AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the very last chapter for The Dating Game? Thank you for putting up with me twisting things up this much. It was a very sick way. I do know I have them...slightly out of character. But, you've gotta admit this story is COMPLETELY plausible! Okay, here ya go! Thanks again everyone who have been so patient while I lost myself in Saiyuki mode. One story down, another twenty million to go...



The two passed each other in the hall, both of them looking as if they could be twins. Identical black hair, dark eyes...and smug little grins. Miroku was very, scratch that, ecstatic...that things were going well. Hachi got what he wanted (time with Sango), Sango got what she wanted (time with Miroku...even if it wasn't necessarily him all the time), and more importantly he got what he wanted (Sango and sleep!). Yes, things were going very well. Very well indeed.

He stopped walking down the hall to his room. Hachi had just left Sango's room to go hide in a hole in the ground until it was his night again. That wasn't what had him bothered. What had him standing perfectly still in the hallway was what he had just said. Everything was going well. Maybe...too well? There was an old saying; Pride cometh before the fall. But, really, how could this fail, he thought as he continued walking to his room. Everything was going as planned. He and Hachi traded off every other night. They were communicating with each other exactly what was said in conversation, what little there was.

He stopped again, eyes wide. Hachi had just left. And hadn't said a word. This was not good. Miroku licked his lips nervously, glancing up and down the hall. He had to find Hachi, and fast!

Kagome frowned, leaning back to look behind Inuyasha. They had decided since there was a fireworks show that they would clear out for the evening. Inuyasha hadn't wanted to at first. Until she told him to follow her. Now, he was scowling at ehr side, arms folded across his chest. "Hmph, I don't see what's so fascinating about some stupid fireworks! I mean, you wanna see a show, I can-," His hand began to reach for his sword.

"Inuyasha, NO! Bad boy!" Kagome shouted, whirling back around quickly. Him starting a fight was the LAST thing they needed.

Inuyasha's scowled deepend, but he did as he was told. "Geeze, you're so uptight! And why do you keep lookin' at my ass?"

"I am NOT looking at your ass," Kagome railed, stamping one foot on the ground angrily. He was SO frustrating sometimes! "I just thought I saw Miroku leaving the village, that's all."

Ears perking up at that, Inuyasha turned around, eyes narrowed. "Yeah, he IS leaving! Wonder where he's going?"

Kagome did, too. Was there a demon around? She hated suggesting it, but... "Maybe we should follow him."

"YEAH! Now, THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!" Inuyasha was quick to run after Miroku.

Sighing, Kagome took off running after him. "Inuyasha! Inuyasha, wait up!"

"GAAAH!" Inuyasha fell over to the ground at the order, glaring at her. "Hurry UP!"

Oops. She hadn't meant it THAT literally!

Miroku moved quickly into the hills surrounding the down. Hachi was here somewhere, he knew it. All he had to do was find him, talk to him and get back without anyone noticing. Luckily, Inuyasha and Kagome were out at the fireworks and Sango was most likely taking a bath. He was fine...yes, he was completely safe from discovery. He paused, listening for any sign of Hachi. Where could that badger...There! He followed the sound of someone humming. "Hachi? Hachi, answer me!"

The humming stopped and Hachi crept out of his little cave, beady eyes blinking rapidly. He gave a crooked flash of teeth, rubbing his front paws together. "And how may I help the oh-so-wonderful Miroku?" he asked. "Do you need to take tomorrow night off?"

"Of course not!" He was a little insulted the badger demon would even suggest that he, Miroku, would need more than a day to recover from sex. "You left rather quickly, Hachi, and without keeping me informed. You weren't perhaps trying to pull one over on me...were you?"

"No, no! Perish the thought! Hachi would NEVER try anything to Miroku! I will tell you everything, everything!" Hachi fell to the ground, cowering and whimpering.

Miroku smirked and sat on one of the rocks. "Good. Now then, please proceed. I don't have much time to spare."

Hachi gave a wheezing little laugh and started with his report. "She is thinking about cutting her hair."

"I do hope you told her not to!"

"Of course! I adore smelling her hair, having it fall into my eyes as we-,"

"Stop. more of that, please." He really didn't need to know THAT information!

"And...she wants to try"

Miroku arched a brow. New, eh? "Really? Enlighten me."

