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(Post Serenity. Warning: There will be a few spoilers. Basically wanted to give River some resources in order to heal quicker. As insane as those resources may be.)

"Why am I here again?" Forge asked as he looked at the mass transportation device.

General Hawk sighed. "We need you to help Trinity put in some security features."


"Yes. Do you remember when you brought the Three Stooges and a certain Xander Harris to our dimension?"

Forge flinched. "Don't remind me. Thanks to Logan, I had several stitches."

"Should have received several more…" Beachhead muttered.

Forge blinked and opened his mouth. Then his eyes got large as Trinity dragged him away.

"Wait! You're leaving me alone with them!" Forge yelled.

Hawk and Beachhead walked away.

"Oh don't worry Forge. You won't be." Lance said with a grin. Behind him were Pietro, Arcade, Todd, and Althea.

Forge yelled louder. "Take me with you!"

"So." Hawk asked. "Is there anything I need to avoid in the cafeteria this time?"


"No sir. They ordered takeout this time."

They continued to walk away.

"From where?"

"One of those new pizza delivery places. The old ones won't come near us for some reason."

They both heard screaming coming from the main entrance. Then they saw a delivery van speeding away.

"So, we cross them off too?"

Hawk sighed. "That's the last time we have Fred greet them."

Daria looked down at the whimpering Forge. "Oh don't be such a baby."

Brittany and Quinn grinned. "Yeah. We promise not to torture you until after we fix this."

"Like that makes me feel any better."

Lance got a funny look on his face. "Why should I pull the lever?"

Althea groaned. "Lance did you forget your medication again?"

Forge's eyes got wide. "Don't touch that!"

Mal yawned as he poured some coffee in the kitchen. Things were relatively back to normal. Though, why normal was applied to River flying the ship was anyone's guess. But she'd proved herself adequately in that skill.

Zoe walked out of the cockpit. "Sir?"

"Yes?" Mal asked with a pensive look on her face. She had that tone again. So much for going a day without trouble.

"You need to see this."

He sighed. Yes the day was starting out normal alright. He walked into the cockpit.

River turned and looked at him. "We're going on a long trip."

"What do you…" Then the ship shuddered. "Jen dao mei."


Shipwreck, Covergirl, and Low Light ran toward the explosion.

"What now!"

"Wasn't Forge helping with the transport device?"

"Who let him near it?" Covergirl yelled. "You know what happened the last time he worked on a device!"

"Which one?" Low Light asked.


They ran into the room and paused in shock.

Sitting on the device was a large ship.

"COOL!" Trinity yelled. "Can we keep it?"

Forge lay sprawled on the floor with smoke coming off of him and a black eye from where Lance hit him as he passed by. "Did we win? What was the score?"

"I'll let you know after I kill the coyote." Lance yelled as he rolled about on the floor pummeling thin air.

Translations: Jen Dao Mei Just our luck!