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Paper Cut

Paperwork. Of all the activities Starfire had experienced on Earth, paperwork had to be one of the most boring ones yet. She would never have guessed that the elite team of teenage superheroes would have to deal with the tedious activity of paperwork, but there they now sat at the T-shaped table in the conference room, leafing through the inch-thick piles of forms and files, filling out the seemingly endless demand for dates and signatures. The rather short attention-spanned alien found it utterly exhausting. It was ironic, how she could withstand a harsh battle and still be perfectly bubbly and chipper afterwards, while doing paperwork could literally put her to sleep.

Beast Boy seemed to share her sentiments, for when she glanced over in his direction, she was not too surprised to see him snoring quietly, a string of drool dripping from his mouth and onto the form in front of him. A small giggle escaped Starfire's lips. Raven noticed this, and nudged him harshly in the rib. Beast Boy let out a shrill shriek, leaping about a foot into the air. He landed back down on his chair with a thud, and glared at Raven, gently massaging his injured rib. Cyborg let out a bark of laughter and gave Raven a thumbs-up. A dark smirk of satisfaction crossed her dark features. Robin merely furrowed his brow, obviously irked by the disruption of his concentration.

Starfire giggled lightly, moving her hand to her mouth to stifle the sound, but gasped suddenly as she felt her index finger run across the side of the page, summoning a stinging sensation. She looked down at her finger and was alarmed to see a small straight cut running across the tip of her finger. She looked up to see that the others had stopped laughing and were now looking at her inquisitively. The young alien girl bit her lip and showed them her injured finger. Small beads of blood were now forming where her finger had been cut, and Starfire felt tears burn at he back of her eyes. The wound stung terribly.

Robin sidled over beside her and took her hand gently in his own to inspect the injury. Starfire watched him attentively, awaiting his diagnosis. A small affectionate smile spread across the Boy Wonder's face, and he looked up at her.

"Don't worry, Star, it's just a paper cut." He said. Starfire furrowed her brow.

"Well, it stings rather painfully." She sniffed, though Robin's smile soothed her somewhat. Robin chuckled, and in quick movement, brought Starfires' finger to his mouth, sucking on the tip softly. A blush crept up Starfires' cheeks, a small squeak escaping her lips. She relaxed, though, as she felt Robin's tongue soothe the stinging of her finger, though she remained a bit stunned by Robin's sudden act of affection. Robin seemed to realize this himself, for his masked eyes widened, and he hastily extracted Starfires' finger from his mouth.

It was then that the two realized that the other had been watching them attentively. Beast Boy and Cyborg exchanged a glance before bursting in childish giggles, while Raven merely smirked.

"You know, Robin," she said, her monotone laced with amusement, "I could have just healed the cut with my magic…"

Robin flushed, and began shuffling through his pile of forms, mumbling something about paperwork.


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