Hachi made a grumbling noise, clearing his throat. " involves...a whip." The last word was whispered with a trickle of fear and excitement.

A whip... "Are you refering to those small riding crops?" That wasn't too bad...

"No! A whip six feet long! Isn't that wonderful?" Hachi cackled.

Gulping, Miroku dabbed at his brow a little. That...was beyond him. Making love should NEVER involve something used on cattle! Though, a riding, that was completely different! "I do hope, for your sake, that you vetoed that plan?" he asked coldly.

Hachi whimpered again and began abasing himself. "N-no...I...I rather liked the idea! To think of those delicate hands, whirling a strip of leather around, connecting with my-,"

"Hachi," Miroku groaned in warning, covering his eyes. This...this was the fall. "Hachi...what under the heavens would possess you to agree to something like this without asking ME FIRST!"

"I'm sorry, Miroku! I only ARE the greatest...please, HAVE MERCY!"

Miroku sighed and stood up. Maybe he could salvage this. Maybe if he... "I'm going back now. Wait outside the next town over and I'll tell you what I'm going to do to fix this." He turned and left Hachi, stepping carefully over the broken ground.

Kagome kept her hand clamped firmly over Inuyasha's mouth, pressing them both further into the shadows as Miroku descended the hills back to teh village below. Her eyes were wide and had the glazed look of someone who was completely traumatized. She wasn't stupid. She knew what they were talking about! And it was really, really, REALLY low of them! They were both bigger jerks than Inuyasha! And speaking of Inuyasha... "EW! You just licked my hand, you pervert!" She wiped her hand off on his sleeve.

Inuyasha gave her a decidedly evil glare and said, "Well, you shouldn't have been smotherin' me! And what's the big idea, anyway?"

"'re such an idiot!" Kagome stood up, taking a shaky breath. This wasn't going to be easy, or pretty. But someone had to tell Sango! And as she was the only one with the sensitivity to do it...

"I am NOT an IDIOT! Take it back!" Inuyasha shouted.

"No! And you're a perverted jerk, too!"


Sango sat on her bed roll, hands digging into the fabric of her skirt, teeth grit tightly and grinding together. That...that...she didn't know WHAT to call him anymore! 'Pig' was too nice. 'Pervert' didn't even begin to cover it. How could he...WHY would he...?

Kagome sat in front of her, hands clenched nervously. She looked ready to run any minute. "I-I'm sorry, Sango. I just thought...maybe I was wrong...Sango?"

"It's fine, Kagome," she said through her tightly clenched teeth. Fury...that was what she felt. She was furious. And she knew exactly how to get revenge!

Standing up slowly, Kagome went to the door, opening it and looking back. "If you need to talk..."

"It's fine. Thank you, Kagome."

The girl nodded and shut the door behind her.

Sango sighed and stood up, looking around the sparse room. The walls were thick and solid. No windows, either. Perfect for what she intended. She smiled grimly at the thought. Yes, Miroku was soon going to learn you didn't mess with a woman's heart!

Miroku opened the door quickly and quietly, shutting it behind him. The room was dark, but he could still make out Sango's shape lying on the bed. He went over to her, kneeling on the floor, and ran a gentle hand down her arm to her hand, bringing it to his lips to kiss. So soft...such lovely skin. "Sango, dearest, it's me, Miroku." He kissed her shoulder, her neck, working his way along her jaw.

She turned over, smiling, and wrapped an arm around his neck. "Mmm...I've been waiting for you," she purred.

He smiled and bent lower, lips hovering above her lips. And then he grunted when she slapped his face. "S-Sango?" If Hachi...

Sango stood up, fully dressed and mighty angry. "So...want to start explaining?"

Miroku gulped and tried to back away. No such luck. He saw where her foot was aiming and knew he wouldn't be able to save himself in time. "OOOOOOOOOW!"

Kagome picked her head up, blinking. Did she...she thought she heard a scream. Never mind. She put her head back on the pillow, sighing, and fell asleep again. If anything, it was most likely Miroku getting his butt handed to him on a platter.

The next day at breakfast, not even Inuyasha had the guts to ask why it was Miroku was walking so funny. Or why he shied away from the barmaid like she had the plague.

The only one who didn't seem to be in a bad mood was Sango. She was practically humming as she poured some tea and sat down. And she was sporting a new fur coat of some grey and black striped animal. "So, did everyone have a good night? I certainly did!"