As the mega-tank rolled towards Ulrich, Odd, Yumi, and Aelita, the virtual ground trembled beneath their feet. Aelita ran to the nearest tree as she watched in fear as the other teenagers took out their weapons. The mega-tank rolled closer, still shielded by the metal that covered it.

"Ulrich, Yumi, do ya think you can take this one while I take Aelita to the tower?" asked Odd

"No Sweat!" answered Ulrich and Yumi. Odd then ran off to Aelita and got both got on Odd's hover-board. Zooming off, Odd could now barely see Yumi, Ulrich, and the mega-tank in battle.

The mega-tank opened its metal cover and starting charging its fire. Yumi reached for her metal fans and threw them with a burst of energy at the mega-tank. Right on target, one of her fans hit the symbol of X.A.N.A that was on the monster.

"Yes!" said Yumi with victory.

"Crap" whispered Ulrich, for he had spotted four tarantulas coming their way.

All at once, the tarantulas got on their hind legs and began shooting at Ulrich and Yumi. They fired their shots, only to be blocked, except for one big shot of red light.

Odd saw that the shot was approaching towards Aelita, and did the only thing he could. Jumping in front of the shot, Odd disappeared into thin air. "ODD!" cried Aelita. The pink haired girl fell on the ground unaware that the tarantulas had defeated both Yumi and Ulrich.

One of the tarantulas took one single shot at Aelita. The red beam shot closer and closer to Aelita until the girl realized it was aimed right at her. Unfortunately, her reflexes were not quick enough to dodge the laser. As the beam hit her, Aelita disappeared into the air of Lyoko.

Back in the scanner room, Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich were being escorted to the elevator by Jeromie until one of the scanner shot open. The four teenagers gasped when Aelita fell straight out of the scanner, hitting the cold, hard, cement ground. Jeromie ran towards her, checking her pulse. Hanging his head down towards the floor, Jeromie's eyes began to water as he cried "Aelita's…. gone…." Yumi, Odd and Ulrich ran towards the grieving boy as they too began to cry (Yeah, yeah, the boys probably would not cry so openly on the show, but this is a fanfic, MY FANFIC! laughs evilly)

After what seemed like a lifetime (really just a few minutes), Jeromie spoke up and said, "XANA has won. Without Aelita, we can't de-activate the towers! XANA HAS WON!" he yelled in sorrow. A split second later, one of the scanners opened, steam furiously poured out. "What the…" Ulrich started to say. After the steam cleared out, the three teenagers could clearly see a girl with black hair, and a blue tee-shirt with XANA's symbol on it panting as she leaned on the door. Then, picking her head up, she said "XANA may have won the battle, but he has not won the war!"