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A Single Perfect Day

It was an ordinary day. Cool, with winter coming, and already he could see his breath in the air. The sun was setting, causing shadows to lengthen, as crimsons and golds streaked across the sky. A single bird sang in one of the huge trees, its sweet tune sad.

He was relaxed. Content… sitting under a tree. She leaned against his shoulder, having fallen asleep a few minutes ago. He was certain she hadn't meant to lean there, to touch him so intimately. Warm against his shoulder. His neck.

Just an ordinary day.

And in being such, it was perfect.

Author's Note: My 11th 100-word ficlet… See? I DON'T only write angst. Scary isn't it? So simple and normal… nothing twisty…


So, is she Kaoru or Tomoe?

(smiles innocently and wanders off)

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