A/N and Disclaimer: Takeuchi-Sama owns Sailor Moon. Doesn't belong to me. Also, the name is snatched from Sera Myu. So, yeah. It would be senseless to sue me, since I'm a broke University student and all. XD Please enjoy the following poem.


Stay Alone

Pluto, the underworld,
The edge of our system.
A planet so cold and silent.
A planet that is dead.
I am the one who guards it.
Sailor Pluto.

I am forbidden,
The taboo, the unknown.
I am the lonely one,
Protector of this place.
Soldier of the Ages.
Stay Alone.

That burning light was snuffed,
The pearl grew cold and was ruined.
It was our failure, the outside soldiers.
We never saw it coming.
We called the one who brought the silence,
So we wouldn't have to be alone.

We were reborn anew,
The soldiers of destiny.
We nearly failed again.
Our mission was to guard her.
Our Princess was in danger.
She was alone.

So it is that I now stand here.
We will protect our Princess.
But I am the one who will watch,
The one who will wait
When the tragedy comes.
I am the one who must stay alone.