Sango froze, blinking in surprise. Her room...someone had been in her room! Roses everywhere, in vases, petals strewn over the floor and bed, tied into a bundle with a crimson ribbon on her pillow. What in the world...

She snatched the note off the dresser, brow furrowed, and read the words, lips moving silently.

My dearest Sango,

I can't stop thinking about you. Everything about you is so intoxicating, from the delicate touch of your hand to the gentle swaying of your hair. When you walk into a room, I feel as though I have no breath with which to speak and describe your beauty. I know I am unworthy of you. Few men in this world are. But it would be my greatest joy if you would have dinner with me tonight. I'll be waiting for you at Dysis, the inn down the road from ours. If you come, it will mean the world to me.

Truly Yours In All Regards,


Sango looked up, jaw dropped and confused. Miroku? That stupid, arrogant, perverted monk! HE was asking her on a DATE! She read the note again to be sure. Yep, it looked just like that. Of all the insufferable... She tried to suppress the memory of when she'd accidentally walked up on him the lake...completely naked. Shivering, she hugged herself. A date? She didn't date! She had know idea what she should even wear. Her was good for traveling, but not for a date.

Wait, was she really going through with this? Was she really agreeing to a date with Miroku? The guy who had them run out of town before they even arrived based on reputation alone? The guy who was arrested and sentenced to forty days in prison for spying on the women's bath? The guy who...

Made her tremble anytime he smiled? Or touched her hand? The man who always showed such concern for her in battle? Who patched her wounds for her?

The terrifying answer to these questions was yes, she was. Sango crumbled up the note. She needed help, and not just the mental kind. She must be insane for going on a date with MIROKU! Sighing, she left her room and went next door. She paused before she knocked, knowing exactly what kind of reaction she was going to get.

"Who is it?" Kagome called. Whew, at least she was alone! If Inuyasha had been in there, she wouldn't have bothered responding.

"It's Sango. I need your help with something," she said, gritting her teeth. Kagome was the only one who knew about dating.

Kagome opened her door, smiling. "What can I help you with, Sango?"

"Um, I need help...well, you see...I need help getting ready for a date." She had know clue how she managed to say it so calmly!

Kagome's smile instantly turned wicked. "Oh, and who is this date with?" she asked.

Damn it, she knew who already! Why was she dragging this out? "Miroku," she muttered.

Sango winced at the shriek of delight, managed somehow to hug the excited girl back. "I KNEW IT! I JUST KNEW IT! Okay, hurry, come inside!" She yanked Sango into her room, opening her school bag and pulling out something.

Sango looked at it and wrinkled her nose. Make up. UGH! But she didn't have time to protest as Kagome attacked her at once, dusting something across her cheeks, painting her lips. "If I look like a whore, you're in trouble," she threatend.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "I'm keeping it light, don't worry. Wow, Sango, you look amazing!"

Sango turned and looked in the mirror, jaw dropping. Was that really her? It was all very light but the touch of eyeliner...the blush. Whoa!

"Okay, now for some clothes!" Kagome left the room. Sango waited and waited. She was about to walk out when Kagome ran back in with something deep crimson and very flowy.

"Here we go! Ready, arms up!"

Sango barely had time to notice it was a dress before it was slipping over her head, fastened up and tied around the waist with a wide white belt. "Good lord, this is way too low cut," she exclaimed. She could see clear down her dress if she leaned back and tried.

Kagome rolled her eyes again. "It is not! You're just trying too hard. Trust me, this is completely decent."

She sat still, not completely trusting the girl. Kagome pulled her hair back and up into a bun, pinning it in place with black chopsticks. Once she was finished, she stood back, grinning. "'re so beautiful!"

Sango had to admit she looked really good. Taking a deep breath and letting it out, she clutched the long loose sleeves of the red kimono and nodded. "Okay. Here I go."

"Good luck! And have fun!" Kagome called as she left.

As she walked down the main street, Sango couldn't help but notice people staring at her. Wow, she'd never gotten so many looks before. Maybe there WAS something to all this make-up and stuff. She found Dysis, not even a block from their inn, and went inside, looking around the common room. There, in the back. He had a table set with candles.

She went over to him, smiling when Miroku's eyes went wide. " mean...amazing," he got out, taking her hand and kissing it.

Sango's breath caught and held. Every time he touched her..."T-thank you. For inviting me," she added quickly.

Miroku smiled and held her chair out for her. "Think nothing of it. It's my pleasure and delight that you came. I hope you don't mind, but I ordered that peach wine you seem to like so much.

He remembered that? It was a little embarassing, really. She'd liked it so much she hadn't really kept track of how much she drank...she was just glad she'd fallen asleep. "Oh, thanks. No, I don't mind."

They sat silently. Sango fidgeted with her hands. This was really awkward.

Miroku sighed and said, "If this is in any way uncomfortable-,"

"No! I mean, it's fine, really. I just...I don't really date that much, so I don't know what exactly to do," she explained. Wow, did THAT sound pathetic.

He smiled again, arm going around the back of her chair. "Then allow me to start." He did, making light and general conversation, asking questions that required more than a yes or no answer.

By the time dessert came around, Sango was relaxed enough to be smiling and laughing and...and having a really good time. Who would have thought the pig had it in him? Miroku covered the whole bill, refusing when she offered some money. "You were my guest for the evening, Sango. If you enjoyed yourself at all, it was well worth it."

Sango blushed at the compliment. How was it possible that he could be so infuriating one minute and the next so incredibly kind?

They walked back to their inn together, and she ventured to hold his hand. He smiled, but didn't say anything. Once outside her room, she turned to him and said, "That was a lot of fun. Thank you."

Miroku leaned one hand against the door. The other still held hers. "I'm glad I could be some part of your happiness, Sango. I thought you wouldn't show up tonight."

To think she'd actually considered that! Looking into his deep eyes, she made a split-second decision. "Do you want to come inside?"

He blinked, surprised. "With you?"

In answer, she did what she'd wanted to do for so long. She moved forward and kissed him softly, a quick brush of lips. Opening the door behind her, she pulled him in and shut the door.

Miroku was sitting at breakfast with Inuyasha when she and Kagome came down. She'd just told the girl about the date...and afterward. She couldn't believe how amazing it all was. ESPECIALLY after the date! Smiling, Sango went up and kissed Miroku's cheek, sitting down next to him.

Miroku looked at her in complete shock. "While I hesitate to ask a beautiful woman why she just kissed me, I'm afraid I have to do so now," he said.

Sango's smile faded. What..."Well, it was for last night," she said, hoping the idiot would catch her meaning.

Miroku and Inuyasha exchanged glances. "Last night?" he asked blankly.

"Last night," she ground out through clenched teeth, hoping he wasn't trying to be a jerk.

"Um...refresh me again, please?"

She didn't hesitate. Fist balled and cocked back, she slammed him a solid punch in the jaw, knocking him right out of his chair and stormed off hearing Kagome shout abuse at him. The MORON! That two-faced, lying, snake of a man! How could he forget about LAST NIGHT?


The door shut to Sango's room. Someone looking very much like Miroku let out a ragged breath. Quite the lioness in bed, he thought. He sighed and let his gut fall out from being sucked in the entire time. The human features melted away to reveal...

A badger demon. Hadji was his name. And he loved Sango so much. He waddled away quickly lest the real Miroku find him out.