'd be nice…" he nodded.

They lay there in silence for a while; both looking out at the darkness, one more transfixed then the other. Sano's eyes wondered back to Mizuki and how her bangs fell into her face lightly, he reached over, brushing a few of the strands away to see her face more clearly. His touch drew her attention to him like an instinctive reaction and he noticed how slightly puzzled she looked by this action. He slowly trailed his knuckle down her cheek after brushing her hair away.

"Mizuki…we need to talk…" he said.

"About what?" she asked innocently but he could tell even in the darkness she was blushing. It was the way her voice faltered…he'd grown to recognize it…

He scooted closer to hr, his shoulder touching hers, "About…us."

"U-Us?" she stared.

"Yeah…" he leaned over to her, "You and what you do to me."

He kissed her cheek and she jumped, "S-Sano?"

"Relax…" he said gently and kissed her cheek again, Mizuki closed her eyes tightly as Sano shifted and she found herself rolling back to her side as Sano pressed closer and then she was on her back, Sano's arm bracing him up on the other side as he kissed her jaw, each kiss was making her skin tingle with a kindling fire. He found her lips, warm and soft, too soft to hide from him that she was a girl and she seemed to know this but still tried to play at her charade…

She pushed his face away hesitantly, "S-Sano…I can't…I mean I'm not scared it's just…we're both guys and—"

"Don't lie, Mizuki." He said, cutting her off gently, "I already know."

She gasped, pushing herself up on her elbows, "You know about—"

"I know you're a girl, Mizuki." He said, touching her shoulder.

"When did this—when did this happen?" she asked rather quickly, "Aren't you mad that I lied? How did you find out? If you've known for a while then how could you stand me? Why didn't you tell me?"

Sano covered her mouth with his hand, "It's complicated…" he said quietly, "But there is something I want to ask you."

He lowered his hand.

"What is it?" she asked nervously.

"Do you love me, Mizuki?"

She flushed; her entire face was crimson from embarrassment.

"Don't lie to me, Mizuki…tell me the truth."

Ashiya closed her eyes, trying to relax herself as Sano's hand caressed her cheek gently. She had wanted so long to be able to be seen in Sano's eyes as a girl…and she had all along. Could they…actually be together as she had wished for? Countless nights of touching herself and imagining being held by him and everything…it was always such a vision she cherished every night and…she wanted to be able to encounter that feeling for real, risk pain just for one night perhaps…maybe she was just a pervert after all…

"Yes…" she finally whispered, "I…I do…"

Sano smiled gently, "That's all I wanted to know." He breathed and took her lips with his again, this time Mizuki's hands reached up and clung to his back as he consumed her mouth. Sano's kisses grew deeper, Mizuki's mouth easing open as he kissed her until tongues met, Mizuki hesitant while Sano showing slightly more confidence.

Grasping handfuls of his shirt, Mizuki's body burned as it did the night she was pulled against Sano's back, her heart beat so fast and so hard in her chest she thought that it would bruise her chest. Sano's lips parted from hers, instead he left a flaming trail on her skin, kissing her jaw and her neck, he remembered how he had kissed her the other night and how he had longed for her to be awake at this moment. He opened his eyes, pausing from his consumption of her neck as he checked to see if she was awake and not sleeping.

Her eyes opened and met with his, she smiled a little as if saying, Yes, I'm still awake…

Sano slid his arm beneath her, laying over her and capping his mouth over hers again. All those brief pecks and the exchange of water…precious memories but none so precious as this was to him. Her warm body beneath his…her hands clinging to his back and her framed pulled against his…he couldn't deny it any more then she could…this night wasn't going to be cut off by feat or discovery or worry about how the other feels…they were going to continue till the end.

Pushing himself up, Sano lifted his shirt up and pulled it off, bracing his arms on either side of Ashiya, she stared up at him, his eyes intimate and even though she had seen his chest from the numerous times he had changed, she couldn't help but feel timid for a moment as he kissed her lips again. His hand lifted, touching her hip and unconsciously moving up to her waist.

"S-Sano…" she whispered as he pushed her shirt up, his hand brushing over the denim vest. He reached under the folds of her bunched up shirt, finding the zipper to the vest. Tugging at it, he heard the satisfying zip as he pulled it down.

They separated a moment as Mizuki sat up, removing the nightshirt and the open vest; she folded her arms across her chest, suddenly self-conscious of her chest and showing it to Sano. He smiled at her gently, reaching over and clasping one of her hands. He guided her arms away and scooted closer to her, holding her against him so that flesh met flesh.

"I won't force you…" he whispered, "But…I don't want to stop."

"I…understand." She murmured, closing her eyes, "I don't want to either…"

He lay Mizuki back down and she wrapped her arms around him, one of his arms wrapped around her while the other gently felt up her warm flesh, touching a breast and then cupping it. His own body was burning inside and out from her touch and how the many times he had almost lost it built up, they were both embers ready to be sparked into a raging fire now…

They stripped off the remainder of their clothing, Sano kissing down to her breasts then stopping and looking up at Mizuki's face, she swallowed, watching as he shifted between her legs, the skin of her thighs touching his hips, her own hips aching from allowing someone to fit. Sano ran his hand up and down one of her leg before she propped herself up a little and he knew that was the moment…

He entered her quickly, she whimpered, trying to silence herself but Sano caressed her hair, he knew it must have hurt for her…she was tense all around him, even when he touched her she was stiff, he thought of retreating but she touched one of his hands braced on the ground.

He took that hand, lacing her fingers with his own and held it at her side near her head as he lowered a little and drew away only to thrust back into her. Her eyes squeezed closed, she opened and closed her mouth mutely as he did it again, he came on steady, almost in a rhythm and Mizuki rocked with him, her face flushed and fingers laced with his braced near her head as he slowed a little to make it easier on her, more passionate then blind thrusts.

Mizuki gasped as he quickened suddenly, their skin growing warmer as the friction increased and the room didn't feel so cool but it all felt rather warm and the atmosphere was thick with their sudden strained breaths. Sano shuddered for a moment and Mizuki opened her mouth in a silent cry before the teens fell limp, Mizuki holding onto Sano and kissing his shoulder as he lay over her panting softly in the dim light of the streetlamps from outside the window.

I love you, Mizuki…I love you…

"Sano…Sano look."

Izumi groaned, lifting his head from a floored pillow from his bed, Mizuki was on her stomach, bracing herself up with her forded arms and smiling a little at him as he lifted his head, he could see the curve of her breasts a little since his comforter was sliding down her back, her own blanket still under their naked bodies. Of course…he didn't tell her this…

"What is it?" he asked sleepily.

The room was lighter, which must have meant that it was about dawn at that moment and Mizuki pointed at the window. He turned his gaze to the window and say a dull gray sky but at the same time something was pouring down outside…not in millions of water droplets but fat white flakes that would occasionally swirl in the wind's torrents.

"It's snowing…"

The End

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