O is for Obsession

Author's Notes: I felt bad about the other chapter, so here's the last chapter!

Chapter Three: I is for Integrity

Chase leisurely sat on his throne, watching the world beneath his powers through his magical eye. An arm was thrown around his little lover, whom was comfortably sitting on his lap. Beside them, Wuya glared at them distastefully.

Omi noticed her look, and promptly kissed Chase, whom was a bit startled, but deepened the kiss. After letting go for air, the petite boy gave Wuya a smug look.

Snorting, "Get a room," the radiant woman furiously strolled out of the room. She seemed to be doing that a lot lately whenever Omi and Chase were in the same room.

"You love getting on her nerves, don't you?" Chase asked.

"I don't like her, and YOU already know that," Omi pointed out. The black-haired man again smiled, something he was doing more often around his companion.

"Yes, but couldn't you at least pretend to get along?"

"I don't like lying."



Chase chuckled. In truth, Omi was very honest, despite the fact he learned to lie. Chase really like how Omi was blunt about things. He didn't really care whether he got in trouble or not. Besides, Omi could never hide what he was feeling, so what's the use?

Although Chase loved a challenge, he was a minimalist at heart. Omi's integrity made everything simple.

--- --- The End --- ---

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