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A Greenshirt's Guide To G.I. Joe Life

By J.T. Magnus, "Turbo"

Part Twelve: Fraternization


"Where's Courtney?"

"I managed to bribe our beloved commanders to watch her by saying I'd see what I could do about getting them two days without the usual suspects being up to something."

"You put my little girl in the care of Magnus and Parker? With the way they argue, she's gonna be scarred for life, Lance."

"Shana, she's a ninja... I think of it less them looking after her than of Cass' babysitting those two - she's definately more mature."

As he pulled out his wife's chair so she could sit down at the table, it crossed Lance's mind that twenty years ago, when he was teasing this woman about using his rear-view mirror to fix her make-up and other similar things including exchanges of remarks like 'babe' and 'grease-monkey', he never would have predicted that they would one day be married.

They wouldn't be if it hadn't been for a million different things - if Snake-Eyes hadn't left her at the altar, if Snake-Eyes hadn't left her with a newborn to raise, if Lance himself had taken the job on the Indy circuit instead of going to work with Duke Family Racing on the NASCAR circuit, if the Dukes hadn't given everyone a few days off while at the Atlanta Motor Speedway while they went to visit their uncle, if he hadn't stopped in to visit Shana during that time off...

It took Lance a second to realize that if he didn't relax, he was going to break his glass. Unfortunately, if he had broken it, it wouldn't have been the first thing he had inadvertantly destroyed wishing it was Snake-Eyes. One thing above all others was all that kept him from doing it for real, above the law, above regulations, above being former and present teammates - that one thing was a ten-year-old blonde who loved all three of her parents; Courtney Allison Steinburg.

It almost reminded him of...

"What was that all about?" Shana asked when Lance started laughing.


Murphy's Law of Warfare: "War is like love. To triumph, you must make contact." -- attributed to Napoleon