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Title: You Should've Known Better

Author: Kumoneko

Pairing: Yuki x Kyo

"Wow! This place is so big!" Tohru Honda's breathy exclamation echoed lightly in the expansive foyer. She was a bit winded from the long uphill trek to the front door of the Sohma summer home. Fortunately, the house was cooled to a comfortable temperature, as the sun was beating down fiercely outside. Tohru wiped a bit of sweat from her brow and fanned herself with her hands.

"I can't believe you three raced in this heat!" she laughed, watching the trio of juunishi attempt to catch their breath. She was amazed that even though his hair was a mess and he was panting along with Haruhatsu and Kyo, Yuki still had a dignified look about him. Tohru smiled and a rosy hue spread across her cheeks. The Rat noticed her expression and flashed a pleasant smile of his own. She was pleased, for if Yuki was happy then she could enjoy a worry-free vacation with the family.

("I'm so glad!") She thought, tying her chocolate hair up in a ponytail.

"Tohruuuuu!" The moment was interrupted as Tohru was grabbed by the arm and twirled by the ever-energetic Momiji. "Hi Momiji-kun!" Tohru leaned forward and took Momiji by the hands and grinned at him as brightly as he was grinning at her.

"Tohru! Kyo! Yuki! Haru! .. Let's go swimmiiiing!" he chirped, waving his arms in the air. Kyo frowned, looking away as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Hmph. I don't think so."

Yuki smirked and arranged his hair. "I guess it's true what they say.." He paused, his intense violet eyes focusing on Kyo's bright orange set. "..Cats are afraid of water." Yuki looked on smugly, watching Kyo's anger flare up. "You damn rat! I'll show you!" In a matter of seconds he'd stripped down to his boxers and ran for the back door, nearly running Shigure and his cup of tea over. "Where's he going all half-naked and angry?"

"The beach," Momiji and Tohru said in unison. Suddenly, the boy had a brilliant idea. "Tohruuuu!" he howled, shaking the girl. "Let's go too!"

"O-o-oh-kay!" Tohru replied, her speech affected by Momiji's vigorous shaking. "I'll go change!" she ran off up the stairs, a small suitcase in tow.

"Are you coming!" Kyo snarled from the door. He was wet with sand clinging to his arms and chest. His hair was dripping rivulets of water over his back and shoulders. Apparently he'd thought Yuki was right behind him.

"Kyon-Kyon, wait outside. You're dripping salt all over the floor." Shigure waved at him dismissively and pulled the door closed, Kyo just pulling his head out in time to avoid decapitation. As if he hadn't almost killed Kyo, Shigure turned and calmly blew on his tea, moving over to the couch to relax with a book as Yuki jogged up the stairs.

"Stupid Yuki," Kyo muttered as he paced along the back porch. "So slow! He takes his time, his sweet, princely time. Damn rat!" He looked up as he paced, noticing an open window right above him. Framed by the sun-bleached wood was Yuki, caught candidly in the midst of changing. Kyo couldn't help but stare at his thin, pale form. His lean musculature that created smooth, flawless lines; the way his freshly-donned swim trunks sat low enough to reveal, teasingly enough, his hip bones, which traced a path down to a place Kyo could only dream of ever seeing. He didn't even know he was staring until the shocking realization that Yuki had made eye contact with him. A hot, red blush sprang to life immediately, and yet he continued to stand there. Yuki stared calmly into his eyes until he finally turned away.


Kyo covered his face with his hands and crouched down on the porch. A crab scuttling by on its way to the beach stared up at the Cat curiously, before continuing its sideways trek. "What was I doing? How could I let him see me? ..Wait. Why was I looking anyway!"

The cat-cursed squeezed his head, digging his fingers into his hair, as if the pressure he was placing on his skull might force out the answers he so desperately needed.

"I know you want a fight, so let's get this over with." Yuki leaned on the doorframe in all his shirtless glory. Kyo sat in his crouched position for a good ten seconds, still clutching his head, before Yuki walked over and brought his face down even with Kyo's. "Well?"

Kyo sucked in a breath sharply and turned away before Yuki could see his lack of composure. "Fine. Let's go then.." He launched himself off the porch and ran down the path to the beach. Yuki stood alone for a moment, awash in feelings of confusion.

("Could it be? Does he feel the same way I do..?")

"Damn rat!" Kyo thundered from well down the path and Yuki started on his way. No need to upset the Cat further.

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