O is for Obsession...

Author's Notes: I have a little writer's block, well…huge writer's block for three of my stories, so I'm writing this to somehow inspire me…or something…oh well.

Dedicated to StarryTian, my hyper Robin x Starfire fanatic friend and protégée, and starvoidangel and Silent Sniper for writing Chase x Omi fics!

Chapter One: O is for Obsession

"Why do you like him!" Wuya screamed at Chase, jealous at the attention Omi received from the dark ruler. She hated to admit it, but she had a large crush on the martial artist.

Chase contemplated her question for a moment, as he never actually thought about it before. After a few minutes, he answered calmly, "Simple. He's Omi."

While petting Omi's sleeping cat form, a small grin formed on his handsome face. Mine…all mine…he thought, smiling contently at the yellow mammal.

Wuya's growled, not satisfied with Chase's answer. "That's not good enough!" she yelled, her willowy hands balling up into fists. How she wanted kill the stupid yellow fur ball, but she can't. Omi was Chase's partner and lover. If she killed him, Chase would kill her in return.

Wuya clenched her teeth. Omi was just a puny boy, and she was a beautiful woman. Yet Chase chose him. She waited for Chase to answer, but the evil king made no reply while ignoring her anger. Sneering, Wuya stomped out of the room.

Chase sighed in relief, while staring at Omi. He's really adorable. Leaning down, he kissed the cat's nose.

When he first saw Omi, he knew that the petite boy would be a great warrior, with his courage and determination. Chase was amazed how fast at Omi's ability to learn, and the boy surpassed his expectations. Especially since water was usually considered the weakest element.

He didn't know when he started thinking more about the Water Dragon. When he tricked Omi into becoming his right-hand man, he was not satisfied. There was something else that he wanted. Something more…deep.

After Omi and the other Dragons had defeated him in that showdown, he was furious, though he didn't show it. He was embarrassed that a bunch of kids beat him, and he wanted to literally murder them. But what hurt him most, Chase realized, was losing Omi.

He fell in love with the former Xiaolin monk. Chase chuckled, thinking about it. Love is something that could defeat him, one of his weak points, for it swallowed him whole.

"Is she gone?" Omi opened one eye lazily. He hated Wuya with a passion.

Chase laughed, and nodded, while scratching Omi's ears. The latter purred happily, and licked Chase's face.

Stretching a bit, Omi turned into his human form. He then planted a small kiss on the pale lips of his lover. Returning the kiss, Chase picked the small boy up and headed to his room.

Omi became his greatest obsession. And Chase always gets what he wants.

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