It was autumn in France with the gloomy days and red, yellow, and orange leaves tiling the ground. Each building stood out like a barrier from the leaves that dropped from the Japanese maples. Kadic High was the only building without any people roaming outside of it, except for one girl.

Aki Mikio was walking to the gym with a balancing act including her backpack, her books, her guides, and the note in her hand that she was a new student at Kadic. Her Long red hair was flowing in the wind as she opened the gym door. Unluckily for her, that day in gym, the students were playing dodgeball, so naturally, a large red ball came flying towards Aki. The ball hit her with a loud BONK, and papers were flying everywhere. Students started to laugh as Aki struggled to catch her airborne papers. She looked up to see a girl with black hair and grey eyes helping her pick up the papers. "Sorry 'bout that! The name's Meilin Li, but you can call me Mei! What do you call yourself?" said the girl. "My name is Akihana Mikio, but you can call me Aki. Thanks for the help!" Aki and Mei walked to the dorms and started to get acquainted. Just as they reached Aki's room, Mei's cellphone began to ring. "Hello?" she asked. Aki could hear someone else talking frantically on the other line. All of the sudden, Mei shuddered and yelled "XANA!" Mei then ran down the hallway and said "Uh….. see ya later Aki, I uh….. gotta go!" Aki knew something was up.