Summary: AU. Harry gets a letter on his sixteenth birthday. Discovering his heritage, he heads back to Hogwarts for a year of studies, Slytherins and wild powers. Also, what can he learn from those he once considered enemies, and can he fall in love? HD SLASH.

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Harry Potter sat in the edge of his bed. It was 11:58 on July 30th. In two minutes, he would be sixteen.

He had only been back at the Dursleys for three weeks, and already he was slimmer. Mostly, it was because the Dursleys hardly ever fed him, but partly, it was the grief for Sirius weighing on his heart, and putting him off his food.


He was sixteen.

Harry looked out of his window, searching for owls bearing birthday cards for him. He was so preoccupied with gazing out at the dark night, he nearly jumped out of his skin at the POP behind him.

Turning around, Harry saw a goblin standing next to an old trunk.

"Special delivery for Mr. H. Potter," the goblin announced. "Sign here, please."

Harry took the parchment and quill from the knarled hands and looked at them.


FROM: L. Evans Potter.

His mother. This was from his mother.

With shaking hands, Harry signed the parchment and handed it along with the quill back to the goblin. The goblin carefully inspected the signature, then with a nod, left.

Harry flung open the window so any owls could get in, and knelt by the trunk.

There was a letter stuck to the lid, so Harry took that off and opened the envelope, sitting on his bed to read it.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this then my suspicion was correct, and James and I were betrayed to the Dark Lord. I'm sorry that we left you, and I'm sorry that we couldn't be here to tell you this, and help you adjust.

There's no easy way to say this, Harry, so I'll just say it. You are not my and James' child. I had a miscarriage when I was six months pregnant. We adopted you. I'm sorry that you are only learning about this now, but your mother did not want you to know until you were old enough to take up your heritage.

Yes, James and I knew your mother. She arrived on our doorstep a few days after the miscarriage. She was nearing her delivery date, but she was homeless and did not want to go to St. Mungos, so we took her in.

There was a reason for this. She was not entirely human. She was one of the Dragon Flame. These are witches and wizards whose oldest ancestors were born from Dragon eggs. I do not fully understand it.

Your mother was the princess of these people. Your father was a lord who had married her, but was killed in a battle with Voldemort. The King, your grandfather, spoke with your mother and sent her to us. He knew of the Prophecy, and that you were the child. Your parents' third defiance of Voldemort was your father dying to distract Voldemort while your mother escaped to give birth to you.

I'm sorry, Harry. I know this must be hard for you, but this is the only way to tell you. No one knows that we adopted you. Sae, your mother, modified people's memories so they wouldn't remember the miscarriage, then bound you to us by magic, so there would be no paper documents.

Sae was ill when she came to us; I think that she grieved for your father so strongly it killed her. She died just after your birth. She held you in her arms, told you that you were perfect and that she loved you. She kissed your forehead and slipped away peacefully with a smile on her lips. She used her last magic in that kiss, placing a glamour on you. I don't know how to break it, though I think she might have left instruction for you.

During her stay here, she asked me to give you the trunk on your sixteenth birthday.

I want you to know that I love you as though you were my own child, Harry. I'm sorry that this was hidden from you for so long, but Sae insisted.



Harry sat in shock. He couldn't have read that right. He read the letter again. Finished, he stared blankly at the wall, barely noticing Hedwig fly through the window, landing next to him with a soft flump on the bed Automatically, he reached out and took the parcel off her leg.

"I'm not a Potter. I'm a Prince for some magical race of creatures," he thought.

By the time the information had sunk in, Pig, Errol and a school owl had come and gone, and Harry had a pile of presents on his bed.

Slowly starting to accept that he was adopted, Harry moved over to the trunk, kneeling in front of it once more, he opened it and peered inside. The first thing that caught his eye was a letter stuck to the inside of the lid.

Pulling it out, Harry opened it to read.

My dearest child,

I am so sorry that I cannot be there with you, but I am watching over you. I know that everything you are learning is a shock, but it was only for your safety that it was hidden from you. If Voldemort had found out who you are before your powers manifested, then you would be in great danger-more than you realise.

Your father, Mard, was a very brave man and I loved him. He died to save us, I know he did so gladly. If he were alive, he would do anything for you, and loved you much. I cannot speak too much about him, for along with the joy of the memories of him, comes the pain of his loss.

I placed a glamour on you when you were born, so that you would take on Lily and James' looks. I know that they will have looked after you well until their deaths. Yes, I knew they were to die, but I could do nothing. I'm sorry that you have been alone.

To remove the glamour, you just have to wish to see your true self.

In the trunk, I have placed a book about our people, you can read it, or just ask your grandfather. There are also some belongings of Mard and I. I have included some pictures of your father and I also.

Inside the blue velvet box is my dragon necklace. All the members of the royal family wear these. They are emergency Portkeys to the palace. I have put instructions in with the necklace. It will take you home, if you decide to go. I cannot urge you more to go. It will be good for you. You will get answers, family and tutorage in your powers. They will be difficult to control, and will start to manifest now that you are sixteen.

One more thing, I was the heir to the throne. Now that I am gone, that task falls to you.

I am, once again, sorry that I cannot be with you.

Love burning eternally,



Harry sat for a moment, before gently folding the letter, putting it back in the envelope and setting it aside.

Standing up, Harry walked over to his wardrobe and opened the door. Standing in front of the mirror, Harry removed his glasses, closed his eyes and wished to see what he truly looked like.

Opening his eyes after feeling a tingling all over his body, Harry looked upon himself. His eyes were a deep sapphire blue, his hair had grown out slightly, his bangs falling into his eyes. The thick locks had tamed and their colour had changed. Instead of the midnight black, his hair was tinted blue in the light, and running through it were blood-red streaks. He had grown a few inches, and he now stood at a respectable six feet, though he was still slim, and his features had become a bit more feminine.

Returning to the trunk, Harry lifted out a pile of photographs. Looking at the top one, Harry found himself staring at a woman who had to be his mother. She was wearing a lilac dress and her face was almost exactly the same as his, except for her violet eyes. Her wavy hair fell down her back in a cascade of bluish black. She was young and beautiful, and Harry loved her immediately.

Moving to the next picture, Harry stared at his father for the first time. He was tall, broad and his handsome face was chiselled. His piercing sapphire eyes seemed to look into Harry's soul. His hair was short, spiky and a deep blood red.

Sitting back on his heels, Harry gave a small smile as he thought that no more could anyone say that he looked like his father, he truly resembled his mother. Glancing through the rest of the pictures, Harry found some of his parent's wedding day, some from everyday, and some from ceremonies and other such things.

Smiling slightly, Harry set them aside with the letter.

Pulling out a blue velvet box, Harry opened it and read the slip of paper inside. Satisfied that the necklace wouldn't suddenly transport him to the palace, he lifted it out.

It was a plain silver dragon, wings spread out in flight, on a black cord. It gave off a pleasant heat and a familiar tingle.

Slipping the cord over his head, Harry tucked the pendant under his t-shirt, feeling it settle comfortingly against his skin.

Lifting a large book out of his trunk, Harry realised that this was the book that his mother had spoken of, Harry resolved to read it in the morning. Putting everything back in the trunk, along with Lily's letter, Harry shoved his birthday presents under his bed and climbed under the covers, falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

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