Celine stood in her room, in the darkness, staring out of the window at the moon as its light drenched the otherwise sable night in rays of molten silver.

Celine knew that the moon and the darkness would usually have scared her, but no, not now, not anymore.

Since she had woken up the day before, having been unconscious for three days prior to that, Celine had felt a sense of freedom that she had not felt since, since… forever.

Celine smiled and sighed. Her family had forgiven her and it would not be long until she too could forgive herself for what she had done, or rather what Celena's curse had made her do.

Talking of Celena, Celine wondered what that look of despair that had crossed her face as she died had truly meant. Should they really have listened to her instead of just fighting?

But it did not matter now anyway. The curse had been broken. She was finally free. The moon and the night did not scare her any more, for she knew that the darkness could never touch her in that way again. After all, the curse was ended and Celena was dead… wasn't she?