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Venus Rising
By Silver Sailor Ganymede


Darkness: sheer, complete, eternal and enfolding darkness. The darkness was all around her, within her, even. She appeared a child of purity and light, and yet she was nothing like she seemed. Her sparkling blue eyes betrayed her true nature, the fact that she was not so much a fallen angel as a demon from Hell's depths. This demon held the form of a young woman, but she was truly much, much older.

The demon's name was Celine. Aino Celine to be exact. Or at least that was her name in this time: her name was, in truth, Venusiah Celena, but at that time Aino Celine would have to do. Yes, she was Aino Celine, the daughter of Cosmic Venus, granddaughter of the legendary Sailor Venus, and yet at the same time she was not. She was Celine, but she was not Sailor Solar Venus. No, she was Sendoma(1) Luna Venus, the side that Celine had embraced in her first life but had now shunned. Luna Venus had been expelled from Celine's soul during her rebirth, and now, just as she had for the past five millennia, she rested within the darkness, a demon with dark powers that rivalled the light powers held by Sailor Elysian-Moon.

Luna Venus smiled and stared out into the darkness that surrounded her. Soon, very soon, she would be powerful enough to escape from the cocoon of dark energy that surrounded her and enter the world once more. Yes, her power would soon be unrivalled throughout the universe: she would be able to take the Ginzuishou from those pitiful senshi, and nothing, absolutely nothing,would be able to stop her.

(1) Sendoma. This term is mentioned in my fics 'Silver Millennium, Rui's Story' and 'Sailor Moon, Fall of Crystal Tokyo'. It is usually used to address Sailors who do not serve the Galacxian Empire, but in this case it refers to the darker, more powerful equivalent of the Senshi.