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The four of us flew to Scam's hideout when we broke free of the gum. The girls were in their spy suits while I was in my white team ECC Honda motocross shirt with Damon Huffman's last name on the back and a number 20 underneath. Alex and Clover were holding onto Sam's arms while I flew solo with my jet pack backpack; Sam had her's on as well.

"And why exactly do you have your jet pack backpack with you?" Clover asked Sam.

"I wanted to pack lightly, and all my suitcases were too big," Sam responded.

"You don't mind flying solo, Mathew?" She said to me.

"No, not at all," I responded.

3:00 p.m. -- Scam's Hideout

We reached Scam's hideout, which turned out to be a cave. Sam checked out the five carat data processor pendant and the signal was really strong.

"Scam's hideout should be nearby," Sam assumed.

Meanwhile the girls' mothers were busy maintaining Scam's hideout while he was relaxing on a couch.

"If I knew it was this much fun to have a mother, I'd have stolen one long ago," Scam said, proud of himself.

"Don't get too used to it, dude," Sam and I said together.

Scam took a look and he was stunned to see us.

"What are you four still doing alive?" He said to us.

"Getting ready to kick your ass all the way to jail," Alex and I said.

"Get rid of them," Scam ordered.

The girls' mothers started going towards them.

"Back off, mom, don't make me hurt you," Clover warned her "mother".

"You mean, you would actually hurt your own mother?" Stella said.

"My own mother, no; you, yes," Clover answered.

"Well, in that case," Stella said.

She pressed something on the feather duster she held, which turned to a weapon. The girls gasped.

"Go after Scam," Sam ordered to me.

"We'll take care of them."

I nodded my head, doing what Sam told me. While the girls battled it out with their moms, I raced after Scam to try to catch him. Sam had made quick work of Gabi and ran to join me. We saw Scam climbing up a ladder leading to the top of the cave. Sam climbed up first and I followed her. She caught him and grabbed one of his pant legs.

"What's the hurry, Scam?" She said.

Tim kicked Sam in the chest. She lost her balance, and her back went right into my face. We both fell down, screaming.

"Beat it," Scam ordered.

"Your mommy's calling you."

He continued climbing, but only for a second. Sam and I activated our jet pack backpacks and we were right at his level in an instant.

"Boy, the only thing I despise of you besides your crimes is your bad use of sarcasm," I said.

"I'll take that," Sam said, grabbing Scam by his suit collar.

She flew upwards and I followed her. We both continued floating over the entrance to the cave when Sam dropped Tim, snatching a remote control that was in his hand. In the meanwhile, Clover and Alex were still tending to their mothers.

"Let's try a different channel," Sam said, turning a dial on the remote.

"No, no don't do that!" Scam said, looking at her.

"Too late, sucker," I said.

Sam turned the dial and the girls' mothers started acting against Scam.

"Timmy's been a bad boy," Stella said, sternly.

"Timmy needs to be punished," Carmen agreed.

"Ahh, no," Scam screamed.

"No, get away!!"

"That's very disrespectful," Gabi said.

"Let's wash that rude little mouth out with soap."

Sam and I had joined Clover and Alex in the meanwhile. The mothers started giving Scam a bad beating. The girls and I covered our eyes.

"Should we show him some mercy?" Clover asked when the moms were done.

"I guess we have to," Alex answered.

"For our moms' sakes."

"Besides, we gotta have a nice side for our enemies sometimes," I agreed.

The girls tossed off the corsages, and their moms were back to their normal selves.

"Where are we?" Carmen asked.

"Ugh, who is this guy?" Stella said, scoffing.

Scam passed out after the beating.

"He's... our... tour guide," Clover said.

"He was showing us some of the caves on the island."

"Oh," The moms said.

The girls ran up to them and hugged them. The moms looked at each other, puzzled, but returned their own daughter's hugs.

"Whaddya say we get back to the spa," Alex said while all of us walked out of the cave.

"I still need another massage."

"Yeah, I can't believe I left the spa wearing this gritty bathing suit," Stella complained.

In the meanwhile, W.O.O.H.P. agents took Scam into the plane to put him back in jail.

"Hey, that tour guide looked pretty cute," Carmen said to Alex.

"You two would make a great couple."

"Mom, you have no idea how wrong you are," Alex said.

Back in Jerry's office, Jerry was busy congratulating us on another job well done.

"Another job well done, you four," Jerry said.

"Thanks, Jerr," Sam said.

"So, how'd things work out with your mom?"

"I laid down the law and told her that she had to let me have my independence," Jerry said.

"After all, it's ridiculous for a grown man to be taking orders from his mommy."

"Truer words, Jerry," I agreed, even if I still listened to my own mom.

We heard Jerry's wallet again.

"So, where'd you put her up?" Sam asked.

"The Beverly Plaza Inn," Jerry responded, taking out his wallet.

"I need a raise to keep up this charade. Hello?"

"Jerry, where are you?! We have dinner plans," Jerry's mother said, sounding like she was complaining.

"I'll be there momentarily, mother," Jerry responded, irritated.

"Way to lay down the law, Jerr," Alex said.

"Apparently, she didn't listen to you," I said.

While Jerry's mother continued ranting, we laughed.

(Okay, that'll do it.)