Astyanax and Lilly

Hey thanks for all the awsem reviews I'm glad that everyone like it so much here is an epilogue to wrap things up a bit.



Reception of the wedding.

Astyanax and Lilly were dancing around the room smiling and laughing at each other. "You know what I saw?" asked Astyanax.

"What?" "Our little friend Sara kicked and then yelled at Andreas." Lilly laughed, "History seems to repeat itself."

"Is it a bad thing?" asked Astyanax. "No it's just fine." Smiled Lilly.


Epilogue- Many years later

"But mommy I don't want to wear that it's too girly!" whined the child.

"Well you are a girl darling." Said the woman patting the child's head. "You don't have to wear the dress if you don't want to." Said the man walking into the room.

"Astyanax if she is going to be a flower girl then she has to wear this dress."

"But Lilly…"

"Don't you but Lilly me she is my daughter as well and she is going to wear the dress." Said Lilly resting her hands on her round stomach.

"Do I have to mommy?"

"Sara and Andreas will be very sad if you don't." said Lilly sitting down on the bed.


After the wedding Sara and Andreas are dancing and Sara whispered, "Sorry for putting the spider in your hair."